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The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by local businesses, which has prompted the closure of some of Oliver and Osoyoos.

Lyonel Doherty

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This is a bleak picture for many Southern Okanagan companies after COVID-19. The Chamber of Commerce is providing support.

President Alberto Veintimilla even feels tense because coronavirus keeps customers at home while operating the Alberto Decoration Center.

"We usually have 13 customers a day, and now we are two or three people. One day," he said in a telephone interview.

Veintimilla must determine if the client allows him to go home for consultation.

"I rely on the trust of the people," he said. [19659005] The businessman said that he was disinfecting the showroom after the customer had left to ensure that everything was clean.

Nonetheless, Veintimilla emphasized the importance of observing health guidelines and social isolation measures ocols. He pointed out that if companies do not follow these rules, all efforts to combat COVID-19 will be wasted and it will take longer to resolve.

"It is vital to uphold this commitment."

At the same time, the Southern Okanagan Chamber of Commerce is supporting local businesses.

Vitimilia said that members and businessmen can call for a virtual interview on their situation.

The Chamber of Commerce also plans to provide some online training for members. "We are working to minimize its suffering in the smallest communities," Veintimilla said.

However, a recent survey by the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce paints a terrifying picture.

For example, 90% of businesses are affected by COVID-19. Among these enterprises, 83% of them experienced a decline in their income.

Among the nearly 8,000 respondents, more than 70% of companies expect their revenues to fall by 50% or more. (Nearly a quarter of them are expected to decline by 100%.)

Half of the respondents said they would temporarily close, while nearly 65% ​​wanted to reduce their staff by more than half. (A quarter said they would lay off 100%.)

Al Brogan, of Big Al's Bakery and Deli in Oliver, undoubtedly noticed a business shift on Wednesday (after being quite busy on Monday and Tuesday).


Brogan said that they have raised hygiene standards by wiping everything (including handles and handles) twice a day.

19659005] The baker commented that he did not understand the psychology of the product and the panic caused by it.

"Obviously, people are in a state of panic."

Savvios Family Greek chef Savvas Gavriilidis restaurant really felt the impact of COVID-19.

He pointed out that several of his employees are facing layoffs, which is difficult because some people have to raise children.

"I don't know what they are going to do." Gavriilidis said.

The chef said that there are red people who do not want to enter the restaurant. As a result, he now offers a new delivery service.

"I know that safety comes first, but you must also look at people's survival."

Gavriilidis sees a difficult road as he struggles to pay as a business owner Bill.

"If this situation lasts for more than a month or two, we will all be in trouble."

The entrepreneur said that he also has difficulty buying some foods, such as [碎牛肉].

"I went to buy ground beef, no ground beef.

Gavlidis said that people are panic and buying unnecessary food and food … toilet paper.

" I don't even Need everything that people buy, and I have a restaurant!

The businessman reflects the situation, saying that the Canadian government "coped with the virus without taking any action because it took action when China first appeared."

] The BC Chamber of Commerce has made the following recommendations to the government based on the findings: allow delayed property tax payments; encourage financial institutions to provide zero-interest loans; provide more employment insurance;

the federal government introduced a total of 82 billion The dollar stimulus package includes help for businesses.

Local Chamber of Commerce Manager Dennis Blasko said they will be open for 30 minutes

"We can't provide all answers, but we can help you stay organized and do it the right way."

The Chamber of Commerce will also arrange Online training course

Coffee Connections is another virtual networking tool that the Chamber of Commerce will use on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 9:30 am.

For more information, call 250-498-6321.

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