Donald Trump will ban the American Tiktok social media application

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would ban the fast-growing American TikTok social media application because the US authorities are already worried that the service may become a tool for Chinese intelligence. In recent weeks, US officials and lawmakers have expressed concern that Beijing’s highly successful video site has been used for insidious purposes, but the company has denied any ties to the Chinese government.

A news report distributed earlier on Friday stated that Trump would allow his Chinese parent company ByteDance to abandon the operation of the device in the United States, but the President announced the ban.

He said that he would take action on Saturday at the earliest. It uses the economic power of emergency or administrative orders. Trump's decision was made after the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) conducted research in the United States. It reviews transactions that affect the national security of the United States. TikTok is estimated to have one billion users worldwide.

Last week, the company promised to be highly open. This is especially popular among young audiences who make and watch their short videos. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of customers and regulatory agencies, including testing its algorithms.

After ByteDance purchased the American app, the platform's success surged in 2017. In addition, combine it with your own video service. James Lewis, head of the Technology Policy Program of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Therefore, he said that he believes the security risk of using TikTok is "close to zero."

But ByteDance may face pressure from China to implement a review system.

Lewis stated that the US authorities have the ability to dissolve previously approved acquisitions. It is located under CFIUS, and there will be similar moves in 2019. Therefore, after the Grindr dating app was acquired by a Chinese company.

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