Donald Trump 2.0: Wartime President

Under the threat of coronavirus, US citizens feel that Donald Trump may usher in a new era of "wartime president"

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  • Americans approve Donald Trump ’s response to coronavirus [19659004] The Trump administration ’s plan to defend the United States
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The world is in panic about a pandemic, this incurable virus is killing people instantly and infecting others quickly. When isolated on a global scale, the economy collapsed. The US president, a former star of a businessman and reality TV show, is ordering a cure and saving his people.

The empty streets of New York. Source | WSJ

and served as wartime president.

This is not a Hollywood movie plot … this is 2020!

Americans agree with Donald Trump's response to coronavirus

Although the media continues to criticize Trump's response to the pandemic Covid-19, US citizens hold the opposite view.

According to a new Ipsos / ABC News poll, 55% of Americans are in favor of POTUS dealing with coronavirus, and 43% of Americans disagree.

Over the past week, US President Donald Trump has shown a change in his view of the pandemic coronavirus. At the press conference, he took positive steps and effectively called himself "the president of wartime" and suggested "The people should be prepared to fight."

Looking back at what he showed during World War II The heroic act of the United States said to American citizens: "We must sacrifice together, because we are together, we will achieve it together."

Trump's speech has taken a turning point when it comes to coronavirus as a common enemy. He pointed out in the briefing that the struggle to slow the spread of COVID-19 was & # 39; Our Great War & # 39 ;.

The Trump administration has been holding a press conference every morning since the threat of a new virus was downplayed in mid-January. Keep the citizens calm and renewed in the past week.

Up to now, the number of deaths caused by coronavirus in the United States is more than 200 and 14,500 cases have been recorded.

Trump administration plan
Defending the United States

On Wednesday, Trump cited the Defense Protection Act, granting him the power to influence private companies for emergency purposes. Many companies are working to serve the quarantine in their own way.

Plans have been made for two naval hospital ships will be dispatched to help medical staff assisting Covid-19 patients in the Port of New York and the West Coast.

In terms of finding a cure, "Hydroxychloroquine" will be used as an antimalarial drug to treat coronavirus. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fast-tracking research to find a "safe and effective" drug for infected people.

At the Pentagon, if the situation in the United States worsens, a major emergency plan will be conducted on Tuesday . The Trump administration is also weighing deployment plans for the National Guard and the reserve forces.


Wartime speech
The move of the President of the United States is nothing new. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt,
James Madison, George Bush Jr, and others are easy examples.

The United States does not like changing the president during wartime … In 2020, the enemy is not the people, but the virus.

There is a knack for history to repeat itself …

Maybe Donald Trump can also be president during wartime!

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