What is the Best Bed Bug Killers 2021

Does bed bug powder really work? I once had a horrible bed bug experience that made me wonder whether bed bug powder works or it is just a waste of money.

After I had dusted the mattress and the bed frame, I was hoping to see the bugs dropping or laying dead. Instead, what I saw was the bed bugs emerging from the powder.

The only thing that bothered them was being in contact with the powder. Otherwise, they seemed fine.

10 Best Bed Bug Killers 2020 Reviews

I was furious and felt like I had been scammed, I therefore decided to find the best bed bug killer powder and the best bed bug killer spray to solve my bed bug problem permanently. Thankfully, I am happy to report that I found several products that worked great.

They are all capable of killing the bugs on the contact and they their bed bug killing lasts for about 14 days. Therefore, yes! Bed bug powder does kill bed bugs. Just not every brand out there can do it.

Read on to find the best bed bug killer powder and bed bug killer sprays that you can use to exterminate bed bugs at home.

1. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer – Best Bed Bug Killer Spray

The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer has been designed using an organic formula that kills bed bugs fast, but doesn’t pollute the environment. Moreover, it won’t stain your mattress or fabrics and doesn’t cause irritation to human skin. You can therefore spray and kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding without worrying about side effects.

The Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is able to kill bed bugs in all stages of their life on contact; Adults, Nymphs, and Eggs will all die on the spot. To eliminate bed bugs effectively, you should spray it on both side of the mattress, on the sheets, and frames of your wooden bed.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer review

While most pesticides are harmful when used indoors or close to where people sleep, the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is designed for home use. It doesn’t release harmful fumes or leave behind allergenic residue, which is why it’s one of the best Bed Bug Killer Spray for home use.

Resistance to insecticides is one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face when trying to get rid of bed bugs. The good news is that Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer uses a special organic formula organic to kill even bed bugs that have developed resistance to other insecticides.



  • Eco friendly
  • No toxic chemical are used
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to use and kills bed bugs on contact
  • Reliable Spray mechanism

Safe For Home Use

Moreover, the all the ingredients used to make the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer are sourced from farmers in the United States, extracted and processed in the United States to ensure they meet the strict Federal environmental requirements.

That’s why you are guaranteed of getting rid of bed bugs from every crevice and fabric in your home, and Still be provide your family with a comfortable and safe home environment. You don’t need to fill your home with some of the most toxic chemical to get rid of bed bugs.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer that is among the best bed bug spray will killer is what you really need. Check Amazon prices now, and buy the best Bed Bug Killer Spray to get rid of those nasty bugs.


to Use Eco Defense Best Bed Bug Killer Spray

  1. Spray the mattress, headboards, bed frames, and the foundation making sure your cover every inch of their surface. Don’t forget the seams, piped edges, handles, and labels.
  2. You then need to ventilate the room to let out some of the natural fragrance emanating from the bed bug killer spray.
  3. Take the bedding and put it in plastic bugs to avoid accidentally spreading the bed bugs.
  4. Take them to the laundry machine and tumble them dry using the warmest setting for about 30 minutes.
  5. Treat your personal items such as shoes, toys, books, and clothing that have been invaded by the bed bugs in a heavy-duty plastic bag.
  6. Spray-soak a towel with Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, place it in the heavy-duty plastic bag, seal and shake it well.
  7. Leave it sealed for 2 weeks before opening it.
  8. The finally spray exercise involves spraying the wall of your home, ceilings, baseboards, rug edges and carpet.
  9. You will also need to spray the furniture and crevices, drapery, dressers, and any wooden surface in all your bedrooms.
  10. If the infestation was heavy, you need to repeat the process once every week for up to 3 weeks.
  • It doesn’t cause allergies.
  • Eco Defense doesn’t leave residues
  • You can safely spray your bedding
  • It uses natural oils that emit strong fragrances.
  • You have to ventilate your room after spraying.

2. Ortho-0202510 Strongest Bed Bug Killer

Not everybody wants a scented bed bug killer, which is why you may want to consider the strongest bed bug killer- Ortho 0202510 Home Defense Max Bed Bug killer. It’s designed for use in exterminating bed bugs in large spaces and in spaces where allergenic and irritants must cannot be tolerated. It’s able to kill not just the nasty bed bugs, but also fleas brown dog ticks, and regular ticks.

The non-staining and unscented formula also dries faster, which allows you to spray in the morning and by nightfall, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep free of bed bug bites. One of the main features that make it ideal for spraying large spaces is its continuous spray wand.

It not only saves you time and energy, is also highly effective. It makes it possible to for the bed bug killers to remain potent for up to 2 weeks. That allows you to kill more bed bugs while spraying less often.

Ortho 0202510 Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer Review

Something else that makes this bed bug killer stand out is its ability to kill the bed bugs in their hiding places. You just have to spray their hiding place or the area through which they will come out. Then when they step on the treated fabric or surface, they suffer a quick death. That is great because this bed bug killer spray does not stain the fabric it soaks.

Best Bed Bug Spray Killer

One thing you should know about bed bugs is that they can hibernate for quite some time; treating surfaces with a killer spray increases the chances of eliminating bed bugs that choose to hide for a while after you spray the furniture infested with bed bugs.

Moreover, this bug killer spray eliminates other nasty bugs such as fleas, brown dog ticks, and ticks. Use this one bed bug killer spray to kill them all.

Over the years, most bugs have developed a resistance against killers sprays based on the pyrethroid. While that’s isn’t good news for us, the development of killer sprays such as Ortho 0202510 means we can still exterminate the bugs fast and efficiently.

Which is why it’s for the best if you buy sufficient supplies of the bed bug killer spray, and spray thoroughly. That will ensure that all bugs die and none will survive the onslaught to breed more bed bugs that are resistant to the spray.



  • Kills Pyrethroid-Resistant Bed Bugs
  • Doesn’t stain fabrics
  • Dries faster after spraying
  • It has a residual bed bug killing effect
  • Ortho 0202510 may kill bedbugs for up 2 weeks

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed Bug Size: The bed bug’s size is determined by its current stage of life. A fully mature bed bug will be about the size of an apple seed, while the eggs it lays are the size of a pinhead.

Bed Bug Appearance: Typically, a bed bug will brown coloration when it has not fed on blood, which turns to reddish-brown after it feeds on blood from its victims. Moreover, they give it a musty odor, and their antennae are short and thick.

Physical Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation: It is not that hard to know whether you have a bed bug infestation. First there is the bed bug bites; they may wake you up at night, when you are in the middle of your sleep. That is because of the itching sensation caused by the bed bug bites.

Other signs include the reddish or rusty stains that remain after you crush fed bedbugs as you roll in your sleep. The bed bug’s excrement, eggs, and egg shells form black dots that you can easily spot on the mattress of frames of furniture and as well as their hiding places. Finally, as bed bugs grow, they shed their skin that is light yellow in color.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Ortho 0202510 is not allergenic
  • It made for home use.
  • It requires bi-weekly spraying extended protection.


Plus 17-oz

Bed Bug Killer Spray

If you have had a bed bug infestation then you know that one last bed bug means you still have all the bed bugs in your home. It only takes one to turn your home into a hell of bugs. The good news is that the Bedlam Plus 17 oz Bed Bug Killer Spray will help you get rid of them.

It is designed from active ingredients that target neuron receptors that are found in the body joints of invertebrates. That means that humans are safe from the Bedlam

Plus 17 oz Bed Bug Spray, even though it’s deadly poison to insects such as bed bugs and fleas. What is more is that it has a residual effect that lasts for days.

For your home, that means a single exercise of wholesome spraying will continue to kill the bugs for days to come. You can therefore spray and continue with your normal life as the spray works day and night to restore the peace you had before your home was invaded by the bugs.

Bedlam Plus 17 oz Bed Bug Killer Review

Kills Bed Bugs at Any Point of their Life-cycle

While some killer sprays only target the adult bed bugs, the Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer Spray brings death to bed bugs in all stages of their life. Eggs, nymphs, and adults all face the same fate; total extermination. It kills bed bugs without harming your pet, children, and you.

Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer Spray is one of the few bed bug killers that has been independently tested by research group from Rutgers University to prove that it can kill all bed bugs. The findings were published on Journal of Economic Entomology. Unlike other bed bug killer sprays made using chemicals made in the lab, Bedlam

is a botanical product.

In fact, USDA IR4 PHP Program proved that although it’s an effective spray when it comes to eliminating bed bugs, its perfect safe for humans and the environment. Overall, if you do not like using killer sprays with ingredients such as Chlorfenapyr, deltamethrin, pyrethroids, and neonicotinoids, then Bedlam Plus 17 oz is the perfect choice for you.


is box title

  • Doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe on humans and pets
  • It has a residual killing effect

How to Use Bedlam Plus Killer Spray

1. Remove Your Bedding and Treat them with Heat: First,

remove your mattress covers, clothing, and bed linens and put them in a plastic bag. Empty them into your tumble dryer and tune on the temperature to the maximum that the fabrics can handle.
You can find out by checking their care labels. A temperature setting of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 30nminutes will do the trick and kill all bed bugs hiding in those bedding.

2. Treat Bedding: The next step is to spray every inch of your mattress, bed frame, headboard, box spring and joints, nook, cranny, or corner that you see. The goal is to make sure that the bed bugs will not find a place of rest, that’s free of the deadly bed bug killer spray. It will also ensure that any eggs that were laid in hidden places are exposed to the killer spray as well.

3. Surrounding Areas: The final step is to treat every inch of the room such as the nightstand, hollow spaces of chairs and sofas, curtain folds, crown moldings, baseboard, carpet’s edges, all furniture, crevices in walls, and the floor in general. Once you are done, allow the surfaces to dry.

  • Spray kills 100% on contact
  • Residue is 97% effective
  • Independently tested
  • Doesn’t cause allergies
  • It wears off after 14 days of spraying.

4. CimeXa Insecticide Dust Best Bed Bug Killer Powder

The CimeXa Insecticide Dust is among the very best bed bug killer powder that I know of, and to answer the question: Does bed bug powder really work? Go ahead and use this product and you will be glad you did.

It’s made of 100% Amorphous Silica Gel, which works by breaking the bed bugs’ waxy cuticle. That important characteristic comes from the amorphous silica’s water and oil absorption characteristics, which dehydrates the bed bugs.

Because of the way that CimeXa Insecticide Dust’s active ingredient works, the dust works for quite a long time, ensuring that none of the bed bugs that comes into contact with the dust survive. Moreover, it power isn’t restricted to bed bugs alone.

Other nasty bugs that we hate to see and be associated with aren’t safe either. It kills mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, roaches, lice, ants, silverfish, and firebrats. You therefore deal with all the bugs and in one single operation when you use CimeXa Insecticide bed bug killer Dust.



  • Contains 100% Amorphous Silica Gel
  • 4 Ounces in each bottle
  • Use 2 oz per 100 sq feet
  • It kills bed bugs, ticks, fleas, ants, etc.

CimeXa Insecticide Dust Best Bed Bug Killer Powder ReviewThe CimeXa Bed Bug Killer Powder is Easy to Use

It’s quite easy to use the CimeXa Insecticide Dust. It comes with a broad label that show you how to use it to treat cracks, voids, crevices, carpets, mattresses, attics, pest rest areas, bed frames and boards, and other wooden or surfaces covered with fabrics.

The recommended usage is about 2 ounces per 100 square feet, which means you can treat 200 square feet with the 4 ounces of CimeXa Insecticide Dust. You can of course use less if the bed bug infestation isn’t wide spread.

You will also be happy to know that CimeXa Insecticide dust comes inside a larger bottle. That makes it easy to use its bottler as a puffer and effectively applies it in crevices and cracks.

It does not cause any allergies and does not stain your fabrics. Overall, it is an effective bud bug extermination tool that you should buy any time you free your home from bed bugs, and it’s available from Amazon.

  • Easy to use and doesn’t cause allergies
  • Kills bugs on contact
  • You can apply it on wooden surfaces and fabrics
  • It does not leave stain on fabrics
  • You may have to clean the dust once all bed bugs are dead.
  • You cannot spray it, you have to puff or sprinkle it onto surfaces.

5. What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs and Their Eggs: Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator

I have been there, frustrated with bed bugs to the point where all I could think of was to find the most toxic chemical that could eliminate them instantly. The good news is that the best bed bug killer does not have to be toxic, at least not for our pets or on us.

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator is a powerful non-toxic spray killer and barrier that kills all bed bugs and eggs on contact. It’s made from proprietary mix of essential oils, which makes it safe for you but deadly on bed bugs.

We know that bed bugs are not just an embarrassment, but they are also a health risk. Their bites can cause lymphangitis, impetig, ecthyma, and even insomnia. However, if you eliminate them before they bite you, you can rest in your home or hotel with total peace of mind.

The FAA has approved it as a flight-safe liquid. You may travel with it, and since it gives out a sweet aroma, you can spray your seat or hotel room before you settle down.

That gives an assurance that bugs won’t crawl to you when you least expect. The Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator, which is available on Amazon, is not just a powerful bed bug exterminator; it is also a bed bug barrier.

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator Review



  • It uses essential Oils as the active ingredients
  • Has a sweet smelling scent
  • Kills the bed bugs on contact
  • It comes multiple package sizes
  • Eco-Friendly and no toxic chemicals

Safe to Use at Home

It is safe for kids and your pets. That is important because you are most likely going to use it where your kids will sleep and where your pets such as your cat or dog love to lie down and rest.

Such places include the carpet, bed, and sofas. It’s therefore the perfect best bed bug killer spray that you can invest in to protect your home and yourself when traveling.

You can your Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator is in a small portable quantity or even the bigger 16 oz bottle for to deal with a heavy bed bug infestation.

The multiple size packaging is meant to help you buy just what you need. For me that’s a plus, there is no need to just buy extra when I can order exactly what’s enough.

You can spray it in multiple places to either kill the bed bugs or create a safe barrier between you and them. I do that to make sure that I don’t accidentally pick some when traveling.


of the places that you can treat include:

  • Walls
  • Open cabinets
  • Box springs
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Bed sheets
  • Floor cracks
  • Upholstery
  • Clothing
  • Drapes
  • Couches
  • Planes

How to Kill Bed Bugs in a Car

This review wouldn’t be complete is we haven’t talked about how to kill bed bugs in a car using Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator. You car’s seats happen to be great places for bed bugs to hide and feed for two reasons.

One is that the cushioned seats provide a warm place to hide, thanks to the air pockets in the cushions that trap heat. Secondly, because you seat in your car for extended periods, they get an opportunity to feed on your blood.

The good news is that you can easily kill all the bed bugs in your car by spraying the interior with Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator. The places to aim for are the rugs or mat on the floor, the seats, the glove compartments, and the boot.

Do not forget to pray the area under seats as well. If you believe that you have had an infestation, you will need to spray every inch if the seats. That could mean unscrewing them to expose any hidden folds.

Once you are done, you can lock the car and let the spray do its job. You will need to repeat the process after two weeks. Unlike the first time that you spray, the second week should be more of a cautionary spray.

That is because the Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Eliminator is such a powerful organic chemical that kills bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are.

  • You can use it as a bed bug barrier.
  • It kills bed bugs, ticks, fleas, etc.
  • You can use it indoors and in your car
  • It’s not allergenic.
  • It’s not meant for use outdoors.
  • The residual effect works best indoors.

The 5 Best Bed Bug Killer Reviews

6. Harris Bed Bug Killer: The Best Bed Bug Killer Review

Are you searching for the best bed bug killer? Bed bugs violate personal spaces such as homes and beds. Emotional distress, suffering and pain are among the issues that result from bed infestation, which means its one serious matter that you should not overlook. However, you should know that a bed bug presence doesn’t indicate that your home isn’t clean. What comes to mind is the embarrassment when people discover you have them in your home.

The Harris bed bug powder is among the top powders you should consider if you want to kill bed bugs. Its fast acting since it kills insects within 48 hours of coming into contact with them. After several hours of reviewing it, we’ll look at reasons why you should purchase it and finally deliver a conclusion.
Harris Bed Bug Killer Review

Comprehensive Treatment: The Harris killer spray comprehensively kills bed bugs, which means within days, you will get rid of these troublesome insects. This powder provides you with a thorough treatment since it can efficiently treat hard to reach areas. It enables you to avoid embarrassing situations in your home or office.

Easy Application: The Harris brand is the best bed bug killer in the market, thanks to its puffer tip that ensures the application is simple. For instance, you can use this product right away, which means that you won’t have to wait to deal with these insects.

Fast Acting: It

comes with fast acting ingredients that ensure insects coming into contact with this powder die within 48 hours. Irrespective of their life stages, all bed bugs that come into contact with this spray will die.

Residual Killing Effect: It will continue killing bed bugs even weeks after application, that’s as long as you keep it dry. That means you get value for your money by choosing to purchase this product.

EPA Registered: You want a product that is safe for the environment. It’s one reason why you should purchase this brand. That’s because it’s registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s safe for use in homes with pets and people.

The Harris bed bug killer powder is the most effective bed bug killer in the market. That means if you want to kill bed bugs, you should consider purchasing this quality powder. Remember the powder has lasting power and it doesn’t come with a disgusting smell.

  • The Harris effectively treats hard to reach areas.
  • Kills all bed bugs within 48 hours.
  • It has a residual killing effect lasting weeks
  • After the initial application, you may see a few stragglers.
  • You must not wipe or mix it with water.

7. The Best Bed Bug Killer Review: Native Organics Bed Bug Killer

When searching for the best bed bug killer, you need a product that ensures you eradicate these embarrassing insects. However, many products and companies promise the best results but deliver little. Remember you can encounter bed bugs in motels, hotels, homes and public transportation, which means no matter the cleanliness of your home, you may find it infested with these bugs.

One must buy product for you is the Native Organics Bed Bug Killer. If you use it on a regular basis, this product will ensure that your home or business premise is bed bug free. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, which means you can spray it on your bed and sleep on it within minutes without any harmful effects. In this review, we’ll look at this product in detail and deliver a verdict on it.

Native Organics Bed Bug Killer Review

Non-Toxic and Natural Bed Bug Killer: The Native Organics Bed Bug Killer is eco-friendly, safe and effective, which ensures you eradicate bed bugs from your home. It’s ideal for use in homes since it doesn’t leave harsh odors or fumes behind. That means you can hop onto your bed minutes after spraying it.

Effectively Kills Bed Bugs: This product ensures issues of bed bugs around your home are eliminates and future occurrences prevented. That means if you want value for your money, you should consider purchasing this product.

Made of Plant Extracts: The Native Organics Bed Bug Killer is made from plants, which means it rinses from your bed sheets excellently. The rinse water will still be safe for ground absorption, septic systems and drains.

Highly Effective: It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, meaning it’s the perfect solution for issues of bed bug elimination or mattress protection. By applying colloidal chemistry, the bed bugs won’t be able to grow immune to this spray. It means you won’t have to worry about these insects anymore.

The Native Organics brand provides you with the best bed bug killer product, which means no more embarrassing moments. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, which means it’s Eco-friendly. Purchasing and spraying it will also prevent future occurrences in the affected areas; what you get is value for your money.

  • It is eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients.
  • You may use it on your bed just before you to sleep.
  • It’s highly efficient and effective in killing bed bugs.
  • It residual killing effect prevents future occurrences.
  • You don’t have to spray it often to prevent re-infestation
  • It’s not available in powder form.

8. EcoRaider Spray Review [The Best Bed Bug Killer]

In recent years, the repeated use of pesticides has resulted in bed bugs developing high resistance. That means many products in the market can’t efficiently eliminate issues of bed bug infestation in homes, hotels and motels. After several hours of reviewing professional brands, natural and synthetic products, we have finally identified a product that effectively eliminates issues of bed bugs.

The solution to killing and eliminating bed bugs is EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray. For instance, it kills ADULT BED BUGS, (NYMPHS) AND EGGS on its first contact, which means its 100% efficient. Bed bugs can cause discomfort while sleeping. They won’t make you fall sick. However, they will result in issues such as low self-esteem. It means you should consider buying products that effectively eliminate them. This review looks at this best bed bug killer in detail.Bed Bug Killer Spray By EcoRaider Review

Effective Bed Bug Killer: If you’re searching for the best bed bug killer, you should consider buying the EcoRaider (Bed Bug Killer) Spray. That’s because it made with natural ingredients, meaning it’s safe to humans, pets and the environment.

Fast and Efficient: The best bed bug killer should have the ability to kill these insects on its first contact. The EcoRaider brand is one such product. It kills bed bugs in all their life stages on contact, which means you will get rid of these pests within a day.

Longer Residual Protection: According to studies, this bed bug killer can provide you with protection against bed bugs for two weeks after spraying. It means your home or business premise will be free of these pests for some time after spraying.

Useful for Massive and Light Infestations: You

don’t have to worry about the extent of the infestation. That’s because whether it’s heavy or early, the EcoRaider spray is highly efficient, which means you will have peace of mind that these pests are gone.


Safe and Toxin-Free: The best bed bug spays should be free of toxins that can cause illnesses in humans and pets. The EcoRaider is toxin free and dermatologically safe. It means that you can use it within your home.

The EcoRaider bed bug killer spray provides you with value for money. Among its main selling points is that it kills bed bugs in all their life stages, giving your home extended protection. It kills any crawling insects within minutes, which means it a highly effective product. If you want to kill bed bugs fast, it’s one product that you should consider buying.

  • The EcoRaider kills bed bugs in all their life stages.
  • You can use to deal with small and massive bed bug infestation.
  • It provides extended residual protection for up to two weeks.
  • Best for pacifying your coaches and beds
  • The EcoRaider spray odor lingers on after spraying.
  • You have to spray it generously where the bugs are hiding.

9. Harris Bed Bug Killer (TOUGHEST): The Best Bed Bug Killer

When searching for the best bed bug killer, you don’t want those that emit odor long after the spraying is over. The ability to kill these pests fast is another consideration since you want to get rid of these embarrassing creatures quickly. The best way to find the right product is by reading online reviews. That enables you to compare various products, which means you get to buy only efficient and quality ones.

One must buy liquid spray for eliminating bed bugs is the HARRIS Bed Bug Killer. It kills bed bugs the moment the spray dries up and continues eliminating them weeks after the application. In this detailed review, we’ll look at it in detail and deliver our verdict.
Harris Bed Bug Killer Review

Kills Bed Bugs for Weeks: The Harris bed bug killer kills bed bugs on contact and even after it dries. Weeks after the application, it will still have the power the eliminate them, which means it’s one of the most effective solutions.

Offers Value for Money: It is available in a gallon, which is sufficient to pacify the whole house. According to research, it’s crucial you spray areas furniture even before infestation occurs. This insecticide will allow you to do just that.

Non-Staining Formula: This bed bug killer is non-staining. It’s the best option to use in your home or office and doesn’t cause harm to your fabrics. However, you need to make sure you follow the label instructions for the best outcome.

EPA Registered: It is approved for the application or use in homes with people and pets living in them. It’s registered by the EPA, which means it’s one of the safest products to use in homes.

Extended Trigger Spray: For effective treatment of areas where bed bugs prefer to hide, this best bed bug killer (liquid spray) comes with an included trigger spray. That ensures you can treat hard to reach areas.

The Harris bed bug spray is a must buy for you if what you want is the best solution for getting rid of bed bugs from your home. Remember it allows for continuous application, kills these blood-sucking creatures and is odorless. That means you can apply it in your home or office.

  • It kills bed bugs efficiently and fast.
  • It works even when dry.
  • Best for getting rid of bed bugs from your home.
  • The ample supply means you get more value for money.
  • It’s non-staining, making it suitable for spraying coaches.
  • This best bed bug killer is ideal for use in a family home.
  • The included trigger spray reaches areas that bed bugs prefer to hide.
  • The bottle may leak at times if the lid is not properly fastened.

10. Harris Bed Bug Killer (Liquid Spray): The Best Bed Bug Killer

In recent years, bed bugs can withstand the effects of traditional pesticides. The result is many people are finding it a challenge to deal with these pests that love sucking blood from humans. Having bed bugs in your home isn’t an indication of dirtiness. That’s because you can pick them up in places that appear spotlessly clean, for example in hotels and motels.

However, when dealing with them, you need to do some research. That will enable you to buy products that have been proven to work. One such product is the HARRIS Bed Bug Killer, which is available in a liquid spray. It is similar to the one we have reviewed above, but its bug killing effects last much longer. In this review, we’ll look at reasons why it’s the best bed bug killer in the market.
Harris Bed Bug Killer Spray Review

Kills “Pyrethroid Resistant” Bed Bugs: The

best way to remove bed bugs in your home is to eliminate them, including their eggs. Some of them have built up resistance that ensures they survive the onslaught of conventional pesticides.

However, by this Harris spray, you will effectively kill all bed bugs and their eggs in your home office. You will no longer experience embarrassing moments while hosting your guests or uncomfortable nights.

Kills Bed Bugs Instantly: This best bed bug killer eliminates bed bugs instantly, that when you spray them directly. That means you won’t have to waste your time or money looking for other brands of bed bug killers.

Long Residual Qualities: After you spray this product, it will continue killing bed bugs for up 16 more weeks, which means it, has long-lasting capabilities. Remember getting rid of bed bugs can be a challenging task, which means you need a useful product.

EPA Registered: You can use this product in your living room, bedrooms and other areas in your home since its safe for use in homes with humans and pets. Its EPA registered, which means it safe to the environment.

Odorless Formula: You want a product that’s odorless, for use in your home or to spray on fabrics. If you use it according to the label instructions, it won’t damage your fabrics or furniture.

Bed bugs are among the most traumatizing things one can have in his or her home. They can easily turn your nights into a nightmare, and they are simply an embarrassment. The good news is that the Harris bed bug killer spray can help you get rid of them. Make sure you use it according to the label instructions for it to work. It’s odorless, kills them instantly and stainless, meaning it provides you with value for money.

  • It kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact.
  • Harris bed bug killer offers value for money.
  • It uses a non-staining formula.
  • Best for spraying furniture.
  • It kills other crawling bugs as an added benefit
  • Its cost is on the higher side.
  • It is a liquid, so it makes fabrics wet.

Verdict: Don’t Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Sleep

When it comes to bed bugs, you will know if you have them. For instance, their bites leave light-brown or dark-red bloodstains on your bed. Some people may have bite marks that signify they fed on your blood the whole night. Other signs to look for are fecal stains that appear brown/black and spot like. Their fecal matter is simply digested blood, which you can find on your baseboards, box springs, mattresses and bedding.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to buy an effective bed bug killer sprays or bed bug killer powders. In the above reviews, we’ll looked at top ten bed bug brands that are highly effective at killing bed bugs and bed bug eggs, as well as bed bug nymphs. Remember, any home can have a bed bug infestation, and they feed on human blood, not dirt. In most cases, they will invade your home irrespective of your hygiene standards.

The rule of thumb is to be vigilant and act fast if you ever spot one on your clothing, or on someone you live with in your home, dorm or apartment. We hope that you found this article to be informative, and be sure to share it.

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