Disney+ in July 2020: new features

Disney (Disney) + continue to mark the time until Mandalorian comes back and the Marvel limited series can complete the shooting, but this month will release more new content worthy of attention than June. July will bring the premiere of a new series starring a puppet show, one of Disney’s many intellectual property rights to vacuum. The premiere of the film is more popular: the popular musical "Hamilton". However, this is not a movie version of the musical; it was recorded in the theater, which was in ancient times in 2016, when theater performances still existed, and creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda led almost the entire Broadway original.

Disney originally planned to show the show to the theater, but later decided to turn it into a large independent day attraction for Disney+, and the first Disney+ large release that viewers must pay to watch: The company has ended the period A 7-day free trial, claims that they are no longer needed to attract new subscribers.

The movie

Hamilton (July 3)

musical, in which colored actors perform in the United States to create a father who will show their continued significance in a more diverse United States, is Barack · The classic halfway work of the Barack Obama era, which is a free performance that Dick Cheney can enjoy . But when Donald Trump was elected, this middle-line approach became less feasible. After they sent a message directly to Mike Pence Trump slammed the cast as "very rude." Now, the show came to Disney+, when the United States was caught in a debate about which historical figures of death it should celebrate. In any case, it will remind us that 2016 seemed like a long time ago.

Black is King (July 31)

Another worth of content this month is this visual album, written and directed and produced by Beyoncé, according to her The soundtrack album for The Lion King 's "Real Man" remake. The movie will use The Lion King’s songs and story structure to tell the true story of a black family, focusing on young people. Like Simba, they must learn lessons about their identity and where they come from before they can grow up to achieve Own destiny.

Novel Series

Puppets Now (Episode 6, Episode 1)

Friday, July 31, : "Maturity Date" – described as the "No. An unscripted series", although it is not a reality show; puppets just made up things without scripts. The first episode focuses on Scooter (David Rudman), trying to upload the new show to Disney+ and avoiding the distraction of all other familiar characters. Initially, Disney’s large-scale Muppet project for streaming services will be "Muppets Live Another Day", which was held in the 1980s and is a Stranger Things -style nostalgic 80s comment, but [19659003] The difference in creativity was cancelled .

Non-fiction series

The Rogue Tour (Friday, July 24) (Episodes 1-8 of 8)

Disney-owned ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff ( Bob Woodruff) took his son Mike and the audience on a trip to the global hotspots and dangerous locations reported during his visit, including Iraq. In 2006, roadside bombs comatose him for more than a month.

Pixar in real life (Episode 9) [19659021] [7月3日,星期五] : "UP: Balloon car walks away"-the famous car made by Disney and Pixar UP Realistic simulation.

This is the life of a dog Bill Farmer (Episode 10-10, Episode 8-10)

The last person who saw a high voice (not the original person, he died) met To many different dogs, there are different dog jobs.

Friday, July 3: "Movie star dogs with hounds and horses" – movie stars and dogs chasing rabbits.

Friday, July 10 : "Avalanche Rescue Dogs and Beagles" (Brigade)-specializes in rescuing snow-covered dogs. Beagles sniff passengers’ luggage for contraband.[19659042] Friday, July 17: "Snake-searching dogs and Hawaiian protection dogs"-dogs looking for snakes

Disney Family Sundays (Episodes 35-39)

requires family members to make crafts Crafts with a kind of plug similar to Disney's movie franchise.

Friday, July 3: 3: "Peter Pan: Shadow Box Theater"

Friday, July 10 : "Rillo and Stick: Family Trick"

Friday, July 17 : "Moana: Tomato Photo Holder"

Friday, July 24 : Jungle Books: Finger Puppets"

Friday, July 31: "Mickey and Minnie: Pillow"

Disney Day Trip (Ep. 31-35)

About Disney-owned Many of the company’s employees’ short promotional videos are still closed.

Friday, July 3: "Zama Magudulela: The L Ion King Madrid, Spain" – in The Lion King .

Friday, July 10, July 10, 1965, the actor who played Lafiki in the Madrid stage play: "Marc Smith: Story Artist" – starring Artist of Frozen 2 , He created beautiful two-dimensional graphics, and eventually replaced them with computer animation.

Friday, July 17, : "Mike David: Imagine Engineering Project Manager"-a guy who works on theme park projects, paying special attention to Ratatouille partner.

Friday, July 24 : "Chris Cristi: Helicopter Reporter"-Disney's Chopper Man has an ABC subsidiary in Los Angeles.

Friday, July 31: "Lauren Cabo (Imagineering Portfolio Creative Executive)"-examines the lives of people who create special themes for Disney-owned cruise ships.

New Library Title


Solo Exhibition: The Story of Star Wars (July 10)

Pre-opening report of Disneyland Note: The opening of Disneyland was delayed[19659017] (July 17)

at the Walt Disney World (July 17)

27 dress (July 31)


dragon (July 10)

] Disney Junior Music Lullaby (July 17)

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (July 17)

Incredibles 2 (July 31)

Marvel Funko (July 31)

National Geographic & Disneynature:

Animal ER (July 3)
[19659003] Ice Rescue ( July 3)

Little Animal Repairman: Village Veterinarian (July 10)

Evil Tuna: The Bund (July 17)

Animal Showdown (July 31)

Ever Best Work (July 31))

What Sam Sees (July 31)

Big Cat Game (July 31)

Destination World (July 31)

Fearless adventure with Jack Randall (July 31)

Hunting for the abominable snowman (July 31)

King Fisher (July 31)

The weirdest, the best, the most authentic (July 31)

The Cradle of the Gods (July 31)

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