Did Twitter delete my tweets and prevent me from following Trump?

With the news of leaked emails retrieved from Hunter Biden's laptop, both Facebook and Twitter entered censorship mode to cover up Joe Biden's passing of these emails Lies exposed. On Thursday, Twitter showed suspicious activities, such as deleting tweets that did not match the organization and tampering with its users' "follow" function.

The number of my Twitter followers is decreasing every day. This is my observation over the past few months, and I have seen my conservative contacts say the same on Twitter. However, I panicked on Wednesday night when I discovered that Twitter had prevented my account from following President Trump. For several days, I haven't visited the president's page, and I only saw his tweets in the tweets of other Trump followers. After visiting his page, I found that I no longer follow him. And since I never followed him, I concluded that this is Twitter’s job – unless someone else hacked into my account in some way, and I think the second possibility is less likely to be censored by Twitter because Logins from other devices or suspicious locations will generate email alerts.

When the screenshot of my Twitter page for the president showed that I didn't follow him, I didn't doubt what happened to my tweet. But I will know the next night. After posting the screenshots to Twitter and pinning the tweets to my profile, I started to follow President Trump again on Twitter and tagged some popular news anchors and presidents in it.

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<p> On Thursday night, when I visited my Twitter page, I found that many of my Tweets contained links to news reports or opinions on the blog Word Matters. I noticed that I was missing on October 14. The story <em> I have posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites that the international prosecutors have accused the WHO of locking the wrong COVID test </em>just like I have been dealing with Twitter posts for some time. The tweet activity of the post on Twitter is also normal. Noting its lack, I quickly scrolled down to view the older tweets on the profile page, and soon I found that many other tweets have all disappeared, including There is a link: </p>
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Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors

https://www.ernestdempsey.com /Order of Rights/

https://www.ernestdempsey.com/hitlers-law-in-australia-now-allows-f orced-vaccination/

https://www.ernestdempsey.com/groundbreaking-study -on-order-extracted-from-disorder/

As shown in the list above, my lost tweets included links to posts on my website showing scientific research on COVID 19, health related to long-term use of mask Risks, Australia’s autocratic laws on mandatory vaccine testing and management, and even articles about recent entropy science research and the second law of thermodynamics.

The disappearance of one of my tweets particularly caught my attention. It links to my opinion The comment of this movie about life "Med of Human Rights" was posted to Twitter on October 6th on the same day I posted the comment to my blog. Because I remember the movie’s Twitter account retweeted me And gave it similar to so I visited their page, and the result was: I reposted my post on their page.

I became convinced that Twitter tampered with me Posts. So I started writing articles about the experience, and online Search for lost or deleted tweets. The information I found in the search results indicates that I have saved my tweet archive. While searching for deleted tweets, I found that Twitter allows you to request the download of tweet history in the "Your Account" section of Twitter settings, for example, one month. I asked to download my tweet archive, take a break for dinner and watch a movie.

When I went back to the computer and visited my Twitter profile again, I noticed that the lost tweets were restored, as if they never disappeared. To figure this out, I searched Twitter for any errors that day. In the morning, I found reports that Twitter temporarily crashed due to some technical issues, causing users to have trouble tweeting or accessing its timeline. The story says that Twitter announced at 8:11 pm Eastern Time that "things seem to be back to normal" and users should be able to use Twitter normally in the next few hours.

Did this selectively delete tweets due to technical failures, leave some, and let others or earlier disappear? I am not sure. I still doubt. What is certain, however, is that technical failure should not cause me to disobey the president’s statement. This tracking has been happening for months or even decades and has been reported by many conservative Twitter users. It is also highly suspect that this “glitch” will happen to Twitter due to the explosive New York Post story in the email retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop. On the day of the attack, the story was ignored by the mainstream leftist media, and Facebook and Twitter

As for my request to save my tweets, I began to review them.

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