Daniel Ellsberg told the British court that the United States seeks both "retaliation" against Julian Assange and "smashing" future whistleblowers – Raw Story

The leaker of the Pentagon documents previously called Assange’s indictment the “most significant attack on press freedom since the 1971 case.”

Daniel Ellsberg had leaked the Pentagon documents , Exposing the lies and crimes of the United States in Southeast Asia. The British court said on Tuesday that the US government is seeking "retaliation" against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and is trying to "shatter" future whistleblowers through extradition.

Ellsberg's eight-page written statement (pdf) to the London court, taking into account the United States. The request for the extradition of Assange is a keen support for the 49-year-old Australian, who has been imprisoned in the UK since 2019 for evading Sweden's 2010 international arrest warrant for alleged sex crimes from Sweden.

-Daniel Ellsberg

Assange was sentenced to nearly seven years in jail, usually to "cover up illegal behavior and deception". The period of political asylum approved by Ecuador (agreeing to extradite him to Sweden or the United States may face political persecution) was entirely spent in the South American embassy in London.

Last year, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, repeatedly called the cumulative influence of the United States, Britain and Sweden on Assange as a kind of "psychological torture."

The Trump administration formally requested the United Kingdom to extradite Assange under the Espionage Act of 1917 and Computer Fraud last year. And abuse of law. US authorities accused him of conspiring to invade government computers and illegally disclose confidential and sensitive defense information.

Critics on both sides of the mainstream political channel called Assange's actions "reckless".

At the peak of WikiLeaks' revelation, some major Republicans and Donald Trump called for his execution.

However, Ellsberg refuted the claim that Assange acted in this way, asserting in a court statement that "his actions are contrary to Ruck" and Assange would not

Elsberg Grid also pointed out: “In many cases, claims on “national security” have been erected to cover up illegality and deception, and they are often large-scale.” He pointed out the “most similarities” between “national security”. It was him and Assange’s case that included such a method: “The aim was to stop institutions and individuals from exposing illegal and criminal activities through administrative means.

Ellsberg believed that this was “partial retaliation” because it revealed He also tried to "shatter all future exposure to the truth."

"I paid close attention to the actions of the U.S. government, its military and intelligence agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The relevant actions have never been disclosed, including extradition and torture, the use of "black fields" and crimes against humanity. Writes Ellsberg.

Among the most important documents shared by WikiLeaks are the logs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which reveal the mass killings of civilians, extrajudicial executions, torture, corruption, and other crimes committed by the United States and allied forces. War crimes including crime and abuse

In 2010, WikiLeaks also released the infamous "collateral murder" video, which showed the US military attacking helicopter crews joking while massacring Iraqi civilians, including tw o reporters, And shot children and emergency personnel.

"I also observed that those who have exposed them publicly have been and continue to be threatened and convicted," Ellsberg added , May refer to other whistleblowers targeted by the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations, including Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriacu, Jeffrey Sterling and Reality Leigh Winner.

Ellsberg, an economist at the former RAND Corporation, leaked in 1971 that the "Pentagon Documents" were a series of classified documents commissioned by the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara during the most intense period of the Vietnam War These documents detail the history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967 and beyond, including the secret escalation of the war to Laos and Cambodia, and the Johnson administration "systematically lying to the public and Congress." [19659002] The New York Times [19459012AfterthepublicationofthePentagonPapersin1971EllsbergwasdemonizedintheUnitedStatesUndertheEspionageActhewaschargedwiththeftandconspiracyHoweverallchargesagainsthimwerein1973Itwasdismissedin1999andEllsbergisnowwidelyregardedasaniconicfigureinthehistoryofthegovernmenttransparencyandaccountabilitymovement

A British judge will rule whether Assange can be extradited to the United States. His lawyer claims that he Faced with cruel and unusual punishments in the United States, including a severe sentence of 175 years in prison in the notorious US prison, they said he was at risk of being tortured.

Freedom of the press, legal and human rights advocates all over the world All support Assange’s cause.

This is not the first time Ellsberg has defended Assange. In May last year, he appeared on Democracy Now! and said that the accusation against Assange was "Unprecedented" and "direct attacks on the First Amendment."

"In fact, there was no such major attack on Assange's freedom of the press… it has been my case since 1971," said the 88-year-old at the time.

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