Dangerous race for Covid vaccine


However, if countries consider themselves rather than the public interest, then no innovation can prevent the destruction of Covid-19.

Health experts are particularly worried about the repetition in 2009. Schwartz said that after the H1N1 flu outbreak in 2009, wealthy countries competed to buy a limited dose of vaccine for themselves, "without considering where the vaccine can play its biggest role." Mexico, where the disease originated, is still struggling to obtain supplies despite the additional supplies in other countries. Only after the threats did the rich countries donate stocks to the poorer countries.

The students of the pandemic said that any rich country that thinks this "vaccine nationalism" will save it is a lunatic.

"Scott Rosenstein, head of the global health division of the Eurasian Group, said in May, "Stopping the spread of the world will subside. "Probably the most effective way is to vaccinate front-line health care workers in as many countries as possible, and first vaccinate high-risk groups.

"Politicians stand out from the

when it was discovered that a Chinese company was producing vaccines for expired products.

In Russia, there are concerns that President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive vaccine schedule may cause safety problems. When Russia led the high-profile vaccine campaign, some suspected that Putin was using the game to evoke the glorious years of the Soviet Union.


"If you first enter the market and it turns out that this vaccine is ineffective or has serious side effects," Calafano warned, "the recoil will far exceed your A fact of exiting the market."

The risk of all possible wins may be quite fleeting. Although the first vaccine that crosses the finish line will undoubtedly bring pride to researchers, manufacturers and their successors, let alone bring profit opportunities to manufacturers, but frankly, this is a real achievement, And the record book will Schwartz said.

This long-term recognition is likely to appear later. The current world leader is not on the stage. For now, the victory of the vaccine race may be a political achievement and a medical Achievement. When thousands of people are killed and unemployed, any excuse for the flags around the rally becomes bigger and bigger. As long as there is headlines, leaders will fight for it.

When Trump Sliding the dream of scientific victory into a political dream, and after watching the campaign rally-style victory speech and making the mark of patriotism, Jin Ding had to laugh. In May, the silver SpaceX rocket brought two NASA astronauts to The International Space Station. The president said in a low key: "The United States, who brought Americans into space, is determined to bring this disease on the battlefield ball. "He praised the United States for its "unlimited talent reserve, tenacity and determination."


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