Daily COVID-19 Update: Three New Cases in Internal Health Area

Via Peachland View

There are now 12 cases of COVID-19 in the health district of the Ministry of the Interior.

This afternoon, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Health Secretary, announced that there were 40 new cases in the province, and a total of 271 people have tested positive in BC so far. Of these 40 new cases, 3 were located in inland healthy areas.

Another death today.

"We are still rising," Henry said. "This is a very critical moment for us. This is the time we need to build a firewall. We need to stop the spread of this disease."

As individuals, health officials encourage people to go outside.

"Even if we are alienated in society, there is something to do. You can walk pets. You can go cycling. You can play with children. Henry said:

At the same press conference, health Minister Adrian Dix announced the following changes:

The waiting period for MSP coverage will be waived for those returning to British Columbia from an affected area who intends to stay in British Columbia.

Waiting period It will also be exempted for those who maintain MSP coverage for periods outside of the province.

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