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Hello everyone! I know that many people who live with me and my
small family are parents, so I want to write an article about
today, which you can do at home with your child
may already be in You have something in your home, but nothing
can easily order online!

cardboard box (2 ways!)

I definitely like and one of the simplest handicrafts
a cardboard box is simply put it on the floor and throw some crayon in it
And let my child paint everything on the wall. Honestly, they will
take them from one hour to two hours! I think this is indeed
about the feeling that they have actually obtained
permission to paint on the wall of something. Meet the urge to draw
on an actual wall. what!

But since we cooperate, I want to take cardboard
box crafts to a new level! This is the cardboard plane! You can
literally just Google Cardboard Airplane, a million different kinds of content will pop up
but I follow this video to play.
If you don't want to
watch the whole thing.

You will need: a box, scissors and packing tape.

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  1. Place the largest side of the box on top and collapse it
  2. Then pick up the front flap (this will be the front of your
    airplane), and then fold it back.
  3. Use
    pencil to draw the front flaps on the two lower flaps. [19659009] Cut the pencil thread, and then remove the second half of
    cardboard from the bottom flap. Keep the cut pieces
    -Do not throw away.
  4. Cut the back cover and save it.
  5. Keep the front cover of the box and the other two larger
    half covers together.  aircraftcrafts
  6. Cut off all flaps at the bottom of the box.
  7. You can now cut windows on the plane, but I skipped this step
  8. Use long taps from the bottom of the box (you have
    cut off), then use them to make wings. Cut a small
    rectangle in the notch on the side of the wing so that it can be glued to the aircraft
    . Do this for both flanks.
  9. Raise the notch of the flank to the side of the box and draw it
    so that you know how big a hole to cut out.
  10. Cut through the hole and insert into the wing gap. Bend it
    and stick it inside with tape
  11. Grab the remaining pieces cut from the top of the box
    and tap, and cut off two corners on the same side. These are
    propellers.  Plane
  12. Belt propellers
  13. Using the remaining piece of cardboard, cut a circle in front of the
    of the propeller. You can use a plate or bowl as a mold.
     Aircraft crafts
  14. Then paste it in front of the middle propeller
  15. Finally, attach the propeller to the front or fix it with the fixing device


Then you have a plane!

 Aircraft Crafts

 Aircraft Crafts

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1. 2. Packing strap

Make a blessing from Toy Story

My kids absolutely love Toy Story. When we played with
and some pipe cleaners a few days ago
and took the little sticks from them,
I suddenly realized we could make Forky! We have been ordering some
takeaway food because we are willing to do it, just
because we want to help support small businesses. So we now have a lot of
to take out tableware! I grabbed a plastic fork and some self-adhesive high-eyed eyes, and we
made Forky!

 Forky Children's Handicraft Event

Open your
JavaScript to view the content [19659030] .1. Self-adhesive adhesive
is 2. Utensil | 3.

My eyes are sticky and need to be glued
and self-adhesive. I highly recommend
self-adhesive type.
The plastic fork is very easy to install, and children can easily use it
. In this way, they can actually make Forky and
crafts which I will discuss below. Maybe give you
a little rest, because I know that each of us needs a little time

Then we temporarily use Fork
cleaner to make Forky's arms and feet. In fact, we
have some popsicles in the freezer, so once they have a pair
we can actually use the sticks to make
Forky's feet. So even if you have popsicles at home, you can even make a better version of what we did

I was uncomfortable giving Riley a fork, so we made
Spoony for him. Ha!

 Forking activities for toddlers' handicrafts

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. 1. Self-adhesive weird
EYES | 2. Utensil | 3.

Roll of Paper

In my story, I posted how I buy large rolls of paper for children
Colored news! This is a pretty big deal that could last a year,
so I think it's the best $ 25 I've ever spent. Every time we launched
Molly and Riley
spent hours painting it. Another benefit as a blank sheet is that they can use almost everything on it
. So far, we have provided them with crayons and several colored pencils, but
you can also give an older child something, such as gel pens, markers,
or even paint, I may only Will give older children

 coloring crafts

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1. Large rolls of paper | 2.
Rolls of paper (smaller)
| 3. Crayons | 4. WATERCOOLOR PAINT

You can use rolls in
houses, even on the terrace or back porch Tube, if you want to provide them with
letter items, such as glue,
glitter or beads! I just think
the possibilities are endless! Indeed,
took up my child for so long-it was a good
vacation for our parents!

If you don't have enough space to store huge rolls or are trying to save money
At the moment, I know that the above $ 25 may not be the best option for you
. I also found this super affordable easel roll, thinking that
can perform well in a small space!

Bunny Hats

found this interesting spring event online and thought that the sharing session would be very interesting
and you might even save it until it is close to Easter
. For this craft, you need to prepare 2
paper trays, tape and some items to decorate, such as markers, paint or crayons.
  • Draw a
    plate on dinner-size paper
    and start from the edge, circle about 1 inch and 3/4 inch to 2 inches along the edge.
  • Then cut along the line to create a head hole.
  • Try wearing a hat on the child and see if you need to cut the
  • to pull it out of the second paper tray, because then it is stronger than paper
  • Stick it underneath so that the tape is not visible.
  • Let them decorate hats with whatever you own: markers,
    flashers, pipe cleaners, jewelry, etc.

The version I found online was almost impossible for me
. They let you cut the shape of your ears into
hats and fold them, but since my paper tray is so sturdy, I
can't do that, so I need an Exact-O knife. Therefore,
you can try any method, but I think it's easy

Sometimes you only need to use two processes at once.
This is Riley and Rabbit on the plane

 Aircraft Crafts

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1. 2.
scissors | 3. Packaging tape

House of Bouncing

I'm sure you will see it soon in my story, but I just
ordered Molly and Riley's Bouncing
House! I did a lot of research and this is one of the cheapest electric motors to date
. So
looks cheap, but then you read the
fine details and realize that you have to buy a $ 100 motor. We want to
set it up in our home. We will move around the furniture
to make it fit. But we plan to take it outside. Therefore, if there are
parents who are well thought out or tired of having classes at home
they just want to take a break. I highly recommend this bouncing room!

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I know $ 140 is an investment, even if this is one of the affordable
. But I think this isolation may last for months,
they say they are in California and they will not send their children
children back to school until the new year fall. So I think
this money is definitely worth ten times! And if we were lucky
Molly went to school earlier than that, then I
thought it would be fun to do this in the summer vacation and
would still get a lot of use.

I also noticed that Riley had difficulty taking a nap
I think it was because he did not
exercise at home. I
hope that once we get this bouncing house, he will bounce so much
and he will go out like a champion! So when all else fails, just

Keep adjusted

Save all toilet papers after they run out
because I will also make crafts with them soon! Expect
to be released next week  🙂

We are together!

I saw a lot of comments in the FB group about
your child needs ideas, so I not only think it will be helpful to give you some ideas
but we can also put
comments Open to a place where you can share what you once
is doing! Do you have interesting crafts? Given that we
will be separated in our homes for the foreseeable future, I can also
really use all these ideas. Thank you very much and make sure

Crafts for kids
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