COVID-19 update in real time: Quebec confirms more than 40 cases

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People who believe they have COVID-19 symptoms should call the Quebec hotline at 1-877-644-4545.

During the pandemic, most rental relocation activities have stopped, the Rental Board said. .

The Québec Housing Rental Board suspended most eviction hearings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tenants will not be evicted if rent cannot be paid during a health crisis.

Deportation Hearings Only Involving Health

The tenant group requested that the removal hearing be suspended last week.

41 cases in Quebec

Quebec now has 41 confirmed cases of COVID as of Monday morning-19, 39 earlier than Sunday evening.

1,834 people are being investigated. The provincial public health department said 2577 people were negative.

Retired doctors and nurses willing to help fight the pandemic

More than 5,000 people with healthcare experience have expressed their willingness to help fight the pandemic.

Many resumes come from retired doctors and nurses.

Anyone who can help can send their resumes to

11 cases of COVID-19 in Montreal related to travel

There are currently 11 confirmed COVID- in Montreal- 19 cases and 2 patients in intensive care.

Public health officials expect an increase in cases from people traveling outside the province during the March break. She said Mylène Drouin, director of Montreal's public health department.

She said that all cases were related to travel.

A woman sits in a near-empty subway car and exits Angrignon station in Montreal, Montreal. rch 16, 2020.

John Mahoney /

Montreal Gazette

Two weeks of dental appointments cancelled

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dentists in Quebec were ordered to cancel all non-emergency appointments for the next two weeks.

A member of the dental office is notifying an employee that the appointment was cancelled within the next 14 days.

"We have posted a sign on the door saying that the clinic is closed and patients are being called."

Patients who need emergency treatment due to infection, said Quebec Ordre des dentistes du Québec:

They should call Call the dentist for treatment.

The agency said, do not cancel the appointment of a free blood donation.

The Canadian Blood Service stated that scheduled appointments should not be cancelled to prevent shortages.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancellations of appointments in several Canadian cities have surged.

Patients rely on these life-saving donations, "said Dr. Isla Livi." Patients who undergo surgery and cancer treatment, as well as those who save lives after a trauma such as a car accident, need them. "

The Canadian Blood Service is responsible for blood donations outside of Quebec.

Hema Quebec in that province is asking new and existing donors to help maintain the blood supply to patients.

https: // www.

International flights will be diverted to four Canadian cities

CTV News reports that some international flights will be diverted to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver. [19659002] This is done to ensure that the airport has the ability to properly screen for COVID-19.

Premier CTV News says Justin Trudeau will release details on Monday afternoon.

for emergency responders Children provide day care

Health care workers who are critical in fighting the coronavirus can send their children to a free day care center, which is open throughout the province.

Also for ambulance technicians, Police officers, firefighters, and other basic service employees provide day care centers and babysitting services.
For information on day care, see here. Employees must be in childcare Children are registered in front of the office.

Quebec has asked the Board of British Montreal Schools to open nurseries in eight schools to provide child care for the children of medical staff and other basic service employees.

Eighth-person schools near hospitals, CIUSSS & # 39; and other medical facilities.

Schools are St-Gabriel, Bancroft, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Dante, Westmount Park-St-John Bosco South Campus, St-Monica, Elizabeth Ballantyne and Cedarcrest.

The principal has been at Contact daycare staff and ask them to work.

At the same time, many Montrealers work from home today, leaving the commuter train and subway empty.

Food Bank reaches out to help

Montreal Moisen needs at least 85 volunteers to continue operations and distribute food to 250 community partners. Also calls for increased contributions, said the local food bank is busier than ever.

The organization provides food for 567,000 people each month. Donations are needed because children will not be able to enjoy school lunch for two weeks.

"The organization says that income will be lost and families will turn to food banks.

Employees and volunteers will be screened. Make sure they or their families have not been outside of Canada for the past 14 days. [19659002] Sun Youth Organization will continue to provide emergency services throughout the COVID-19 crisis by appointment alone.

The organization will continue

Sun Youth will increase its home delivery when needed.

All sports and Entertainment plans have been suspended indefinitely.

Airport Public Health

Radio Canada reports that the City of Montreal and its public health department will send employees to Trudeau Airport on Tuesday informing new arrivals that they must be self-segregated14 Day.

They also want to educate people on the steps they need to take when they experience symptoms of COVID-19. Employees will meet with passengers after leaving customs.

There are now 39 cases of COVID-19 in the province.

City Mayor Valérie Plante will hold a press conference on Monday at 10 am to announce new measures. Radio Canada says federal government The government is frustrated that federal efforts are not enough to make people entering Canada understand the importance of self-isolation.

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