Coronavirus updates in real time: Health leaders warn Britain to prepare for the second COVID-19 Wave

The Indian government ordered more than 10,000 low-cost ventilators-6/24/20, 5:40 EST

has raised concerns about about 10,000 low-cost ventilators, Narendra · The government of Narendra Modi has ordered the order as India to India COVID-19 pandemic.

An exclusive report by HuffPost India shows that two government-appointed committees have marked the reliability and functioning of the machines. These orders are part of a plan to purchase 50,000 ventilators for the hospital’s response

In official documents, doctors warned that the machines in the ICU “should not be regarded as a replacement for high-end ventilators”, and experts claimed that these machines should only be used when there are spare ventilators.

In the case of a global shortage of ventilators, Indian companies were invited to bid for contracts on the condition that once an order was placed, the government would accept the device only after we ordered the device

However, doctors expressed serious concern about the ventilator. According to internal company chat messages reviewed by HuffPost India, in one example, five of the eight ventilators installed in a hospital in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh stopped working.

AgVa, a manufacturer of ventilators, stated that the equipment worked well and should be blamed on misuse of any problems by hospital staff.

India, which has surpassed Russia as the third most affected country by number of cases, reportedly reported 14,014 deaths from COVID-19 and 440,215 deaths.

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-Oman Sethi

Health leaders warned that the UK must start preparing for the second wave of COVID-19-6/24/20 EDT, 5:35

Health leaders are calling to conduct an urgent review to ensure that the UK is fully prepared for the "real risk" of the second round of coronavirus. Ministers were warned that as people became more and more worried about the outbreak of bird flu in winter, urgent action was needed to prevent further loss of life and protect the economy.

The appeal was supported by the President of the Royal College of Physicians,

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday the biggest relaxation measures since the British corona virus blockade. Nurse and chairman of the British Medical Association. Johnson said that replacing the 2m social distance rule with the "above 1m" rule paves the way for bars, restaurants, hotels and movie theaters to reopen on July 4.

In all British political parties published in the British Medical Journal in an open letter to leaders, health leaders warned: “Although it is difficult to predict the future shape of the British pandemic, available evidence indicates that local outbreaks The possibility of the epidemic is increasing. The second wave

"The work now is not only to urgently respond to the widespread impact of the first phase of the pandemic, but also to ensure that the country is fully prepared to contain the second phase.

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— Nadine White

Texas reported more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours-June 2020 23rd, 8:30 pm. ET

Texas Governor Greg Abbott urged residents to stay at home and wear masks outside to increase the infection rate.

"Due to the current rate of transmission So fast, unless you really need to go out, you have no reason to leave home," Abbott told KBTX News.

Texas is one of them.

Earlier this week, Abbott said that the virus was using Unacceptable speed” spread, and warned him that he was considering postponing some reopening activities. Measures, although he said it was the “last thing” he wanted to do.

The governor also gave local officials greater Power to limit large-scale gatherings that have been linked to outbreaks across the country.

"I urge all Texans to do their best to wash their hands frequently and keep with others by wearing masks Six feet away to reduce the spread of coronavirus," Abbott said in a statement on Tuesday.

— Nick Wieser

California reached a record for the third consecutive day COVID-19 hospitalization rate, 3rd consecutive day-6/23/2020, 6:55 pm ET

According to state data analyzed by the San Francisco Chronicle, 3,868 people were hospitalized with coronavirus in California on Tuesday. The numbers represent the third consecutive day that the state has set the highest record .

In recent weeks, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in California has been steadily increasing, with an average of more than 4,000 new cases. The Times reported that about 42% of new cases occurred in Los Angeles County every day of the past week and in the past two weeks-much higher than its proportion in the state population.

Although most parts of the state have recently Gavin Newsom (D) has implemented a statewide order to wear masks for several weeks as he relaxes restrictions on activities and business. Newsom also said on Monday that he is ready to close again if the case surges Some economic regions.

— Sara Lutz Grossman

Fauci contradicted Trump, saying that the test will not slow down-June 23, 2020, 1:45 pm ET

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that the United States will continue to increase coronavirus detection, which contradicts President Donald Trump's claim that it will be scaled down.

"As far as I know, I am sure that none of us have been told to slow down. Fauci said at a House hearing.

His speech was made after Trump issued a statement. He had instructed the authorities to release Slow COVID-19 test plan. Trump said at the rally last weekend, "Test is a double-edged sword" because it makes the outbreak look worse than it actually is.

"So I said to my people ,” Trump said, “Please slow down the test.

— Lydia O'Connor

Fauci said that the next two weeks will be the “critical” response to the wave-6/23/2020, 1:25 pm ET

Dr. Anthony Fauci said in his testimony on Tuesday that the next few weeks are critical to slowing the growth rate of COVID-19 in the United States.

"The next few weeks are for us to deal with The growth rate in Florida is crucial, Texas, Arizona and other states. "He said.

These and other states have followed an aggressive reopening schedule. Now they are backtracking or implementing new rules. Due to the lack of state-wide authorization, several mayors of Miami-Dade County, Florida Implementing its own mask requirement. In Texas, the authorities temporarily suspended 12 alcohol licenses for bars that violated safety agreements.

— Lydia O'Connor

Fauci He said he was "cautiously optimistic" about the provision of vaccines by the end of 2020-6/23/20 EST, 11:42 am

Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert who led the US response to COVID-19, told Congress leaders He is cautiously optimistic about "the prospect of providing vaccines to the public by the end of this calendar year." 19659003] Fawcsey said at a House hearing on Tuesday that public health officials and industry leaders develop this vaccine day and night. Various Vaccine trials are underway, and one set will enter the third stage of development in July.

— Marina Fang

cinemas, art galleries and museums in England will Reopening on July 4 — 6/23/20 EST, 7 am

The UK expects Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce today that cinemas, museums and art galleries in England will be available from July 4 It will reopen from the beginning of the day.

But the venue must be operated under strict new coronavirus guidance, which may include a one-way system, queuing, increased ventilation and booked air tickets. A source in Downing Street said the prime minister will be on the COVID-19 committee Under the guidance of the top experts of the world, the highly anticipated reopening date was announced on Tuesday.

The move was raised in a series of severe warnings about Britain’s weak arts and culture, and the blockade severely affected revenue. Johnson is also expected to The changes to the 2-meter social segregation rules will be outlined in a statement to Parliament. Shortening the distance-the World Health Organization recommends 1 meter-is considered essential to start the economy because many retail and office premises must remain closed.

— Rachel Wearmouth

Due to the virus problem, Saudi Arabia significantly restricts pilgrimage trips-6/23/20, 6:45 EST

Usually pilgrimage pilgrimage trips Arab officials said on Tuesday that millions of Muslims worldwide have the most this year due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus You will see "tens of thousands".

"The number of people God would like could be tens of thousands. Muhammad Benten, Minister of the DPRK, said.

Only a limited number of people living in Saudi Arabia can perform pilgrimages and they are under review .Before and after the participation will be quarantined. Anyone over 65 years old is not allowed to participate.

The Kingdom’s decision is largely predictable, but still feels for Muslims who have waited for many years and saved money Disappointed.

Saudi Arabia has the highest infection rate in the Middle East, with more than 161,000 cases and 1,307 deaths

Liza Hearon

Brazil The number of fatalities recorded is less than 50,000 100 days -20/6/23, 3:45 a.m. EST

Due to the influx of people into Rio de Janeiro Beach, Brazil reached more than 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 50,000 people over the weekend Death.

HuffPost Brazil reported (in Portuguese) that the country’s first confirmed death occurred on March 17, less than 100 days ago. Half of the 50,000 deaths have been confirmed in the past 25 days.

President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the disclosure of the number of deaths, but the World Health Organization said on Monday that there are even more cases that cannot be calculated in Brazil.[19659003] The Brazilian Ministry of Health said on Monday that another 21,432 confirmed diagnoses were recorded in the past 24 hours Virus cases and 654 new deaths.

A day ago, swimmers and sunbathers packed the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, many people did not wear masks and did not respect

The Ministry of Health reported on Friday that the WHO is studying at 24 A guideline for the surge of more than 54,000 new coronavirus cases in Brazil within hours. According to Mike Ryan, an emergency expert at the World Health Organization, this is the country’s most single-day report to date.

Ryan said in an online briefing on Monday, The level of detection in Brazil is still very low and the PE is high

"This usually means that there may be more cases than reported.

— Reuters and HuffPost Brazil

California will reopen in the reverse direction. If there is a surge in cases, plan — 6/22/20, 5:30 PM ET

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) said that if there is a surge in coronavirus cases, he will close some economic areas again.

"We do not intend to do so. We don't want to do this. But I want to make it clear: if necessary, we are prepared to do so. "He said at a news conference and pointed out that the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations is on the rise.

The state has been developing at a slow, slow rate. Science-backed reopening programs. As businesses start to reopen, California The state continues to take more protective measures, including the mandatory statewide implementation of masks.

-Lydia O'Connor

With the state relaxation guidelines, COVID-19 Cases surged, reopened on 6/22/20, 4:20 pm ET

Monday’s COVID-19 cases surged to new highs, and those who relaxed the criteria for social isolation and stayed at home earlier than those elsewhere Cases have emerged in large numbers in the state of New York.

The New York Times tracker virus hotspots show that the Southeastern states, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas have experienced rapid growth.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) urged residents to wear masks during their daily work on Monday. The state has set a COVID-19 hospitalization record for 10 consecutive days, and on Friday and Saturday alone, the state diagnosed 8300 Newly confirmed cases.

"Obviously, the spread of COVID-19 in the United States is now unacceptable. Texas," Abbott said.

"Our goal is to keep Texans out and reduce the number of Texans who test positive. …COVID did not simply disappear,” he added. “We don’t have to choose between work and health.

Florida also reached a record high on the weekend, with 4,049 confirmed cases on Saturday. According to NPR, the state has now confirmed more than 100,000 coronavirus cases. Florida Governor Ron de Santis (R) blamed the increase in the increase in the amount of testing rather than the reduction in safety precautions.

— Ryan Grenoble

New York City enters the second stage of reopening-6/22/20, 8 am

Once the pandemic center occurs, New York City began its second phase of reopening work, as the number of new COVID-19 cases continued to decline and the number of deaths was still in the single digits.

City officials said that 150,000 to 300,000 New Yorkers are expected to return to work in the second phase, which includes the reopening of real estate services, some in-store retail, barber shops, salons, certain offices and those with sufficient outdoor dining space restaurant.

] The first phase includes manufacturing, wholesale, construction, landscaping, and roadside or contactless retail. Starting on June 8, approximately 400,000 workers returned to work.

A major obstacle leading to Phase 2: Many restaurants in New York City are too cramped. There is enough space for outdoor dining. After being criticized by city residents, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week that restaurants can use curbstones and sidewalks as outdoor seating. Starting in July, restaurants will be allowed to use streets as outdoor seating .

Throughout the pandemic, city officials

— Marina Fang

of nearly 9 million virus cases worldwide, as part of the city’s “open street” plan, More and more streets were closed for pedestrians. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that with the Indian trend in the United States, the United States — 6/22/20, 6 a.m.

Nearly 9 million people in the world are infected with coronavirus. Rural migrant workers in rural India A surge in cases

The World Health Organization reported on Sunday evening that the largest increase in a single day in terms of number of people. According to the Associated Press, more than 183,000 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours. 59003] In East Asia, signs of fighting the disease have progressed, and South Korea and China have reported a decline in cases.

Liza Hearon

Trump’s rally in Tulsa does not need a mask-6/19/20, 5:15 pm ET [19659002] Participants of President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after the state supreme court rejected the request, this weekend will not need to wear masks or abide by social grooming guidelines.

The request – partly submitted that according to the Associated Press, an application representing two local residents whose immune systems were damaged and classified as more susceptible to infection with COVID-19 was rejected on the grounds that the locals did not specify the relief sought Legal rights.

At the same time, Trump warned that those who planned to protest at his rally would be punished, which seemed to lay the foundation for a large crowd and violent conflict outside the BOK center.

"Any demonstrators, anarchists, instigators, predators or despicable people sent to Oklahoma, please understand that they will not be treated as they are in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis ," he wrote on Twitter. "This will be a very different scene!"

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in the area on Saturday night, but the curfew was reportedly lifted.

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Andy Campbell

Why is federal coronavirus assistance moving away from nursing homes in a widespread outbreak? ― 20/6/19, 12:15 pm ET

Law makers asked why the federal agency that supervises nursing homes failed to use most of the funds received to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in the facility,

In a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Senator Patty Murray (Washington State) and Rep. Rosa Delauro (Rosa DeLauro) (Connecticut) asked on Wednesday to know why the agency did not allocate $200 million as part of a nursing home. CARES Act.

legislators claimed that so far, only $1.5 million in funding has been provided to a few institutions in different states. They also asked why the agency only allocated US$80 million to strengthen the monitoring of nursing home response, which is US$20 million less than what Congress approved.

"In view of the emergency, we don’t understand why CMS chose a slow and cumbersome process-or why this letter wrote:

—Andy Campbell took a long time to decide Use this business-as-usual method-when you can quickly release funds to the states and regions you need through expedited procedures."

For more information about the pandemic, please go here.

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