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Paul Wells: Ottawa is in chaos and a small number of MPs are rushing to pass a coronavirus support bill. The crisis has just begun.

Allow me to quote the clichés of my reliable and fresh towel-drying columnist . Winston Churchill said in 1947: "No one pretends that democracy is perfect or wise. In fact, some people say that democracy is the worst form of government, but every other form is tried from time to time." [19659003] Ah, Churchill. Good wise But even every greatest friend struggling for a secretary will admit that parliamentary democracy (the worst form of government) sometimes goes to great lengths to surpass other forms.

If prompted, the Canadian Parliament will return to Ottawa without saying a word about the quarantine work. Or part of it. Several senators entered the temporary Senate in the old train station opposite Laurier Castle, and some members of Congress entered the temporary lower house of the West End courtyard. (Even our House of Representatives is practicing social alienation). In memory, for the first time, very few lawmakers were asked to appear in court: 14 liberals, 11 conservatives, 3 Quebec lawmakers, 3 MPs from the New Democratic Party and 1 green MP. . Just like in 1950, Count Basie gave up trying to support a large band and played for several years with an octet.

You might think that smaller ensembles would play more closely together. This is especially true if you have not attended a Commons Committee meeting under Standards. Around this, the chaos pouring into smaller packages tends to concentrate.

There are two layers to this chaos. The first tier was provided by the Liberal Party. Pablo Rodriguez, the House leader of the Liberal Party, held exhaustive negotiations with the opposition over the content of the Coronavirus financial support bill before drafting a draft. No one was drafted. discuss. These bills will give the “Treasury Secretary” a wide range of unilateral mandates to enable it to spend, borrow and tax by the end of 2021 without the need for parliamentary approval.

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(I added "secret words" in that sentence with "secretary" because the current minister is Bill Moreno. Since there are no memories of meetings and emails on important topics, meetings and emails The work that led to the office of his office members and other ministers subsequently, and in Canada, today, the "treasurer" seems less important than procedural shorthands for complex and mysterious processes, such as "crown" or "who is at CBC People who make programming decisions. "

Anyway, things in Mornau seem a bit alarmed. Faced with the uproar of the main opposition parties and the fact that there are still every expert on Twitter, the Trudeau government has flinched, starting with unilateral taxation and then others. Long after noon next Wednesday, the Senate passed the bill. At 3:28 a.m. between the two polls, journalists received the Conservative Communiqué of Victory, which details all the climbing methods of the Liberal Party. There are many of them.

What really made liberals think? It already exists in most cases. First of all, it is firmly believed that the Liberal Party will not make any decisions that are partisan. Only the opposition to the Liberal Party is partisan. Second, impatience with parliament is a hallmark of Justin Trudeau's administration. (Remember he got up from his chair and pushed people to move because it was too long?)

The prime minister was trapped by overtaking, and when he was overtaking, he always did what he always did: he put sha Judgment has become the moral concept of others. class. "Speed ​​is crucial when you're trying to help people make money, especially in an unprecedented situation," he explained in an explanation on Tuesday. "But I want to make it clear: I believe in our democracy." I want to remind them aloud that I think he will be better.

"We must all work together in Parliament," he said slowly, "Canadians need to see us do it. So you have my firm commitment. We will protect and uphold democratic values. We will protect as soon as possible And uphold democratic institutions and support Canadians. "" Perseverance "is a good choice. Dude, you just waved .

Interestingly, I'm not sure if a slam dunk in Trudeau could provide a complete explanation of the government's behavior. The second layer of chaos was provided by Scott Reid, Member of Parliament Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. If I write about him in the prose style of Scott Reid, Member of Parliament Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, I want to say that he plays the Constitution 39; s

Reid posted two thousand words on his website, explaining why he was even in the House of Commons because his own whip office had told him not to show up.

In this regard, no one could let him play a role in the Countess of Brazil's Océte, but he believes that no one else, including his conservative colleagues, is interested in playing the basic role of parliamentarian. , Including reading the bill. Reid has evidence that members of Congress passed three spending bills on the last day before Congress rose a few weeks ago without examining them carefully. Of course, everyone is scared of the global pandemic. But Reed wrote: "Panic will never be an excuse to transcend our ancient political practices." "These conventions are the oldest and best protection for our political freedom."

Reed is here Remind everyone why he angered so many colleagues for such a frank and considerate person. He has a knack for inconvenience. It was his leader Andrew Scheer who complained that "the government is trying to seize undemocratic power." Reid is complaining here that Scheer and the Conservative parliamentary leadership have been colluding for an undemocratic power struggle-taking power from their own MPs-and learning to like it. In Ottawa, "seasoning the goose" is almost never a popular argument.

Another reason why governments use and use rules is that the crisis they face is almost beyond the scope of people's understanding. Similarly, the scale of the response is unprecedented anywhere. The French cabinet passed 25 decree this morning, from financial support to working hours per week, the largest number of government decree in a day since the Algerian War of Independence in 1958. Governments everywhere are throwing money, none of them

If there is a theme in the comments of leaders this week, at crisis press conferences around the world, it is still the beginning of the crisis. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said this morning: "We must face a long effort together." "We are just the beginning." In Washington, General Mark Millley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: "You are looking for six The situation in May, late May, "exit in emergency. "Maybe it may be until late July."

Will the government get things wrong in this case? Oh absolutely. Already there, and more. Improvisation for everyone. However, if there is a lot of eye examination work, the chance of making mistakes is reduced. They have not increased. Even if it's not convenient, certain things still apply.

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