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Michael Coren: Some Christians have always seen crisis as a punishment for our sins. Coronaviruses are no exception.

Revised edition. Michael Coren was appointed as the Anglican Church of Canada

. Generally speaking, organized Christianity and general religions responded wisely and were responsible for the coronavirus crisis.

There, most denominations in Canada cancelled all services more than a week ago. This was before many other institutions and most businesses canceled. The Eucharist or Sunday prayers are now being broadcast live, and Make regular recommendations to your fellow citizens.

Where last weekend, even with the increase in the number of viewers, caused profound movements, as people of faith joined the Internet community to worship together, and showed concern and heartfelt solidarity in the face of the evolving threat .

Historically, Christians have historically searched for scapegoats (Jews, foreigners, witches, whoever) during a plague or disaster, and other people who believe it is a punishment for our sin. These crimes often differ according to today's political climate.

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As early as 2014, Texas television propagandist John Haji said, Egypt Bora outbreak is God's punishment According to President Barack Obama's policy on Israel, after 9/11, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson in the United States The TV stated that God allowed the terrorist attacks because Lord Almighty was outraged by the United States' encouragement of abortion, homosexuality and secular education. Then came AIDS. Because in the Western world, the virus is particularly scary and widespread among gay men and intravenous drug users, Christian rightists see God at work.

My personal point of view is that God's punishment for our sin is that we must listen to hysteria screams, and God is punishing us for our sins.

But now people must have realized it. not really. Robert Jeffress is a priest of Dallas' First Baptist Church, which has 14,000 followers. He is also a regular contributor to Fox News and one of Donald Trump's favorite ministers. He just preached a sermon: "Is Coronavirus the judgment of God?" At first we looked good: "Coronavirus is not one of the plagues in Revelation," he explained. But please wait a moment. Jeffress continued: "All natural disasters can eventually be traced to crime."

Closer to home, this week on Lifesite News, a very popular media platform, highly valued by Roman Catholic rights, and Founded by Campaign Life, an influential anti-abortion organization in Canada, the phrase is even closer. . Its title, "Coronavirus is the killer of globalization," is God's "scourge": Roberto de Mattei, and then describes the Catholic historian De Matti as " Famous intellectuals. " The article continues to cite this person without any attempt to criticize or disagree. "God is a righteous man, he has rewards, and he should do everything he deserves … He not only chases individuals, but also pays tribute to families, cities, and nations for crimes committed by families."

The site of life is also listed One of its featured blogs is titled "Why Corona Virus is a Punishment to God and Should Lead to Repentance". The author wrote: "It is true that the person who suffers the most is not necessarily the biggest sinner, but this is a familiar idea that the punishment God has given us is love." Personally, I prefer a beautiful one Card and some roses.

From a more serious or theological point of view, this is a spirituality that restores mediocrity and can meet the needs of enthusiasts, but is dangerously crazy and is actually extremely ungodly. It depicts a genocidal God, who is extremely cruel, can be harmed indiscriminately, and is too indifferent or rude to punish only those who actually cause harm. This is the product of an ancient, frightening system of beliefs that has nothing to do with the gentle Jewish rabbi of the first century, which requires love and forgiveness, and is therefore far from the call of the gospel of Jesus. Embrace our enemies, reach out, reach out to the most excluded and marginalized, and work for justice and peace.

For example, in Oberammergau, lyrical messages are emphasized every ten years. In 1633, when the plague spread across Europe, people in this Bavarian village vowed that if they survived, they would perform passionate shows every ten years. Since then, they have kept and kept their promises. 2020 should be considered the latest production, but ironically, it is likely to be cancelled due to the coronavirus; to be honest, locals may have been preserved initially because they blocked all borders. Faith and reason, what you see, faith and reason. Much more than yelling at God.

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