"Complacent" Trump was criticized by the Marine Corps boss for "waste" the honor of the killed troops – Raw Story

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Timothy Cudo criticized President Donald Trump in a column on Friday in the Atlantic, calling him "Commander-in-Chief."

Kudo attacked Trump, saying he did not Read or ignore information. This shows that Russia has offered a reward for Taliban militants to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

"During my tenure with Barack Obama and George W. Bush, I believe that both of them will have a bargaining ending with the military: We have suffered in a way that hurt them, and they wage war gloriously and responsibly. He wrote

Trump sent a message to the U.S. military that no one "backed his back," Kudo said, adding that improvised explosive devices often blow up U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan.

"Although Taliban fighters and Other improvised explosive devices are dangerous, but a team will still search the scene and try to collect more body parts. We are not always successful. Never found a man's ring finger and his wedding ring, and then returned to his last ow. But to honour their sacrifices requires follow-up actions and all possible efforts until the end. Kudo wrote.

"When the president thought that the outcome of this war was not important, his manners squandered all the honors that men and women currently deployed might save from this terrible ordeal. They risk their lives for the same cause as all of us: peace. More than 2,300 Americans were killed in the operation. At the last moment of the war, we cannot let their sacrifices be in vain. "

Read the full text of "Atlantic".

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