Comment-COVID-19 life and death facts and suggestions

Everything should be closed immediately!

Since the Justinian Plague passed "The Black Death" back to the Roman Empire's demise (the name was not used until 400 years later)) From 1347, the Bourbon Plague China has happened again. The pandemic influenza death pandemic after World War I still has one thing in common today.

Social alienation saves lives. There has never been any cure for the flu plague, nor is there a cure for this COVID-19 pandemic, so we still have not received any treatment, but we do know that it is feasible to stay at home and away from people. (Buboni plague is bacterial and can be easily treated with the exception of a new drug-resistant strain in Madagascar.)

Now everyone knows except the ultimate resistance to the facts What happened, so about coronavirus, or you might think. But on Thursday, many people were surprised to hear that the Governor of Georgia (not yet closed) said he only now knows that people without any symptoms can still spread the virus.

This information is widely known. Therefore, if one of the 50 people who want to determine whether an American lives does not understand these basic facts, then obviously more discussion is necessary and even beneficial.

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below It ’s something I want to suggest to you or tell you.

1 Mask is to protect others from your harm.

If you are infected with this virus, when you see a person without a mask near others People, they will show absolute antisocial tendencies.

Unless they have just been tested and then completely Isolate, otherwise they do n’t know if they are killing others with their killers.

Masks are used to catch tiny droplets carrying viruses, even when talking, all of us will breathe this water.

This is not to die for fashion, but to die for fashion. The first is admirable because Darwin always wins. The latter is worth avoiding and refusing to work for a lifetime. They are either too selfish or too stupid to work for a civilized society Gene bank.

Instructions on masks and President Trump

it is good for him to choose not to wear a mask. Eliminating any stigmatization or indicating its importance may have psychological effects on his wearer It ’s good, but it shows that his health is also good for him. He, VP Pence and several other people in the White House are tested every day, because the mask is to protect others-he will not harm anyone, so, He is one of the few who does not need a mask. [19659015] Mona Lisa mask "width =" 900 "height =" 1341 "srcset =" 900w ,×160.jpg 107w, monalisa-mask-sumanley-pixabay-403×600.jpg 403w,×1037.jpg 696w, https: // newsblaze. com / wp-content / uploads / 2020/04 / monalisa-mask-sumanley-pixabay-282×420.jpg 282w "sizes =" (max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px "title =" Commentary-COVID-19 Life and Death Facts and Recommendations 2 "/>

Even Mona Lisa now wears a mask.

2 This disease spreads easily to others and is far more severe than the common cold or flu.

Coronavirus can remain active only It is dangerous to fly in the air for an hour with someone breathing, so we must avoid or even walk through the space of the person who just left. The person who has jogged you may I did n’t even know that you killed you there.

3 # 2 explains exactly why “almost” isolation is not at all.

4. What measures can you take?

If you are 60 years old Above, there are children at home, or suffering from obesity, diabetes, asthma, and many other diseases, these potential diseases should not help you.

Seriously, the absolute best thing you can do is to stay completely isolated , So as not to occupy hospital space. Be very careful when ordering food and necessities, because they will be contaminated between hours and days. If possible, keep dry goods in the sun or outside. Before placing it in the refrigerator, please be careful not to put it in any cold storage that already has plastic bags. I spray most things with alcohol or general purpose disinfectants or highly diluted Clorox.

Even if your local or state government has not yet realized that sitting on the sofa watching TV or chatting with friends on the phone is a patriotic act. The crowd equals death!

4a Church.

Many people are greatly comforted, and there is no exaggeration or exaggeration to appear in other groups (meaning any group with more than one person). From their religious beliefs but from the perspective of COVID-19, going to a crowded church is like entering a crowded nightclub.

Some people say that God protects fools and innocents, but there are very few real-world examples. [19659002] Religious gatherings are the centers or starting points for large-scale infections in many states (including New York) including South Korea, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Among them, Manhattan lawyers in New York participated in services north of the city, Consciously infected several other states. [19659002] It was a few weeks ago, when we did n’t know how dangerous it was, and of course he did n’t know he was infected, but in many cases, church services and funerals were the main sources of this infection, so even the governor Florida is afraid of the political rebound and allows the church to remain open, please do n’t be an idiot.

And seriously, as the appointed pastor himself (online ministry), I seriously say that if years of religious dedication are not enough to give you supremacy, then there will be another Sunday. t help.

5 Social media allows you to do what I am doing – warning, comforting, encouraging and educating others.

You should keep in touch with people you know as often as possible, and even organize Skype parties – you do n’t know that Skype is Microsoft ’s free video conferencing program. Poker can be difficult, but some board games can be played remotely, checkers and chess, and even monopoly, and many others. This is important, not only to keep one's spirits up, but also to help other people stay in touch so they don't have a fever and do not expose them to isolation.

6 money-only the information currently provided by the US

government is that anyone who has received Social Security or SSI payments, has filed direct deposit information with the government, and no action is required, your $ 1,200 Direct deposits should be made within two to three weeks. If you have a dependent and do not pay taxes, then you need to do so to register the dependent, otherwise you may not receive the $ 500 you deserve. As of Saturday, April 4th, the system for this operation has not been activated on the network. Obviously, the IRS deceived the text a few days ago, and it seems to be saying that we all need to submit blank tax returns.

7 Tokyo is much worse than New York City.

As of Saturday, April 4, Japan did not even have a state of emergency. Tokyo is the most densely populated city on earth, with the possible exception of Hong Kong.

But the biggest danger is that Japan ’s population over the age of 60 accounts for 33% of the total population, which is higher than the proportion of Italians. This is a big danger, partly because of the type of disaster in northern Italy.

There is even a dark conjecture that this high proportion of the elderly population, the first world country already facing catastrophic demographics, has high-level government officials who do not mind seeing many elderly people pass away if they can avoid being accused . [1965年] 9008] Finally

While thanking the doctors and nurses for their bravery in doing their best professional efforts, we need to remember that orderly, gatekeepers and others who may only earn a minimum wage are facing complete The same risk.

] When this global and national disaster ends, people will remember which sources quickly provided useful factual information.

You should also pay attention to which government officials and neighbors have ignored the threats their decisions have posed to you and your relatives or friends.

US President Donald Trump stated that "I do not take any responsibility", and "the governor should be better prepared, and even" national reserves should not be used by countries.

In the face of a disaster in New York, after weeks of begging for help from the federal government, it finally received the much-needed large number of mechanical ventilators. China sent 1,000 people and Oregon sent 100 people.

POTUS repeatedly provided extremely misleading Sexual or actually false information, the pandemic expert Dr. Foch had to correct it only a moment later. When people need to trust the government, the White House will continue to send mixed messages. More than a month before the CDC developed the CDC, WHO Early test kits were provided, but the US government rejected this proposal.

Since mid-January, I have been reminding people and organizations to prepare for this pandemic.

I am concerned about the threat of epidemics 'S latest article
Summer will not slow down the spread of COVID-19 the-spread-of-covid-19_162003 /

COVID-19 are all numbers, just multiply by 2. the number just multiply by 2_162008 /

Compare US COVID- 19 pairs of vehicles full of ancestors Parents ’response to the crumbling bus on the edge of the cliff. Compare our response to covid-19, with the grandparents crumbling on the cliff edge_161969 /

failed due to trust, The government is trying to stop COVID-19. failed_161918 /

People Increasingly angry response to the US

as coming Prepare for the coming pandemic

Who should I write about this pandemic?
He has served as an emergency management coordinator in two cities for more than 25 years.
I have 3 FEMA certifications, one of which is about FEMA logistics.
I can use press conferences and embargoed press releases only for the World Health Organization.
I subscribe to "Science", "The Lancet", "New England Journal of Medicine", and get "Nature" magazine. "Science" is a top-ranked comprehensive scientific journal peer-reviewed in the United States, as is "Nature" in the United Kingdom.

COVID-19 infection and death by US state and country.

NEJM COVID free access to online information query = RP

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