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Prior to the Chinese influenza pandemic, Western societies (based on the European Union) showed an accelerated decline in geometry. Last year, with the turmoil and disobedience of the EU's central government, the situation further deteriorated, expanding to the EU, Poland, Spain, Italy and other EU member states, not to mention the impact of Brexit.

Germany, which has been the core element of European stability for two decades, has entered a turbulent track. The emergence of new political forces in Germany is incorrectly labeled as "extreme right" or "neo-Nazi", which is misleading because most people are even more anarchists.

In this case, the European Union is still

One of the key factors to be assessed is the reason why Britain decided to leave Europe. Indeed, the European Commission is in crazy talks on endless financial affairs, and no one wonders why the British decided to leave Europe.

It's simple. Britain is the most democratic country in Europe. The British do not accept the rule of a government with power and no responsibility. This is why Britain left the European Union, and that is why if the EU can continue to grow and develop once this current crisis is over without realizing that it has a chance to change, then other countries will follow Britain's massive withdrawal. Sooner or later, the European Union and its single currency will become memories.

In life, everything is politics. Whatever you say or don't say, it's politics. Whatever you do or don't do is politics. The decline of the European Union is largely due to the lack of political treatment of serious socio-political issues, which for decades have been handled incorrectly by linear thinking civil servants. As a result, technical bureaucratic solutions have been given to major political issues such as immigration, austerity, over-regulation, unemployment, recession, etc. These solutions have never solved the core problems, only the symptoms.

Irreparable point of view

Under the current circumstances, the arrival of the situation is unavoidable. If centralized control and coordination are not adopted for change, change will be from the bottom line At the beginning,

China ’s influenza pandemic provided the only opportunity for politically minded leaders in the Western world to guide the inevitable changes that will take place and lead to themselves and the world.

What the new normal will look like remains to be seen Observe and may vary depending on the situation. The main figure guiding Western society towards this new normal seems to be Donald Trump of the United States and France under Emmanuel Macron.

The overall scale of Chinese influenza is quite difficult to assess, as the problem appears to be partly medical and partly political. It seems that as the situation develops, hysterical citizens throughout the Western world will be "house arrested" and people will continue to be scared to death (Western media does a good job on their digital and broadcast platforms) and continue to worry only about getting what they think they need Medicines, disinfectants and food. They will accept everything.

However, when they walked out of the house, they found that they lived in a different world with new rules, new values ​​and different socio-political systems. In this case, the vast majority of people, especially those suffering from austerity and any other austerity effects, will realize that the new system for them can be considered better than the previous system.

Therefore, they will actively accept this change. And there was no response. Indeed, if they were not frightened and imposed on each other, two meters away from each other, they would take to the streets for demonstrations, for better or for worse, until the new idea was withdrawn.

It remains to be seen whether the perception will be consistent with reality. It all depends on who will lead the change.

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