China sees fewer novel coronavirus infections as major cities grapple with imported cases – National

Mainland China reported an overall decline in new coronavirus infections on Sunday, but major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai continue to fight cases involving infected travellers arriving from abroad.

There were 16 newly confirmed cases in China on Sunday. The National Health Council said on Monday it was down from 20 days before. The total number of confirmed cases in China so far has reached 80,860.

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. Among the new figures, 12 were imported infections that exceeded local transmission for the third day in a row.

Beijing accounted for 4 cases, Guangdong Province accounted for 4 cases, Shanghai accounted for 2 cases, Yunnan Province and Gansu Province. So far, a total of 123 imported cases.

China has stepped up inspections of international travelers. The capital, Beijing, requires that anyone from abroad must be transferred to a city quarantine agency within 14 days from Monday.

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Beijing has redirected all international flights originally scheduled to land at the new Daxing International Airport in the south to the older Beijing Capital International Airport in the northeast.

Shanghai has designated hotels as international quarantine venues for international travellers, although financial hubs have not forced all travellers to arrive at such venues in isolation.

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The only new case of local infection spreading on Sunday in mainland China was Wuhan, which is the center of the outbreak and Hubei There are four cases in the provincial capital.

This is the 11th consecutive day of zero new infections outside Wuhan City in the central province.

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The death toll in China has reached 3,213, an increase of 14 from the previous day.

In Hubei, there were 14 new deaths. Among them, 13 died in Wuhan.

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