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The Cold War between the Western Union (US, Russia, and France driving the EU) and Red China is becoming the main object of confrontation. However, this war has its limitations, and all belligerents know this. All people directly or indirectly involved have an implied common red line, and no one will cross it and pass it to the "Hot War." However, it is highly likely that the accommodating person chose to use his nuclear weapons instead of "succumbing" to the new status quo. This will mean the end of the earth, because everyone will release their arsenals, nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and biological weapons to each other. Especially if the potential loser is Red China, and the population of Western countries is only a few, but more in Russia, less in Europe, and a number among Americans. However, this is a probability that falls within the range of statistical errors, so it is very unlikely.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the Cold War is likely to never be upgraded to a hot war, and it will never end. This will be a free war against slavery, which will most likely lead to China's isolation from the free world, but it will never end.

Since the Cold War has begun, there is no way to conclude, the upcoming China will eventually return to its original state. Indeed, there is no other option, and it is a win-win for both parties. Even more so, there will be no provocative actions in this war, but only the practice of wooden language.

China tried to rule the world through a typical communist 50-year plan. Through any and all means of legal or illegal, moral or not, business penetration at all levels, to provide cheap consumer plastics to the low-end Western class. After dominating the Western consumer market, more and more countries have established economic dependence through inter-state loans. So far, the communist plan is still valid because it is still in the "carrot" stage. When the next phase, the "stick" phase, emerges, it is the beginning of appointing pro-Chinese officials in an economically dependent country in an attempt to eventually occupy the Western world. China ’s true intentions are revealed,

first to make this prospect Visualized is US President Donald Trump who understands China ’s intentions and decides to take action with China to contain China. In contrast, Trump discovered industrial institutions in the United States and Europe that benefited from relocating their industrial base to China. Wall Street ’s attempt to support the Democrats ’bombing of Trump failed, but it delayed Trump ’s efforts to contain China. Now, the real battle has been postponed until the November US election, but the war has been declared, Russians and Europeans led by France support Trump, and because of the pandemic, the American war will continue to escalate.

In the short interval between now and November, Americans are focusing their attention on the US elections, and China is consolidating its strength to prepare for the upcoming confrontation.

Of course, at least for the foreseeable future, the Cold War will continue and will not end. This will be a propaganda war, and it is very likely that China will be seized from overseas assets, property and various securities (national debt and other sovereign debt bonds) through the absence of a court case, and attributed to crimes against humanity. Both sides have considered this possibility.

The only way for China to solve this problem is the hot war, but it should be excluded. Indeed, the leaders of the Communist Party of China only care about maintaining power, because this is the only way for them to survive physically because they are prisoners in their positions.

In this case, both parties favored the perpetuation of the new regime. cold war. Westerners, because after a period of abnormality, they will develop their own economy under conditions of fair competition without bearing the burden of debt to China, and countries will offset this debt as compensation for virus damage. This will also give NATO reasons to withdraw and expand, and at the same time it will reactivate and expand the Western military industry and create millions of new jobs.

Since Beijing ’s power structure will not be shaken, the Communist Party of China will eventually be satisfied, and China will eventually feel satisfied with domestic rule, isolated from the outside world, stronger and stronger than ever. In this case, if this happens before the US presidential election, China will incorporate it into mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan through simple military exercises to clean up all open "domestic" issues once and for all. As a Western Union, it will observe the incident within a safe distance and falsely interpret it as a Beijing settlement in China.

Such potential development will ensure China ’s complete control of its domestic front and provide Beijing with an excuse to celebrate the Red Army ’s new victory, thereby enhancing nationalism, which is needed for the upcoming international isolation. At the same time, it will provide more moral and legal basis for the Western Union, so that China will be completely isolated from the international community.

As for the United Nations, it seems that it will be useless in this crisis because of the new production. Therefore, its abolition will be a matter of time. As for the United Nations building in Lower Manhattan, according to summary procedures, it is likely to become the headquarters of the new Western Union, which is in the pipeline.


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