China claims that the United States and the United States are "on the verge of a new cold war" with coronaviruses – Raw Story

China stated on Sunday that its relationship with the United States was “on the verge of a new cold war”, partly because the tension of the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the pandemic, which has killed nearly 350,000 people worldwide , And plunged the global economy into a severe downturn.

New tensions have emerged between Beijing and Washington, because viral restrictions continue to affect lives around the world in different ways and reshape people ’s lives.

They ignored Muslim celebrations of the end of Ramadan.

At the same time, as the virus trend improved and summer approached, more European countries began to relax their blockades. They took completely different pictures on the newly reopened US beaches, some of them wearing ordinary Masks, while others caused mockery. They relaxed the restrictions, restricted the operations of restaurants, bars and hotels, disrupted the tourism industry, and turned to reopening more schools.

Globally, 5.3 million people are infected with this virus. Most scientists believe that this virus has been transferred from animals to humans.

US President Donald Trump accuses Beijing of The lack of transparency in this outbreak indicates that the virus may have leaked from China ’s highest security laboratory.

] Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday that Washington appears to be infected with a “political virus”, but Beijing will still open up international efforts to find the source of coronavirus.

"Some political forces in the United States are occupying the host between China and the United States," said Wang host.

The European countries that had been hit hard to relax the blockade in the effort to rescue, which in turn put our two countries on the verge of a new cold war

– End of Ramadan

Churches in some countries are reopening, the Spanish Football League announced that it will reopen on June 8, and

In the West, the number of infected people has stabilized, and many governments have Be cautious about taking lighter social grooming measures while being alert to possible second wave infections.

In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tried to reassure potential tourists, he said, since July 1 From the beginning, "The entry of foreign tourists into Spain will be resumed under safe conditions.

Italy will also reopen the border to foreign tourists from June 3. [19659002] Greek cafes and restaurants are preparing to reopen on Monday-but only those restaurants and restaurants that offer outdoor services.

In the case of different cantonal regulations, most restaurants in Germany will be able to reopen on Monday.

Restaurants, bars and hotels will also reopen in the Czech Republic and can accommodate up to 300 people.

England The elementary school will be reopened to some students from June 1st. The government said that the middle school students will return later. The United Kingdom is the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe.

After the government bowed to the court and decided to reopen, the French church The first Sunday Sunday gift was held in more than two months and appropriate precautions were taken.

"My mobile phone is sending text messages! "Father Pierre Amar, a priest of Versailles outside Paris, told AFP.

In the United States, Trump ’s request for state and local officials to allow churches, mosques and synagogues to reopen" immediately "met at least some Resistance. 19659002] When an AFP reporter investigated religious buildings in Washington, he found that almost twelve were open. A slogan outside the founding United Methodist Church on 16th Street read: "Everyone is welcome -Online only. "

-British scandal –

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to defend his supreme assistant Dominique Cummings on Sunday

In March, seeing Cummings visit his parents, His parents visited him in Durham, 250 miles (400 kilometers) from his London home, in March, despite having symptoms of the virus. The Observer and The Sunday Mirror reported that he was in The blockade restrictions were violated again in April.

"Johnson is responsible, acting legally and honestly," Johnson said of Cummings.

But Conservative MP Carryig Whittaker is pushing A special article said: "You cannot suggest

The disease continues to show an upward trend in most parts of South America. The death toll in Brazil has now exceeded 22,000, with the highest number of infections reaching 347,000, the second highest number of cases in the world.

In the United States, Trump rejected the recommendations of experts, and after losing about 40 million jobs this year, he actively promoted the reopening of the economy.

Trying again to show confidence in the reopening, after avoiding the contact since March 8, he played golf on Sunday for the second consecutive day.

"The situation across the country, the number of deaths and death rates are declining!" He tweeted.

Many states have made progress, but other states — including Arkansas ’pool gatherings have led to a chain of infections, and North Carolina — continue to witness a surge.

Any normal phenomenon conflicts with severe standards. The message says that the country has been hit hard by coronavirus more than anywhere else, and the milestone of 100,000 deaths is less than 3,000.

In a compelling editorial selection, the New York Times commemorated the heavy casualty remembrance day on Sunday

"The 1,000 people here reflect only one percent of the death toll. The newspaper said

Since the beginning of April, more than one thousand people have died every day in New York State. When Governor Andrew Cuomo briefed reporters, the latest toll was 109, not from a dull office to reporters. I ’m talking about it from reporters on Long Island ’s well-regarded Jones Beach.

The cool weather depresses the crowd on New York Beach, but we pulled out sandals and

“We stayed for 70 days and lived 10 weeks, "male clothing designer Lisa Sklar and her husband and daughter said while strolling on Coney Island." This is very important for our mental health. "

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