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The war between the United States and China began shortly after Donald Trump in 2016 and has continued to fluctuate several times with relatively low intensity until the presidential election in November.

Of course, no matter who is the winner of the election, whether it is the remains of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, it will continue to develop at a faster rate after the election. Indeed, Trump has brought the relationship between the United States and China to an irreparable point. Moreover, regardless of whether he will win the second term, the Sino-US war will not stop.

The American society was brainwashed by the Trump administration, asking China to be responsible for the Wuhan virus pandemic. The more lives it pays in the United States, the more Americans will be responsible for China. In this way, for ordinary Americans, whether it is life or death, their anger and hatred for China will continue to grow as the epidemic spreads.

It is incredible to speculate that Trump has dealt with this pandemic in this way, but there is no doubt that he maximizes it as an excellent wash for brainwashers Agent

Americans firmly believe that China is responsible for the pandemic, which is right, but effectively conveying this fact and interacting with the entire American people is a triumphant tactical strategy.

Now that all Americans are psychologically engaged with China, this is the bond that the next president will be forced to continue to wage war against China. If he does not do so, he will definitely be charged with treason, regardless of his influence on the presidency, this charge will continue in the history.

Because of this fact, this is a very important consideration. When someone is elected as the President of the United States, they have only two priorities-re-election and history, the latter is internally related to human vanity. For the president, this is his top priority, and it definitely goes beyond any interest he might care about.

For China, this war is a win-win situation, because if Beijing loses, it will be completely isolated from other countries. There will be no external influence in the world, which means that there is no danger, so that the communist regime has eternal power. For the Chinese Communists, isolation is the best situation, because they will maintain power and eliminate totalitarian rule to all aspects of life by eliminating any potential threat to the ruling power, and all this will be as easy as the Chinese people. carry out. Never felt freedom or democracy, they were trained to work for a handful of rice in the shadow of the great helmsman.

If China loses the new Cold War, the Communist Party will be the real winner, and war compensation will be the winner. on the contrary. The official winner, in this case the Western Union, will be busy repairing its losses for decades, which will subvert the Western lifestyle. After a period of anarchy, it will be necessary to greatly increase the democratic deficit in public life. However, such a debate is premature, because other socio-political aspects should also attract attention in the near future.

It will be convenient for China to eventually lose the war with the United States. This does not mean that it will easily give up and will do its utmost to win. If China wins, then it will become the leader of the world, and the world will become the Communist Party, which may be until its geological end.

The only way for China to win this war is to let the Democratic Party win in November. In this case, the real winner of the US election will be Wall Street. Although it is owned by strong Republicans, it is using the Democratic Party as the front line.

At present, the Democratic Party is ahead of the Republican Party in opinion polls and they seem likely to win the November election. However, there are still four months left. With the country’s growing social unrest and unrest and uncontrollable virus outbreaks, four months is a long time for safety predictions.

Trump has not yet presented his credentials. These include escalation of remarks with China, Iran’s proper manipulation of arrest warrants issued by Iran and 35 others, if re-election to start a dialogue with Tehran, and others including [] there is temporarily no chance of re-election, but four years later.

If Trump is re-elected, the United States is likely to easily win the war against China, because he will form a large-scale "liberal alliance", which will include the entire non-communist world. Such a victory will lead to China's complete isolation and will be the end of the first phase of the Western Cold War against China. This will continue until the "Freedom Alliance" safely descends to the new Western civilization, with minimal damage. Indeed, a continuous cold war will indeed expand political parties for its own reasons and will have an impact on any social and political changes.

If the Democrats win in November, there are some possibilities. Although they are far ahead, China wins. In this case, any further discussion of the issue is completely irrelevant. However, China's chance of winning is probably a statistical error, so it remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved when the Democratic Party wins.

This is everyone’s guess, but the first change that the new civilization brought to the United States seems to be the abolition of two traditional political parties-the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Their alternatives will adopt new schemes. It may take some time for all changes in social structure, but Europe is in a leading position, and the change in the old continent is only a politically unclassified party from Germany, Germany is an alternative to Germany, so there is still a lot of work to be done carry out.

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