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Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on the evening of Monday, March 23, demanding that residents stay at home and socially channel as much as possible, Durham County Council will work to maintain essential services, especially to support the most vulnerable group.

All customer access points have been closed until further notice to prevent the virus from spreading through face-to-face contact. However, the customer contact center is still open and can respond to online and telephone inquiries by dialing 03000 26 0000.

For more information, visit

Although Durham County Parks will maintain a sport open to local residents, all recreation areas and beaches are open to the public to prevent The virus spread further. Similarly, all household waste recycling centers will be closed until further notice.

Garbage and recycling collection remain normal, but the city council requires the public who is doing homework to properly park their vehicles and allow trash workers to transport the truck to the estate on the side road. As usual, residents should take out the trash cans for collection at 7 am on the collection day, but were asked to wait patiently for the trash staff during this difficult time.

To support garbage and recycling, garden waste collection will be postponed until Tuesday, April 28. Residents will still receive all 17 collectibles as part of their subscription, and the city council is contacting all customers to let them know about the changes.

Etiquette services in some registries, such as weddings, civil partnerships and non-statutory celebrations, have also begun. Suspended on the advice of the government. The eral instrument service will continue to be held, but attendance will be limited to 15 people, and for those who cannot attend, a free webcast will be provided the next day to download the service.

Due to the expected reduction in the number of passengers on public transport, Durham's parking services will be significantly reduced during this time. From Wednesday, March 25th, the Howlands site will no longer be in service, although the parking lot will be open to those who wish to park and enter the city center. This will allow the city council to continue to provide good services at the Belmont and Sniperly sites (connected to the city center and the university hospital). In addition, the city council will suspend its parking fees in all parking lots on and off the street to assist key workers.

The Commission's pest control services will also be reduced, and only bookings related to the treatment of rats, rats, bugs, cockroaches and fleas will be accepted. Reviews will be conducted in accordance with current government recommendations and surveillance will be conducted on a weekly basis.

Parents who buy formula milk in the supermarket due to insufficient inventory can choose to order from a local pharmacy. If you have any other suggestions or support, please call your local health visit team on 03000 263 538 and contact the pharmacy at

while the school is still Children who are open to vulnerable students or important workers are reminded that parents should only let their children go to school when absolutely necessary.

Parents with children in a nursery or a nanny can get information about school meals at

for free. Eligible children will continue to be provided by the school, and starting today, the council has introduced new measures to simplify the way schools buy food stamps for families so that schools can buy food stamps for families. The interim measure has been introduced, while Parliament is waiting for government guidance on the national coupon program.

Consistent with government guidance on social alienation, Durham County Carer Support Services will focus on phone, email and social media. Unless there are special circumstances, the service will not provide face-to-face support. In the next few weeks, all training, support groups and events have been cancelled, and this decision will be re-reviewed within 4 weeks.

Caregivers in Durham need advice and support, and the service can continue to be contacted by phone at 0300 005 1213

The council has received guidance on two major business grant programs, and the government wants the authorities Pay on or around April 1. The Board's finance team is busy completing this guide and making arrangements to support eligible businesses as quickly as possible.

For more information about the program, visit and uk / coronavirus-business-support

Business staff at Durham are also available and can be contacted online at 03000 261261 for support and business advice. The team will continue to provide updates via daily news, on its website, and through social media channels. For more information, visit

All road works will be stopped without urgent and emergency works, including emergency repairs, winter grouting, road traffic accidents, and emergency road defects. It took three days for field staff to close the site and place it in a safe location. In order to ensure the safety of all road users, these cone signs and temporary signs must be kept, so drivers should be careful and report any accidents when passing by.

The City Council will support the main Voluntary Service Partnership (AAP) through its “Fourteen Regional Actions”. Each AAP's Facebook site will also be used to highlight support provided locally.

You can find a link to your AAP at

Durham County Council corporate director Geoff Paul. Regeneration and Local Services Director said: "Based on the Prime Minister's latest recommendation, we have been working to ensure basic services for residents and communities throughout the county. We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable groups in our community, and I am positive about all employees I am pleased with the response. "

" We also received a warm response from many volunteers, during which we urged all residents to become good neighbors.

"At the same time, we want to emphasize that residents stay unless they are absolutely necessary. Importance at home. This is to stop the spread of the coronavirus and protect life. We will continue to provide these necessary services and thank us for our continuous public support. ’

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