Canada began to gradually lift the pandemic blockade-Raw Story

The Prime Minister of Canada began to significantly relax restrictions on the pandemic on Monday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged to remain vigilant and take precautions to avoid the resurrection of COVID-19.

Saskatchewan will allow businesses to reopen next week.

Ontario and Quebec have recorded the most coronavirus cases

"Trudeau said in a daily briefing:" Different provinces and territories will be able to move at different speeds.

He emphasized the need for a step-by-step and coordinated approach "based on the absolute best scientific advice to ensure that we do this with great care."

"If we make a mistake, everything we do, everything we have paid in the past many weeks, he warned," This may be in vain. "

Federal guidelines for reopening businesses include Increase the detection of coronaviruses and ensure that there is sufficient medical care capacity to "respond to a possible surge in cases."

Provinces, however, are responsible for setting their own conditions for lifting restrictions.

Trudeau said he had "great confidence" in each province's plan.

-"Life must continue"-

"Life must continue," Québec Prime Minister Francois Legot said at a press conference.

He announced that the primary school Daycare agencies will reopen in the province "if and only if the situation does not deteriorate."

Legault emphasized "caution" in the final "gradual" reopening.

Ontario Government A framework for restoring the province ’s footing was announced, but no specific timetable was given.

“This is a road map, not a schedule,” said Ontario ’s Prime Minister Doug Ford. He warned of protests on the weekend Or, ask for a quick end to the blockade with “a bunch of Yahoo”.

“I fully understand people ’s desire to get back to work,” he said on Monday. “Wandering there, we will reach this point.

“What we do n’t want to do is to open the economy prematurely, and then (the virus) makes a comeback.”

Ontario begins

In the next two to four weeks, its infection rate must continue to decline Only then can certain businesses be allowed to reopen in the first phase of loosening rules.

People For example,

As conditions improve, the service industry and other office and retail workplaces will also gather.

– Waiting for the vaccine –

Canadian Trudeau said that he must “be vigilant” until there is an effective treatment or vaccine.

The country should be prepared for the rise of cases in the fall, and do not expect to return to a “normal” state soon. He says.

"Historyists remember the Spanish flu Tredo in 1918." But the decline is much more serious.

The Prime Minister said that in the coming months, "in certain economic fields will be carefully reopened, and as people try to return to more similar things, certain things will be allowed." He added: "

" For all of us, "normal" has a long way to go.

As of Monday, there were 48,229 coronavirus cases in Canada, including 2,781 deaths.

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