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Britain’s lockdown measures will be further relaxed this weekend, but on Friday, Britain’s fears of a surge in coronavirus infection caused the UK to “brake” those plans and impose new regulations on millions of households in northern England.

The reopening of high-risk activities (such as casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks) originally scheduled to begin on Saturday will be postponed until at least August 15 due to the reintroduction of indoor performances and pilot programs for larger crowds in sports At the event, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

"I once said that our plan to reopen society and the economy is conditional… If necessary, we will not hesitate to brake. He told the situation in Downing Street. Our assessment is that we are now The brake pedal should be squeezed.

Johnson warned earlier this week that there was a second wave of cases in Europe, adding that the UK "cannot be complacent"

Increasing the number of new infections.

His announcement came a few hours after the government increased the regional lockdown measures. Under this measure, people from different families are prohibited from meeting indoors-there are approximately 4 million people in Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Region.

Health Minister Matt Hancock (Matt Hancock) stated that the reason for the restriction is because people are “in meetings, not in (away from) social isolation.” But we can see the whole of Europe The Covid rate is rising, and we are determined to take all necessary measures to ensure people's safety." Hancock said on Twitter.

Friday’s government data showed that “There is some evidence that

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said: “Talking about the second wave sweeping Europe, “I don’t think it will help”, but He acknowledged that the actions taken so far to ease restrictions are "on the verge of work that can be done safely."

"The idea that we can open up everything and control the virus is obviously wrong, and what we see is that we are at the very edge of what we can do.

The opposition Labor Party warned that the reopening of some economies may have terrible consequences for workers, and called on the government to help those affected. 19659002] "Because millions of workers are still on vacation, including in casinos and nightclubs, For workers in skating rinks and bowling alleys, the government’s "one size fits all" plan risks exacerbating the employment crisis," said Congressman and former party leader Ed Miliband.

The local lockdown measures were announced at midnight only a few hours after their death. (Thursday 23:00 GMT).

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham supported the measure because of the increase in infection rates.

He told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for a period of 7 Days.

"Nine out of ten administrative regions are increasing, and the actual situation is changing.

The Scots should avoid Manchester

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer (Keir Starmer) said on Twitter: "Announced measures affect potential millions late at night People, this is a new low point in government communication during the crisis. "

These measures also came into effect with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, a Muslim holiday. The area affected by the latest blockade has a large Muslim population.

The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also Warns its citizens not to travel to the affected areas.

"In order to minimize the risk of continued spread here, @scotgov strongly recommends not to spread to non-Muslim areas. She wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first local lockdown-England has lifted most of the restrictions across the country, but closed shops near the centre of Leicester.

The official UK death toll from the virus is 45,999, but if Overdose deaths are considered to be as high as 65,000 as a guideline.

(France 24 with AFP)

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