British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has "no hope" to avoid a no-deal Brexit-Raw Story

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that he fully believes that the UK and the EU will avoid a potentially catastrophic “no agreement” on the edge of the cliff by the end of this year.

But he refused to support the controversial new agreement. The legislation he publicly acknowledged would violate international law, which puts his government in opposition to Brussels.

The proposed law will cover certain parts of the Brexit treaty related to trade in Northern Ireland, which may undermine the troubles of trade negotiations with Europe. Union.

The possibility of "no agreement" is increasing, and the negotiations are deadlocked. Both parties insist that an agreement must be reached next month before the agreement can be implemented at the end of the year.

Johnson told members of Congress. He said: "No agreement" means "not what this country wants, nor is it what our EU friends and partners want us."

"Therefore, I am full of hope and expectation. This will not be the result." The council promised ee to be in the interrogation for more than two hours.

Although the European Union requested the abolition of the British Internal Market Act, it was still introduced in Parliament this week and strongly reminded people of the need to adhere to treaty obligations.

Johnson claimed that the EU could "block" food and agricultural products from the UK to Northern Ireland by imposing higher tariffs and tariffs.

Northern Ireland will be the only land border between the United Kingdom and the European Union from January 1, and will still be subject to certain EU rules to ensure that its border with Ireland remains open.

Open borders were a key requirement of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which ended 30 years of violence against British rule in Northern Ireland.

Johnson said that EU officials ""without reaching any trade agreement, it is impossible to rule out blocking goods from the UK to Northern Ireland.

"I'm always very likely to get it wrong, maybe they will prove my suspicion wrong." "Id.

The bill is intended as a measure of "brace braces" to regulate trade within the UK, and is an "insurance policy" against any extreme behavior. He said.

Resignation and Compromise

The result of the talks was "no agreement reached" and both sides will impose tariffs.

EU CEO Ursula von der Leyen (Ursula von der Leyen) early Sometimes it was stated that the divorce agreement would not cause the UK to leave the EU. This is a “unilateral change”, and in the UK, they “will be very strong in certain products.” The European Commission President said in his speech: “This is Issues of law, trust, and sincerity,".

warned that the chances of reaching a trade agreement were dwindling.

The claim that the EU leaders had fired Johnson was "spin", and the government's admission that the bill would violate Law. In 1965, several of Johnson’s Conservative MPs spoke of their unease, and every current former prime minister warned that Britain’s global reputation was at risk.

The US Democrats stated that

was in the government In another blow, Richard Keen (Richard Keen), the top legal official in Scotland, resigned, which was another blow to the government.

"Lord Keen has resigned as the spokesperson for Scotland. "The Prime Minister thanked him for his service." Downing Street wrote in a brief statement.

The bill is expected to receive further votes in parliament next week, but the government agreed to reach a settlement with the Conservative rebels.

It agreed that according to a joint statement by Johnson’s office and two senior Conservative parties, Congress will allow members of Congress to vote before using powers that would violate international law.


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