British government defends senior advisor for Boris Johnson targeting “violation” – Raw Story

The British government refused on Saturday to accuse the senior consultant Dominic Cummings (Dominic Cummings) of allegations that he had traveled the country while showing symptoms of the disease, violating the corona virus blockade rules.

Cummins left his London residence shortly after being diagnosed with tuberculosis. The virus was infected on March 30 and was later seen with his young son in Durham (more than 250 miles (400 kilometers) away from his parents' home.

According to the blockade rules proposed on March 23, anyone with symptoms must be isolated in his home.

The opposition Labor Party in the United Kingdom stated that his actions indicated that Cummings considered himself above the law, while the smaller Liberal Democrats indicated that this may be a matter of resignation. Moreover, Cummings's parents also do not allow people over 70 to visit.

"During this pandemic and blockade, the public made extraordinary sacrifices. The leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, said.

A minister who asked not to be named told the Daily The Telegraph: "He must go.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson ’s spokesman said that Cummings ’actions“ conform to the coronavirus guidelines. ”

“ Because his wife is infected with a suspicious coronavirus, he is likely to become himself Discomfort, Dominic Cummings must ensure that their children can be properly taken care of, which is crucial. "The spokesperson said on Saturday.

"His sister and niece volunteered to help, so he went to a nearby house separate from him. He added that his extended family needed help.

On March 24, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Jenny Harries said: "Although we encourage everyone to stay in their own family … If you have an adult,

– the police tipped –

Cummins also denied the report reported by the Guardian , Saying that the police spoke directly with him or his family

Nonetheless, the police in Durham, northeast England confirmed on Friday that they received a report on March 31 that someone had traveled from London to London.

"The police contacted the police station. The owner of the address confirmed that the person was present and isolated from the outside world in a part of the house." The police said in a statement.

"According to the National Police Guidance, the police officer explained the guiding principles to his family

A government colleague came to the defense of Cummings, and Foreign Minister Dominic Raab tweeted:" Two parents Carrying coronaviruses, caring for their children eagerly.

He added: “Those who try to politicize it should take a long look at the mirror.”

Cummins has been a highly divisive figure in British politics since planning for Brexit in 2016

When Johnson was elected prime minister last year, he hired Cummings as the top adviser.

Downing Street revealed at the end of March that Cummings was quarantining himself and had symptoms of the virus. Johnson was also infected and received intensive care.

Ed David, acting leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, said that if Cummings violated the rules, "he will have to resign."

Earlier this month, leading epidemiologist Neil Ferguson admitted that he had violated the blockade rules after meeting with his lover, and thus withdrew from the government coronavirus expert panel.

Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, resigned in April after visiting his second home twice in violation of his own rules.

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