British death toll rises by 384 – new blockade proposal proposed

The number of confirmed cases increased by 3,560, reaching 236,711. The latest government data comes after reports that the number of people infected with coronavirus in London every day has decreased to 24.

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Conservative MP Bim Afolami (Bim Afolami) suggested that different regions can lift the restrictions at different times. [19659004] He told The Telegraph: “If you look at other countries, they usually adopt a regional approach. If it makes sense from a health perspective, we must consider it.”

Cabinet Minister Theresa Villiers added: "These numbers are good news. They show that the blockade measures have been working and I think they provide a reason to further ease the blockade in London.

" to The important thing is that we must find a way to revive the economy-London is the economic center. "


Follow the following real-time updates:

  Coronavirus Live: Britain continues to fight Coronavirus

The United Kingdom reported 384 deaths, increasing the number of coronavirus deaths to 33,998 (Image source: GETTY)


 Coronavirus live broadcast: the number of deaths in the United Kingdom as of May 14. May 14. "Data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 590 "/> </picture>
<p><span class= Coronavirus live broadcast: UK cases and deaths as of May 14 (Photo: Express)

Update at 12,00am: In the United States, by June 1, the number of coronavirus deaths will reach 100,000

It is predicted that by June 1, the United States will have more than 100,000 deaths from coronaviruses, CDC Director Robert Ray Defield

The agency came to this conclusion by tracking 12 different prediction models, all of which predicted at least 100,000 deaths.

President Trump, but said that this number would be lower than 100,000 deaths.

11.00pm update: Ale will be wasted: millions of pints of beer reduce the beer supply in the pub

It is expected that there will be as many as 70 million pints of beer during the crisis The beer was dumped because the bar closed and the beer was poured.

To limit water flow, public homeowners came up with novel ways to make unused inventory work well.

Businesses have been donating beer,

Update 9.45pm: Ireland announced another 16 Covid-19 deaths

Coronavirus deaths in Ireland cannot be sold, cannot be used for manufacturing agricultural organic fertilizers Feed can not be used as animal feed. There has been an increase of 16 to 1,518 with a total of 129 newly diagnosed cases, a total of 23,956.

9pm update: The Minister of Health refused to promise to raise the nurse ’s salary

Matt Hancock refused to promise to raise the nurse ’s salary.

The Minister of Health said at a Downing Street press conference that he “very determinedly” agreed with the following statement: Nursing is a “high-skilled occupation,

But he did not make any commitment, he said:“ We last The salary of nurses has been raised monthly. In fact, our salary rose the most last year, especially for nurses when they first started to work

8.20pm update: the number of French coronavirus deaths increased by 104

The number of coronavirus deaths has increased from 27,425 to 27,529.

Th confirmed cases increased by 563 cases, reaching 141,919 cases.

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Update at 7.35pm: unions criticize the government for “fuzzy” evidence of plans to reopen schools

Teachers ’union calls for more governments to reopen schools in England after meeting schools with chief scientific advisers What are the answers to the safety of children and teaching staff?

Patrick Roach, Secretary General of the Teaching Union NASUWT, said that scientific evidence was provided at the briefing on Friday afternoon

The Education Union said that since June 1, it has decided to open the English school to more students The evidence behind the decision, they still have a lot of questions about this.

7pm update: Italian coronavirus deaths up 242

Italy ’s Covid-19 deaths increased by 242 to 31,610.

The number of confirmed cases increased by 789 to 223,885.

Update at 6.20pm: Dr. Likel Dr. Jenny Harries said that the possibility of someone getting a coronavirus in elementary school is very small and is decreasing

Dr. Jenny Harries Said that anyone in primary school is very unlikely to be infected with coronavirus and is decreasing.

Downing Street Press Conference: "If currently two thousandths of our population is infected, the time frame for recommendations made in the next few weeks may be reduced by half.

" I have this A lot of worries, but people usually need to think carefully in an ordinary baby school with 100 children. The possibility of anyone suffering from this disease is very small and gradually decreases with the passage of time, so I think we Just keep this view. 19659043] Dr. Jenny Harries ”title =“ Dr Jenny Harries ”data-w =“ 590 ”data-h =“ 319 ”/>

Dr. Jenny Harries said that only 19% of intensive care beds Occupied by coronavirus patients (Picture: PA)

5.45pm update: R value kept below 1-Hancock

Matt Hancock once said R value-coronavirus The spread rate is still below 1.

The Scientific Advisory Emergency Team (Sage) calculated that the R value has slightly increased to between 0.7 and 1.

Mr. Hancock at the press conference on the 10th Say: "We have been constantly reviewing R. We think it does not exceed 1. This meets the standard.

"This is a very important number for decision makers, but looking at the level of the new case, this is a data point."

Update at 5.40pm: 19% of intensive care There is a coronavirus patient beside the bed.

Dr. Jenny Harris, deputy chief medical officer of England, said that only 19% of intensive care beds are occupied by coronavirus patients.

In a briefing on Downing Street, she said: At the beginning of the epidemic in the country, the people most concerned about the capacity of the intensive care bed.

"Actually, only 19% of our intensive care beds are currently occupied by Covid-19 patients, and this model is present in all intensive care units

5.25pm Coronavirus testing of all nursing home staff and residents in the UK

Health Minister Matt Hancock stated that all nursing home residents and staff will be TES in England

In the daily Downing Street Briefing, Hancock Mr. also explained that the National Medical Service System will appoint the clinical directors of each family to support them through the coronavirus fight.

He said: "

 Matt Hancock" title = "Matt. Hancock "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 318 "/> </picture></p>
<p> <span class= Health Minister Matt Hancock presided over today ’s Downing Street press conference (picture : PA)

Update at 5pm: Daily briefing for Downing Street led by the Minister of Health

Today ’s Downing Street press conference with the Deputy Head of England led by Health Minister Matt Hancock Xi Medical Officer Dr. Jenny Harris held together.

Update at 4.30pm: Today, more than 12,500 nursing home residents die of coronavirus

Now, more than 12,500 people live in nursing homes And the new death data show coronavirus.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) shows that between March 2 and May 1, only more than a quarter of all nursing home residents in England and Wales died Coronavirus is involved.

There were 45,899 deaths in nursing home residents. During this period, 27% (12,526) of the death certificates mentioned Covid-19.

4pm update: According to the new coronavirus law , Dozens of people were wrongly prosecuted – CPS

Dozens of people were wrongly prosecuted Under the new coronavirus law, the police have approved prosecution by the Royal Prosecutor ’s Office (CPS).

Filed under the Coronavirus Act All 44 allegations allow police officers to remove or detain "suspicious infectious persons" for screening and evaluation, because this is an allegation filed on March 27.

According to the 2020 The Conservation Regulations have 12 allegations that also have the power to violate party rules. These organizations have the power to disrupt parties and fine people.

CPS reviewed the CPS review of all 231 police allegations under the Coronavirus legislation in England and Wales, Until the end of April, the lawsuit was terminated or convicted.

 Coronavirus UK “title =“ coronavirus UK ”data-w =“ 590 ”data-h =“ 393 ”/> </picture></p>
<p> <span class= According to the new coronavirus law, dozens of people were arrested by the police The false accusation, the Royal Prosecutor ’s Office (CPS) admitted (Photo: PA)

2.17pm update: According to the latest data, the number of deaths in the UK increased by 256

After being infected with the coronavirus, The number of deaths in England, Scotland and Wales increased by 256 figures within 24 hours.

Breakdown, representing 9 people in Wales, 46 in Scotland and 186 in England.

10 is not expected to show a higher number, Because it includes the number of deaths in all cases.

Update 2.06pm: Denmark reports no coronavirus deaths

Denmark has reported no coronavirus-related for the first time in the last 24 hours since March 13 Of deaths.

The total number of confirmed Danish cases has increased by 78 since Thursday to 10,791 coronavirus cases, and the number of hospitalizations has dropped by 10 to 137 cases.

The number of deaths remains unchanged at 537.

Update 1.41pm: No 10 offers updates for the contact tracking application

The official spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the Isle of Wight More than half of the population has downloaded the contact tracking application.

The application is about to be put into use in Scotland.

The spokesman said: "We have many people who have downloaded the application.

"I think we say we think the pilot will last for about three weeks, and it still is.

Update at 1.38pm: Welsh continues to “stay at home” news

Although the first minister, Mark Drakeford, insisted that he supports the use of the virus in four countries, He also stated that it depends on the decentralized countries to determine the speed at which they take measures.

He said: "With limited & # 39; clear space & # 39; to ease current restrictions, choices need to be made, We hope to make a choice in consultation with our partners and the Welsh people.

"This is why we published this document not as a final decision, but as part of an ongoing dialogue.

" But for at least the next two weeks, I urge everyone in Wales to stick to the advice and stay at home, Protect our NHS and

 Coronavirus live broadcast: Wales continues to display & # 39; Stay at Home & # 39; message "title =" Coronavirus live broadcast: Wales continues to display & # 39; Stay at Home & # 39; message

Real-time coronavirus live broadcast: Wales continues to publish the message of "stay at home" (Photo: PA)

Update at 1.28pm: COVID-19 caused 46 reported in Scotland Multiple deaths

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland ’s first prime minister, revealed that 46 deaths died after signing a contract with COVID-19, bringing the country ’s total to 2,053.

In Scotland, 143 people tested the virus positively, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 14,260.

Update at 1.24pm: Germany is in recession.

Europe ’s largest economy has officially entered a recession.

The economy shrank by 2.2% in the free month of 2020.

Update at 12.17pm: Ryanair cut 250 office positions.

Ryanair has cut more than 250 jobs in its UK office

Ryanair ’s personnel director Darrell Hughes: “Although we hope to reopen our office from June 1, we are not The same number of support team members are needed, so in Ireland, Spain, and Poland, we will transport less than 100 million passengers a year, compared to the original budget of 155 million.

"Unfortunately, we are in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw will have a small number of mandatory layoffs to properly adjust our support team.

Update at 12.10pm: According to a draft decree seen by Reuters, Italy will allow free travel from June 3.

Italy will allow Italy from June 3. Travel freely.

The decree can still be amended before approval.

  Angela Merkel “title =” Angela Merkel “data-w =” 590 “data-h =” 416 “/> </picture></p>
<p> <span class= Coronavirus-infected German economy is in recession (Photo: GETTY)

Update at 11.30am: Slovenia declared virus-free

The Slovenian government announced the end of its coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Janice Jansa said: "Slovenia has contained this epidemic in the past

" Today, Slovenia has the best epidemiological status in Europe.

11.08am update: Coronavirus protests broke out in Spain

Protests broke out in the Spanish capital

Last night, after four days of street protests, Madrid ’s Salaman Violence broke out in the card area.

Update 10.32am: Northern Ireland reported 77 deaths from COVID-19

A total of 77 people died from COVID-19 occu according to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra ), A malfunction occurred last week.

Among them, 37 cases occurred in the hospital, 36 cases appeared in the nursing home, one case in the hospice care hospital, and three cases in the residential address.

Update at 10 am : The FTSE 100 index rose

As of 10 a.m., the FTSE 100 index rose 74.5 points to 5,816.14 points, an increase of 1.3%.

  coronavirus UK "title =" coronavirus UK "data-w = "590" data-h = "393" /> </picture></p>
<p> <span class= The Transport for London confirmed the £ 1.6 billion financing plan (Photo: GETTY)

Update 9.03am: Because of China Wuhan blockade once and panic

Chinese authorities are locked in Wuhan implementation of restrictions, because coronavirus outbreak triggered a sustained global pandemic, it was reported in the reported six new cases after.

The claim that caused people to worry about the second wave occurred at the end of the week when Jilin City imposed restrictions on movement. In the northeast of the country, 6 new cases were also confirmed on Tuesday.

Zhang Zhan was described as a “Wuhan citizen reporter” on the website of Radio Asia, and he said that these cases have been confirmed in confirmed cases in the city. Sanmin residential area can accommodate 5,000 people.

He added: "I went

8.39am update: Russia reported 10,598 cases

Russia reported 10,598 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours were confirmed.

Compared with the 9,974 cases the day before, it has been diagnosed in 84 regions of the country.

8.30am update: The Transport for London (TfL) confirms a £ 1.6 billion financing package. [19659004] TfL has now confirmed that it has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Transport on a £ 1.6 billion financing package.

London Transport Commissioner Mike Brown said: "I welcome this kind of government support, which will help us continue to make London safe, Continue to move forward and operate sustainably.

"London ’s transportation network is absolutely critical for economic, social and economic development. The capital ’s environment is healthy.

" In a pandemic, transportation workers have played a heroic role in dealing with the virus-ensuring NHS and nursing staff Ability to work and save lives.

"As part of the country ’s efforts to combat the virus, the organization worked closely with the government and the mayor to quickly reduce the number of passengers to levels not seen in 100 years.

" This means our fares and others Revenue fell by 90%. "

 Brandon Lewis" title = "Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis admits that 1,500 of the 18,000 contract trackers’ targets have been Appointed (Image source: SKY)

8.05 am Update: The government failed to meet the target of the tracer

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis (Brandon Lewis) admitted that in the appointment Of the 18,000 contract tracer targets, only 1,500 were appointed.

He told Sky News: “I do n’t think there are currently 18,000, I think there are about 15,000 applications, as you said. , We hope to reach 18,000.

"I ’m not sure that 15,000 employees were employed this morning. There were about 1,500 employees earlier this week, and they will increase thereafter."

Update 8am: Brazil set a daily record ]

Brazil recorded 13,944 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.

The largest country now has 202,918 cases and 13,933 deaths.

Update 7.49am: The Public Health Authority of England approved the second antibody test.

American company Abbot Laboratories has been approved to produce COVID-19 antibody test.

This was after the Swiss company Roche also received approval from the British Ministry of Public Health.

Lawrence Young, professor of molecular oncology at the University of Warwick

" This new antibody test will be an important weapon against viruses. ”

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