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Last week, in response to the COVID19 epidemic, the government called on retired nurses and doctors to return to the front line where "your NHS needs you".

England Care, the largest independent adult support agency

If you want to continue to support some of the most vulnerable in society, the adult's social health sector will also receive state support in the coming months A supplement to the information. The most worrying times. We encourage those who are willing and able to join the adult social care workforce.

Our message is that social care is still open and business and social care need your help.

• First, we call for
• Second, those who are not currently working;
• In addition, we encourage the British public to use the provisions of the Corona Virus Act on Support provided in dining, hotel or air travel. "Emergency Volunteer Leave."
• Finally, if you have worked in the social care department before, there is no more important time to retrieve your skills and knowledge than now.

If you belong to one of these groups, social care needs you.

Many providers point out that they have seen an increase in absenteeism related to Covid-19. Coupled with the already high vacancy rate in the adult social care industry, it is possible to create a perfect storm for the industry.
But with your help, we can take action to avoid this reality, and it will negatively affect some of the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Download, print and use this poster for your care organization.

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