Bringing Ether out of the European Union

Until the end of the 19th century, researchers around the world believed that the huge space between the cosmic world and stars was full of a mysterious and legendary compound called [aether]

a "typical" product created by a vacuum in space, The energy of the sun may not reach the product, and nothing will penetrate and penetrate.

  • Etherists occupied European tanks, but their real houses were universities, the media, the European Parliament, and the politicized part of the European Commission. In Germany, a large part of the political class remains in their camps (Photo: German Marshall Foundation).

This theory makes sense, is cute, and even poetic. The only problem is that it is incorrect.

Ether may be dead as a clinical concept, but now people's demand for impressions and false descriptions is very active and is constantly emerging.

Much of the controversy about the future of the European Union seems to rely on an interesting concept, that there is no evidence that the existence of some exotic material will somehow turn theory and hope into political reality


In the school of etheric thought, the next great leap to achieve more integration is always around the corner


Politicians will suddenly find that there is clearly a need for more cooperation and excellent progress in environmental, defense, and immigration policies. People will eventually stand up and establish the European Republic. After Angela Merkel's departure, France and Germany will once again form a decisive duo.

Lean financial thrift will conquer their abominable conditions and welcome expanded EU spending.

Ethereists believe that nations will surrender their armed forces

Parliaments across the euro zone want to abandon the crowning skills of handbags and fully include the EU budget.

Brexit will never happen, because it has actually happened now, and Britain will soon have enough opportunities to rejoin the EU. The simple "geopolitical" creativity of the new European Commission President will bring all members' references into a more consolidated diplomatic system so that the EU can negotiate with onevoice


will … will not …

In other words: these people think that even if something needs to happen, it should happen, and therefore it will happen.

They think that for everyone (except for a few very wrong Kroninone keys made in Eastern Europe and major Europeans), everyone clearly sees that this country is actually a politics practiced by the entire board Plan, not just a simple motto.

Ethereists also believe that Pesco (EU's irreversible structured cooperation) is an excellent evidence that member states are prepared to defend national defense in the opposite situation in reality.

Ethereum dominates the European faith tank, but their real house is the politicized part of the university, the media, the European Parliament, and the European Commission.

In Germany, a large part of the political class remains in their camp. The problem with this idea is not that its concept is not often (though not always) highly desirable. Whether it is energy policy or euro governance, whether it is dealing with immigration issues or facing Russia and China, Europe is undoubtedly warning of the need for broader cooperation and union in many ways.

A European army will pass, but there is no doubt that the EU, not only NATO, should also work to build forces that support diplomacy and safeguard interests.

The European Republic will not be established at any time (or forever).

The problem is that European citizens and leaders lack the clear intention to develop any of these results among European citizens and leaders, and it is clear that the political participation of residents needs to be strengthened within the EU . In the European Union, the persistence of everything that should happen or is about to happen seems out of place.

Not only that.

Development vs Possibility

There is no better way to transform the concept of European portfolios into a reliable method for individuals, but to ensure that their substantive development is combined with all possibilities and rationality.

The European cause is actually one of the most valuable undertakings in the old world. If experts can develop everything when facing hostility to achieve more combinations, they will lose rather than get support. This is a combination guarantee Twice. 19659002] Is the EU trapped in the harmful existence of renationalisation and intergovernmental transactions? Instead of developing convenient options to stop bloodshed, we ask for a European Republic!

Since the reform of the Lisbon Treaty, has the EU not lost as a diplomatic gamer? We should not focus our expectations on a few achievable goals, but we should limit them to a few achievable goals, but we must guarantee a huge geopolitical reawakening, which will make the EU leap into global diplomacy Fame!

People intuitively feel that the pro-European case is separate from political truth. The activists still gathered on the street as part of the "European Pulse" movement (or similar-minded group) cannot associate their idealism with any wise hope for development.

If all political leaders can

they look like a leader of development, but look like a helpless dreamer, whose main function is to reduce the sense of inner conscience of leaders, they do not want to make them Dissatisfied, but not

However, it's not just stabbing bloody idealists behind.

Like me, the more mean European realists are also deeply in love with the historical achievements of mankind.

People who have no interest in aerial pie are often rejected as "European sensibility"

They warn that unproven theories and overly optimistic people cannot provide results in the current political environment, which is Think of betrayal.

Their wording is thorough, meaning the fact that the wholesale mix of nations that may still be overplaying could make nationalist and populist monsters, rather than games that fight them, condemned as sympathy for the devil. The truth


absolutely nothing more. Experiments in the 1880s showed that there was no such thing as ether. Einstein described these thought-provoking results as "serious embarrassment" for researchers who have blinded researchers, and their lovability theories actually rely only on ashes. To prevent comparable stigma, pro-Europeanists need to find once again how to find a sweet field between idealism and realism in the process of achieving the European ideal.

The future of the European Union may depend on it.

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