Brennan: The biggest accident this week could cost Texas General Manager / Coach Bill O'Brien out of work

Someday, one way or another, we may find real merchandise. This is the biggest surprise before and after the start of the NFL 2020 new league year. The season will open at 4 pm on Wednesday in the free agent market.

Did Tom Brady decide to leave New England and sign a contract with the Tampa Bay Pirates? No, there are still many unresolved questions on this issue, but it is the second question. For whatever reason, Brady may seek to continue speculation. The shocking thing is not that he did it, but that the genius Bill Belichick couldn't come up with a way to appease Brady, and when Brady walks as a free agent, the Patriots will suffer $ 13.5 million "Dead money" capped. [19659002] The biggest surprise this week is still the Houston Texans trade by DeAndre Hopkins. No one who has said to take action can face predictions of returns. They have to think that the Texans will bring a very good return for one of the NFL's best receivers.

In 2013, Houston's first-round pick (ranked 27th overall) Hopkins has accepted 100 years of competition for two consecutive years. He broke the 1,000-yard mark in five of the seven seasons, and over 1,500 yards in 2015 and 2018.

Some people say he is the most confident hand in the entire league.

For Hopkins, the Arizona Cardinals switched to the Texans' fourth-round draft pick, and once the excellent multi-purpose guard David Johnson, they are likely to be in training camp Cut it off.

Oh yes, Texasians, if you can believe it,

Now, Bill O & # 39; Brien is not in his position as head coach in Houston because He is a stupid person. And his bosses had to approve the deal.

In the ESPN morning television show "Get Up", NFL analyst Mike Irvin said that Hopkins told him that O'Brien compared him to Aaron Hernandez.

That is the same Aaron Hernandez, when O & # 39; Brien was the offensive coordinator, a good ending for the Patriots ; The same Aaron Hernandez, whose promising career was convicted of murder at the age of 23

Alvin said that Hopkins told him there was a "power struggle "Because O'Brien thought his influence in the Texas locker room was too great, the same Aaron Hernandez hanged him in prison.

At a conference discussing the situation, Irving said that Hopkins told him O'Brien said, "My last such meeting was with Aaron Hernandez.

"Michael Michael, I was shocked, he would even raise it. Owen said, Hopkins told him. "I never had any trouble. I don't know why he equated me with Aaron Hernandez.

"From there," Owen said, "the meeting started to deteriorate."

Owen also said that O'Brien disputed the Hopkins's mother. children.

"He told De Andre that he didn't like having a baby mom sometimes," Owen said. "I think that relationship has gotten worse since then."

Shortly after an interview with Irving, Hopkins went to Twitter.

"This is really out of place," he wrote. "As I said before, I am happy and proud of my time with the people of Texas. I pay my tribute to Coach O & # 39; Brien and it will not change.

Now, just as Hopkins is likely to want to calm the waters, fearing that the trade fair will fail before he becomes a full official later today, it is also hard to believe that O & # 39; Brien will hit El Hernandez.

If he did, but he did nā€™t understand it was wrong, and the relationship between the two did worsen, why would O & # 39; Brien be in a hurry In exchange for the best player

Cardinal General Manager Steve Keim may have been joking when placing it on the table.

As everyone knows, Hopkins is known for his current contract Unsatisfied, hoping to raise from a $ 81 million salary, he signed a five-year contract in 2017. However, according to the Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson, Hopkin Of O'Brien and O'Brien The conflict is much more than differences in financial depth, and that "friction between Hopkins and O'Brien growing for many years.

Okay, that happy Ens. This is a reasonable reason to get rid of the players. But if this situation persists for many years, why must O'Brien now trade Hopkins?

Buy a bag of football

"The Texas organization has served me well, the city of Houston has served me well, and my teammates have also served me Hopkins tweeted after the transaction. "The city of Houston will always be loved. It's time to bring the championship to AZ!

Someday, somehow, maybe the real goods in and up to and including the biggest surprise of the NFL 2020 new league year will start Disappeared.

But now it is not difficult to imagine, if this matter is affected by Hopkins, such a thing will tear Houston's locker room to pieces. It is difficult to imagine Texans being wild cards Defeated Bill in the game, and finally clinched the Super Bowl title on the Super Choke, which was faster than the competitors' ranking.

It's easy to imagine

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The regular seasons of OHL and QMJHL have officially ended; the transaction eventually causes O & # 39; Brien to lose his job. 67 & # 39; s will refund the ticket of the holder

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