Break: Norway

By Russell Bruce

Norwegian Prime Minister Elna Solberg held an outstanding press conference this afternoon announcing the harshest emergency measures taken by Norway outside of wartime in an attempt to stop COVID -19 proliferation. [19659003] Millions of Norwegians and foreigners living in or visiting Norway will be affected by a series of harsh measures announced today. Norway has actually been shut down for two weeks to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 disease.

Norway has infected more than 700 people, and this number has increased dramatically over the past 48 hours. Although no one has died of the disease at the time of writing, the country's leaders say it is inevitable.

All schools, kindergartens and universities will be closed. Most public events are banned. Bars and restaurants will be closed. Perhaps most relevant to Norwegian life books is the most dramatic measure of all. Anyone who has been traveling in the Nordic countries since February 27 must accept 14 days of mandatory family isolation.

David Nike of Life in Norway wrote: "I know a lot of people in Norway are worried about the latest coronavirus news and people who plan to travel. So you need to know about the spread of the virus, the COVID-19 outbreak and the response in Norway All the information on the way. I will do my best to keep this page up-to-date for the next few days and weeks, but please check the links for the latest information. "

Those who want to follow Norway's rapid closure and closure news. How to use this link can stop Covid19 from progressing.

Due to declining demand, most major airlines cancelled flights, disrupting air travel in Norway and throughout Europe. SAS cancelled 2,000 flights in March, while Norwegian Airways announced that it had cancelled 3,000 flights between mid-March and mid-June.

Denmark has taken action to close schools and universities. In the UK, important policy makers must pay close attention to the experience of Nordic neighbors. Considering the difficult progress of Westminster, our first Minister Nicola Sturgeon played a role in making people aware of Covid19.

"Make Johnson Brexit" John did not complete Covid19. Britain may not yet be fully on the Norwegian stage, but today's Cobra conference is history.

News Network acknowledges that life in Norway is our origin and the image is the Norwegian flag

Update 21.00 March 12

France and Ireland joined Italy, Denmark and Closed school in Norway. Suspension has a major impact on schools. The Easter holiday is coming. The Scottish school will be closed on April 3.

China provided Covid19 experts and equipment to Italy to help Italy in an emergency.

Green Party cancels spring meeting

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