“Blowhard” Trump is now a laughing stock in China due to continuous coronavirus boiling: report – Raw Story

According to a report by Politico, China ’s message board is now full of comments, mocking Donald Trump for being widely known for gathering in the United States during the coronavirus pandemic because he caused the United States to stand still during the coronavirus pandemic

Politico ’s David Wertime report pointed out that when the president boasted “If our population is between 100,000 and 200,000, [deaths] we work together, Chinese citizens are unbelievable” According to the report,

“& # 39; Trump said that reducing the number of deaths to 100,000 was not bad, and quickly became a popular trend in hashtag . Weibo commentators described the appearance of the rose garden as "preparation for the funeral." Calling Trump "clowns" and "blowers" ironically predicted, "I believe that God will protect the United States. According to Chinese reports, there is a popular commentary speculating, "How many people here would say [we are] a dying country?" "Another person bluntly pointed out: & # 39; [F] From here, the world order will never become the world order.

Political parties have previously reported that the Republican and Trump campaigns hope to Criticizing China as the central theme of the presidential election campaign it now appears that China is fighting back.

19659002] Wertime wrote: "As the coronavirus has spread from its Wuhan descent, the Chinese government It has been working hard to turn the initial embarrassment into a victory for its international image, and has achieved different successes. "But for the Chinese authorities, domestic listeners are really important listeners. In this huge crowd, the verdict is unquestionable: China's performance outperformed the market, and the United States' catastrophic faltering." This is the view of even well-educated, international Chinese observers, that the group once tended to view the United States as a role model.

pointed out that “China ’s social media is full of imperfect shots and tempers for a wide range of public sentiment,” the report pointed out, “Despite this, the report still points out that there is a popular comment that claims to be“ surprised ”and believes that the United States It is "narrow, self-interested, and shirks responsibility instead of the world's first. "Another person declared that the US response was" the disaster of 2020. "Those ventilators? The popular response was" raising prices. "Wertime wrote:" Then make sure they pay before delivery. "

In order to strengthen his argument, "in the context of China's vigorous development, the United States still has a clear commitment to clean air and clean water, top universities, and the competent government. , And the best-in-class public health system ", and then added:" Now, Chinese propagandists and nationalists can truly say that the United States representative the governor and the hospital have purchased ] There is an urgent need for Chinese ventilators, gloves and masks, and Washington often does not help. The fact that American institutions are buying supplies at market prices without begging for relief, or that certain Chinese-made goods prove to be flawed does not weaken the domestic view of basic balance.

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