Republican National Committee, Michigan Republican Party asked the state legislature to postpone certification of election results

The Republican National Committee and the Michigan Republican Party issued a letter on Saturday urging the Michigan State Canvas Committee to postpone the certification of Michigan statewide election results for 14 days and review the results of the Wayne County election.

The state legislature formed two Republicans and two Democrats and it was sure to meet the certification results from Monday to.

President Donald Trump lost about 154,000 votes from the Democratic president-elect Biden of Michigan. Trump has made baseless allegations of election violations in Detroit.

This letter was written by Republican National Committee Chairman Ronald McDaniel (from Michigan) and Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox, expressing support for Republican President John James’ request for a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Investigate the results of the county’s alleged election “irregularities”. The unofficial results showed that James lost to the current Democratic Party Gary Peters, but James has not yet admitted.

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"Those violations that occur without regular review will only create a sense of distrust among Michigan voters. "In view of the unprecedented nature of this election-in the ongoing pandemic, it was mainly carried out by mail-which will seriously undermine the responsibility of this committee to the people of Michigan. Do not ensure that the violations identified in the James election are justified The results of Wayne County will be fully reviewed and thoroughly investigated.” The alleged violations mentioned in the letter

even if true, will not overturn the state's results. Election law experts said that the board must certify the results. Civil rights leaders said that delaying verification of voting results will deprive the majority of voters of their right to vote.

The staff of the U.S. State Department released a report on Friday, recommending that the vote be verified, and that Detroit’s experienced report says that there will be fewer problems in the general election on November 3 than in August. The primary election and the 2016 presidential election.

"Like past elections, some jurisdictions made mistakes in reporting unofficial results. "These errors are all due to human error tools, which are used to report unofficial results and do not affect actual votes. Tabulation, and has been identified and corrected.

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The Republican letter stated that Republicans would not trust the election results and referred them to other states, such as Georgia. A comprehensive statewide audit has been ordered manually.

” (Georgia Secretary Raffensperger pointed out that although he believes that a recount is unlikely to overturn the state’s election results, he has not first ensured that all Until the reported procedural misconduct is fully checked, there is no reason to rush into certification." [19659002] Follow Nisa Khan on Twitter @mnisakhan . Freep writers Paul Egan and Niraj Warikoo contributed to this report.

This article was originally published in the Detroit Free Press: RNC, Michigan Republican Party requested the state legislature to delay the certification of election results

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