Michigan Attorney General considers criminal charges against state officials who will overturn election results

 After Donald Trump agreed to prove the county’s election results, he contacted William Hartmann, a Republican of the Wayne County Canvas Committee, and the right-wing Republican chairman Monica Palmer (Monica Palmer). (AP)
Donald Trump, after agreeing to prove the county’s election results, and the leftist Wayne County Canvas Committee Republican William Hartman and Republican Chairman Monica Palmer (Monica Palmer) got in touch. (AP)

According to reports, Michigan’s attorney general is investigating officials whether they would prevent Joe Biden’s proof of victory in the state if they acted on Donald Trump’s instructions.

The Washington Post reported that Democrat Dana Nessel is one of many officials who are increasingly concerned about the president's attempts to influence the results of state elections.

The publication cited anonymous sources close to the Attorney General.

Michigan has attracted much attention. Earlier this week, at a canvassing committee in Wayne County, two Republican board members refused to prove the results of the 2020 election. After strong public opposition, officials gave in and agreed to prove the results.

Mr. Trump called officials on Tuesday night, after which they sought to withdraw the vote to prove the election result.

Wayne County is the home of the city. Detroit refuses to prove that the result will mainly lead to the Democratic Party and a disproportionate number of black voters being voted legally.

Mr. Trump’s call was not his only effort to influence Michigan lawmakers. On Friday, four Michigan Republicans from the state legislature flew to Washington to meet with the president.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (Kayleigh McEnany) stated that this meeting was a standard meeting between members of Congress and Trump, without any meetings. Related to elections. However, the protesters firmly believe that Trump will try to pressure officials to choose voters who are loyal to him in order to vote in the election college to his advantage. These protesters met with legislators in Washington, DC, with the words "shame" on them. 19659005] After the meeting, Michigan lawmakers issued a statement saying that they “have not learned anything that will change the results of Michigan’s election. As legislative leaders, we will abide by the law and follow the rules as we said throughout the election That way, voters in Michigan."

On the night after the meeting, lawmakers were photographed drinking Tang at a bar in the Trump Hotel Dom Perignon (Dom Perignon), sparked criticism on social media.

According to a conversation with The Washington Post Source

Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump of Michigan by more than 150,000 votes. He studied whether any state officials engaged in bribery, perjury, or conspiracy. In Michigan, the recount can only be triggered when the margin between candidates does not exceed 2,000. Since the Trump campaign cannot use recounts to change the results of the election, the campaign seems to be focused on invalidating votes.

According to the MLive.com website, the attempt was an attempt to prevent Michigan from proving that the state is beneficial to Biden. Republican National Committee Chairman Rona McDaniel and Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox have urged the state of the state The Canvas Committee verifies the election results.

The leaders called on the committee to adjourn for two weeks to allow time for a full review and investigation.

The last Republican effort seems to be a response to Trump’s apparent failure to pressure Michigan lawmakers to intervene in the election on his behalf.

According to "Detroit News" Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said that her office will eventually have any evidence of violations against Wayne County and her area, but she said that the results will be discussed in the state She cannot do this before certification, because she cannot obtain the legal documents she needs until after certification.

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