TV anchor chopped up the absurd idea of ​​Fox News critics and named the vaccine after Trump

  MSNBC, Fox News, CNN
MSNBC, Fox News, CNN

In one of the most typical examples of Trump's unwavering Trump, Fox News reporter Geraldo Lee Vera suggested naming him COVID-19 on Friday.

Rivera's peers in the rival network brutally roasted him because he hinted that Trump-for putting his name on the building It’s notorious for everything about steak-it may take a lot of fun to coax him to heal him

"You know, Gerald made a good point here. MSNBC host Brian William Brian Williams did not wear a mask next to Trump’s golfing photo on Friday, saying sarcastically. "His focus is like a laser, his daily dedication, and he will always express his sympathy for the families of the 250,000 dead. .

"Even if the President speaks to us in this way, please wear a mask and prevent the spread." And he has always advocated injections. He added. "Gerardo may make a difference."

CNN host Don Lemon gave Rivera a more direct punch, mocking the so-called "Trump whispers" , Implying that "it might make the president's snowflake better."

"This is so sad that even [“Fox & Friends” co-host] Steve Dusey had to laugh out loud." Lemon said.

Rivera argued in "Fox and Friends" that naming the COVID-19 vaccine "Trump" is "a good gesture for him, and in a few years, it will become a generic name."

"'Do you have Trump?''I have Trump, and I am fine."I hope we can be honored Rivera said, And pointed out that this name can help improve national divisions and pave the way for Trump to give in to the 2020 election.

was a few days after Trump erroneously praised Pfizer for announcing that the COVID-19 vaccine was effective. In fact, the Drug labeling did not receive government funding for this project.

After that, another pharmaceutical company released results indicating that the second, more accessible vaccine could be fast-tracked by the FDA before the end of the year. Dr. Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci) Thursday also said that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine was “extraordinary,” adding that it was almost as effective as the measles vaccine.

On Friday, Trump made a strange suggestion that those pharmaceutical companies deliberately keep successful As a result, Rivera said that he hoped that the American people would commend Trump by praising Trump for his quick vaccine, because he was definitely the prime minister, so he was forced to oust him with a plot of revenge.[19659004] "

So far, the coronavirus has killed at least 250,000 Americans and infected nearly 12 million people. This is a grim milestone. Only with the advent of the holiday season and winter looms, this grim The milestones have only soared.

On Friday night, Williams seemed to hint at the tragic reality of the virus raging across the country and called on the president to refuse to follow the virus mitigation recommendations he promoted by blic health officials, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

"We are all painfully aware that life in the United States will not feel anything close to normal until the coronavirus vaccine is perfected and distributed," he said on the late-night show, "the 11th hour."

In a monologue on Trump's "Focus on Laser" epidemic, Williams jokingly emphasized the success rate of other products named after the president.

"What did Trump Steak do for the hungry, and what did Trump Water do for the thirst of our country, Trump University to promote our country’s Everything people do, and Trump: the emergence of a vaccine," Williams quipped. [1965年4月,我想您会同意,可能性无穷无尽。]

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