Kim Jong Un serves as commander-Kim Jong Un issues a warning on the economy

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un promoted (Kim Jong Un second command) His sister Kim Yoo Jong made him the second most powerful leader of the country. South Korean intelligence agencies reported that Kim Yo-jong, 32, has been appointed to take charge of North Korea’s investigation of cases related to the US and South Korea. In this way, she has now unofficially become the country's second largest leader. At the same time, the world's speculation about Kim Jong Un's disease is increasing.

The second Kim Jong-un

North Korea claimed that Kim Jong-un had handed over part of his power to his sister to ease the tension in the regime. However, Kim Jong-un still has a full mandate for North Korea. Kim Jong Un was promoted to promote his sister when he was missing for nearly 21 days due to death rumors.

Kim Jong-un slowly transferred these powers to his sister

South Korea (Second Commander Kim Jong-un) Ha Tae Kyung, a member of the Intelligence Bureau, said that the transfer of power took place on Thursday. He told Kim Jong Un that he still has all the power, but he is slowly handing it over to his sister. The Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported that Kim Jong-un is still in full power. At the same time, South Korea stated that this does not mean that Kim Jong-un will take his sister as his successor.

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It is said that Kim Jong-un has three children of his wife Ri Sol Joo, which were not seen in public. The children are said to be 10, 7 and 3 years old. Kim Jong Un's health has been speculating since May last year. Since Kim Jong Un’s health status began to be measured, the Sim Yoong sisters have played an important role in North Korea’s leadership structure.

Kim Jong-un has issued a serious warning about the economy

At the same time, Kim Jong-un has issued a serious warning about the North Korean economy. Kim Jong told party leaders that today's country is facing unexpected and serious challenges in all aspects. Therefore, the country's development goals have been "seriously behind." Explain to North Korea that due to the Coronavirus and sanctions, North Korea is also facing a severe food crisis.



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