How Mobile News Platform NDTV HOP Live Attracts Millennials

NDTV HOP Live was launched in October 2018, and the brand won a gold award at WAN-IFRA's most recent 2019 South Asian Media Digital Awards because it is "the best digital project to interact with a millennial audience." [19659002] With their in-house expertise in content, design and technology, NDTV HOP Live took only six months from conception to release and was strongly supported by Bharti Airtel, one of India's largest telecommunications service companies.

The brand offers dazzling boring content

Decided to stick to Hingarish (a mix of Hindi and English) as the main communication language to attract and let go of a wider audience Strike.

Every piece of content conceived and executed by the millennial team has a designated release time because the application runs 24×7 and requires flawless content eve

HOP News Room

NDTV HOP Live The team consists of 65-70 people, including content producers, hosts, journalists, researchers, video editors, videographers, graphic artists, developers, engineers, video encoders, and sales and marketing experts. The team works continuously to ensure continuous delivery of daily content.

"We serve 6-7 hours of fresh video content daily," said executive editor Vivek Gupta.

Drafting a video cycle plan, execution, editing and publishing are all fast. You start with an editorial discussion before you write down the concepts, shooting, and editing plans.

"We ensure that our team members are not overworked. We will constantly re-examine our workload and try to ensure that as many people as possible are involved." – NDTV HOP Live

Executive Editor Vivek Gupta " Yes, this is a challenge, but the team is also free to experiment and

simplifying the format and style of content was initially a challenge. Although the structure and content foundation of content has matured over the course of a year and a half

"Most news is brought by news, whether hard news stories, commentators or news writers will be taken care of. Gupta said.


HOP has proven to be a unique player on top. (OTT) video space with multiple genres and formats covering live news, fashion, automotive, technology, food, travel, entertainment, comedy, career, shopping, and podcasting.

Interactivity is a key element of this channel. When viewing content, users can simply click on the pop-up link in the video to vote on polls, participate in quizzes, and even purchase products online. The best use of these interactive features comes into play.

In the "De Le Le Dekho" program, a daily quote about the best daily online transactions. Viewers simply click on an interactive link to be redirected to a deal discount advertised in the show.

While publishers are focusing their resources on targeting, it is an unusual decision to evacuate readers from a channel.

"We are committed to providing a satisfying overall user experience that goes beyond the details of clock viewing and attracts all traffic to its channel." Ever since NDTV HOP Live was born, it has believed in experimentation. "– Vivek Gupta

HOP is a hybrid of appointment viewing and video on demand (VoD) format. VoD is an interactive technology that allows subscribers to view programs or download programs in real time and view them later.

After a piece of content is online , Save it as VoD in the app. Then, the user can choose to watch the show or clip at a convenient time or better, and then download it to the phone's memory.

Rop Khilnani, HOP Entertainment Editor Routine To capture the release of large-scale movies and interviews with movie stars.


The "Hop Corn" program is based on the "Netflix and Chill" philosophy. It's dedicated to helping viewers eliminate chaos and invest in the most watched topics and hidden gems in India's fast-growing original content OTT space.

Decided to develop vertically

Because the brand ’s USP is tailored content For smartphones, sticking to vertical aspect ratios makes sense, for two main reasons: First, multiple studies have shown that users In most cases, the phone is held vertically 90% of the time. Secondly, vertical video, if cleverly shot, can provide a more engaging and immersive experience.

"Since smartphone users are used to making video calls, making video blogs, taking selfies, and these videos are usually performed vertically, it seems natural to abandon it." Horizontal view ". – Vivek Gupta

Since HOP wants users to use their content anytime, anywhere, it wants to ensure that users can navigate the application and click on the video without using the second hand to rotate the phone. 90 degrees.

Shooting vertical video is slightly different from shooting horizontal video , But it ’s not difficult. Due to the narrow frames, vertical videos work well if the focus is entirely on the subject rather than capturing too many elements.

"Editing these videos is fun because there are many ways to make a video Split into different frames and creatively use 9:16 space to add text and graphics to complement them. "– Vivek Gupta

Content Delivery

Any news publisher knows that making engaging content every day is no easy task. The HOP team strikes a balance between producing content and attracting viewers to achieve organic, stable growth

"There is no secret secret, only persistence and enthusiasm," said Gupta.

One of HOP's daily hit shows, HopStart looks at emerging startups and established companies, the challenges they face And tribulations and suggestions from industry leaders.
  Follow me Fridays "title =" Follow me Fridays "class =" image image-thumbnail "width =" 196 "height =" 220 "/> <span class= Follow me on Friday

Although producing content daily is a challenge, HOP's fashion and technical team has found a unique way to participate

The show "Tuesday Travel" found the best in the United States Fashion hotspot and brought it to the phone screen. Follow Me Friday provides easy-to-makeup and dress-up tips to track ever-changing millennial fashion trends. [19659002] The Technology and Gadget team is responsible for programming, ranging from reviewing the latest gadgets and applications around the world to providing technical advice to less technically savvy people. At the core of the two teams are industry veterans Ambika Anand and Rajiv Makhni who interact directly with the audience.

Although fashion and technical programming are the new cornerstones of the Millennium platform, HOP has long been associated with providing trusted and trusted news. HOP has further promoted the development trend of accessible news through real-time news announcements throughout the day.

"News teams often manage to blend the complexity of daily news cycles with fresh perspectives to make content easier to access and watch, – Vivek Gupta

During the 2019 election, HOP initiated a Voting for "Voke is Woke", a campaign specifically targeted at first-time voters. The campaign covers "millennials" elections, ranging from helping voters obtain identity cards to explaining the complex election process in the world's largest democracy. 19659042]

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