Biden takes a cognitive test: "Why should I take the test?"

Atlanta-Joe Biden rejected the Republicans' claim that he should take a cognitive test to refute Donald Trump's claim that Democrats are not suitable for the Oval Office.

When CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett (Errol Barnett) became Biden, he asked in a recent interview whether the presumed Democratic presidential candidate had anything to do with it.

"No, didn't I take the exam? Why should I take the exam?" Biden said.

Then he said to Barnett: "It's like saying…Before participating in the program, you were testing whether to take cocaine. What do you think? ?? Are you an addict?"

77 The year-old former vice president also tried to turn the matter back on the 74-year-old president. This is the latest debate over the two men’s qualifications for public office.

Biden said: "Well, if he can't figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion, I don't know what he is talking about," he seems to be referring to Trump's clinical examination of the doctor himself Discuss openly.

Biden's exchange with Barnett was part of an interview with the Association of African American Journalists and the Association of Spanish Journalists in America. It was originally scheduled to be fully broadcast on Thursday.

In a recent interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Trump praised his intelligence by referring to recent inspections. Trump described the results of his research as a sign of talent, recalling that he successfully repeated a series of words he could hear to the doctor. "Man. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." He said to Wallace.

Trump and his allies have repeatedly questioned whether Biden has undergone such inspections.

Biden told reporters in June that the president's sternness "continuously tested" him. Campaigned and expressed his desire to confront Trump in the fall debate. He repeated these points to Barnett.

"I am very promising and have the opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president and debate," Biden said. He later said that he was "very willing to allow the American public to judge my physical, mental, physical, and mental health, and to make judgments about my identity."

Trump and Biden, their allies, often Grab the opponent's word list. Both provided enough information to generate a widely shared video mashup about their mistakes. Biden's third White House bid once again caused his life as a stutterer.

Catherine Hall Jamison, a professor of political communication at the University of Pennsylvania, said that voters and the media should try to discern whether presidential candidates have justified the skills and temperament of their jobs. But she cautioned against using verbal errors to draw conclusions.

"You don't always know what this means," Jamison said, adding that age bias affects the way voters and the media treat older candidates' grammar. "However, when you communicate in real time, you do know whether a person can handle questions and answers, and thus has the ability to make a difference."

"Some clues did not actually comment on governance," Jamison said. "If you can't concentrate, it's a problem. If you can't provide a coherent answer, it's a problem. (But) sometimes what you see may be annoying, but it doesn't represent a person's ability to govern."

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