Biden believes that science is good news for Democrats

In an announcement that seemed to be good news for Democrats, Joe Biden said he believed in science.

Biden said: "Let me be clear. I believe in vaccines. I trust scientists, but don’t trust Donald Trump.

 Joe Biden is a vaccine unless Trump is
Joe Biden is Vaccines, unless Trump is. NewsBlaze comics.

In his latest speech to No Man’s Nation. It can be clearly seen that Biden is reading from the teleprompter or the screen in front of him. Who wrote his The script spreads it like molasses on a thick syrup. When he said "I am deeply grateful to the scientists and researchers tirelessly dedicated to ensuring that safe and effective vaccines become a reality As soon as possible .

Because Joe never talks about reality and only talks about future promises, he does not have to worry about inconvenient facts. Joe can talk about exaggerations, such as "When this work yields results, it will be nothing Will save lives in doubt.

Unfortunately, vaccines usually do not solve this problem-they usually end up killing a few people and messing up their gut bacteria.

Obviously, this is a reminder for the teleprompter.​​ And a speech with zero audiences.

Finally, after Biden's shaking for a minute, Biden started his video performance with the real purpose of inserting a steak knife into Donald Trump.

Although Joe Bye Den and his campaign are not transparent about his health, but their motives are transparent. The purpose of this is to deceive Democrats, especially black voters, again, and convince them that the DNC actually cares about their care for humanity. Just like they care about voting.

In fact, Joe Biden said "Please trust me to vote, I will do something big for you, which is the same as what I have done to you in the past 47 years s difference.

The mainstream media played with DNC games because they hated Donald Trump and because they couldn’t control Trump. They tried all the dirty tricks in the book to control him, but he was one The never-ending machine will not distract support for his country and people.

Obviously, Joe’s last point about the American people is a false mistrust of Donald Trump. Donald Trump (Donald Trump) Trump) has been holding campaign protest rallies all over the country. There are thousands of supporters who lined up for hours to wait for him. Biden performed to the crowd of zero. When he appeared outside the basement, no one was waiting for him. Waving to the grass, except for a rabbit on the grass, it has not stopped on the edge of the tarmac.

But the media is still bragging that the polls show that Biden leads Trump. The only person who believes in the polls at the moment is the Democratic Party People, they hope that the prediction against Harris-Biden’s decline is correct. They also hope that soon they will get rid of this bad orange forever.

It seems certain that unless the Democrats can withdraw from the election, these people will keep crying Until November and the next four years. They have been working hard to study fraud.

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