Ben Kuzma (Ben Kuzma): Rocky Mountain video adds attractiveness to NHL hub city competition

Vancouver does not need promotional videos to overwhelm the readiness of the NHL hub.

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In a 64-second promotional video, Alberta Governor Jason Kenney used the majestic Rocky Mountains to help champion Edmonton as the NHL’s Regaining the status of the league and regaining the status of the league

Can a little expense help a lot?

All the seriousness of the NHL hub city concept proposed by Vancouver and Edmonton, especially rigorous testing and cohort isolation, to mitigate concerns about the outbreak of new coronavirus, all came from Alberta Prime Minister Jason Ken Nepal.

Launched in a 64-second promotional video on Monday, Kenny used the majestic Rocky Mountains to help champion Alberta’s capital, becoming one of the two cities that can be named this week, to be held by COVID on March 12 -19 suspended NHL season.

Edmonton Kenny said: "This is the obvious choice to bring the NHL to Edmonton." In 1965, Kenny said, "Knowing this is the obvious choice to bring the NHL to Edmonton." 19659006] If we admit that Las Vegas, as the preferred hub-and the alliance is keen to name the Canadian city that smashed the COVID-19 curve-the relationship between Vancouver and Edmonton has reached another level. Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles are other competitors.

In the Alberta video, the following titles pop up: "Edmonton Playoffs", "Rocky Mountain Play", "Respiratory Room", "Kindness". 'Thoughtful'. "Considering completion." The breakdown shows lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, excursions, fishing, horse riding, golfing, and all are enjoying splendid and superlative accommodation.

The stadium has nothing to do with Edmonton’s favorable stadium and hotel infrastructure, but everything related to hope may have an adjusted concept of isolation when the playoffs enter the final two rounds so that families can get closer to the players .

Due to the current isolation order, this seems to be a real goal.

The NHL Players Association has a say in the activities that its members participate in, but families entering Canada from abroad are still subject to an additional 14-day isolation period. How do you sell it to players? After a four-hour drive from Edmonton to Jasper, how can his family enjoy outdoor activities in the hotel room?

In the Vancouver hub proposal, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry emphasized that players and staff must remain in a queue of 50 people to isolate the bubble during the playoffs. Even with British Columbia (BC Prime Minister John Horgan) proposed this possibility two weeks ago.

On the court, Horgan hoped his family and their team would stay in the same Vancouver hotel , And board a private bus to participate in club-organized customs, food and other activities. They will also receive regular COVID-19 tests at the expense of the team.

"We are promoting family elements in British Columbia. Are they available? The quarantine service and how it fits into the quarantine area will be determined by the team." Horgan told Postmedia News at the time. "This may be a family unit, and the team will occupy the hotel's three floors without being mixed with residents."

It sounds good on the surface, but it is actually a new normal and tight bubble and restricted movement. This does not work. Maybe three months later, but it will not work now. And, if you encounter a card game, Vancouver can Improve family entertainment by providing Whistler, boating and whale watching.

BC. Tourism Minister Lisa Beare reiterated her concern for provincial health on Tuesday, confirming that the revised quarantine area will " Only players are allowed to isolate themselves as a unit".

During this period, there were many signs that Vancouver was an important hub competitor. As a practical facility, UBC’s infrastructure has far exceeded the stage of curiosity , The number of five-star hotels in the city center and its core area has not lost to the league and its players.

For example, the JW Marriott Hotel was a short walk from Rogers Arena and became a draft NHL finalist for 2019 Homestay hotel.

Finally, the following boxes must be checked to win:


BC and Alberta have always been supporters of the flat COVID-19 curve.

Edmonton has experienced very little US border traffic and has been actively tested. Nonetheless, in the past 10 days, the number of active cases has increased, tested by staff and clients After being positive, 5 restaurants were temporarily closed this week.

How small are your bubbles?

This is a kicking action.

Contains games, and the bidder’s first priority is nearby conventions and accommodation . Vancouver has UBC options, but this brings traffic challenges and requires multiple buses and drivers to ensure the actual distance.

Edmonton’s huge Rogers Square (Roge rs Place) is equipped with practice facilities, and the 346-room JW Marriott Hotel is just across the road, with access to the sidewalk from a height. This is a big advantage, but the foundation of Vancouver’s five-star downtown hotels is more extensive.

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