Bell: The Battle of COVID-19 and St. Patrick's Day

This COVID-19 routine has become confusing, not only because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau changes his tune more often than a karaoke DJ.

Stay at home, keep a distance and avoid the crowd.

Politicians need to do everything they need to do, because it is a virus after all, and you must lead and hatch it before it can become ugly.

Every day conveys information in this way. again and again.

But the authorities stumbled on simple things. For example, should the bar be closed?

Well, because no one can decide whether the casino should be closed or not, shutting down the bar is a real problem, not even talking about restaurants.

At Calgary City Hall, Tom Sampson was a key figure in the emergency. COVID-19 is an emergency.

Sampson is as rare as a hairy wombat in northern Australia in the town hall. He is an outspoken person without the usual high-strength gesture of a large blue baby pen. [19659002] In fact, on Monday, Sampson admitted that he was disappointed in himself.

You see, a man came out of the elevator and wore a mask.

When he walked away, the man said he had just got off the plane. From LA

Sampson looked at him and said, "Man, what are you doing here?"

The man walked through the building.

"That's where we really want to be solid. I hope I can have a better response." Sampson admitted.

The man wants him to tell the guy to leave the building. right now.

Sampson is telling the truth, but also following travelers who did not participate in the exercise. When they return to Canada, they should go home – go straight home and stay at home.

"Self-isolation does not mean that you need to get off the plane, go to Costco for shopping, and then go to the pharmacy.. I don't lie to you, that's it.

" I don't stress that this is inappropriate.

Don't let him start ho product. Dear reader, please tell us the answer to the popular puzzle game. How is the use of toilet paper?

Calgary Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Sampson ) Speaking to reporters in this 2018 archival photo.

Al Charlerst /


Sampson added our knowledge of the virus. The COVID-19 number is increasing. He hopes the province will do more, otherwise the city will announce "further protection of Calgary."

"Either we have to separate ourselves or take a bad road.

These words are on the page, the sun is on the city, so there is no news.

Then there is St. Patrick's Day.

] The legendary St. Patrick has driven the snake out of Ireland, but this holy man does not have to face the virus that has swept the world. 19659002] Jeromy Farkas says some bars are holding up a large feast of St. Patrick ’s Day and risking becoming party members Dangerous, the MP suggested the party be removed.

He told the Mayor that Naheed Nenshi had a direct connection with the Prime Minister.

Let us not forget that Ireland is closed. Why? Read this gem on Emerald Isle.

"Bar It is a social place. We know that people can eliminate their inhibitory effects when they drink.

You won't say.

Nenshi told the city council that St. Patrick's Day was cancelled and then cancelled.

The Mayor just encouraged the puddles not to hold large parties. "If we need to order to enforce this, we can do it."

The sun has set and there is no order.

Then there is the casino. Sampson said they should probably close. Nenshi thinks something should be done. I booked a seat on the VLT for St. Patrick's Day.

The province ticked as the clock ticked. cket.

They are monitoring the situation. This is what those in power say when they have nothing to say.

Then, last Friday, the province again stated that students need not worry about attending class. By Sunday, the school is over.

And all things, we always have Trudeau, our sunny road leader.

Trudeau thinks his work is excellent.

When he was criticized for criticizing himself for being not strong, he did not regret it. The Prime Minister said: "We are on a much lower track than other Western countries," he added, "we will take the necessary measures when necessary."

Ah, yes, just say something sweet. May kill the virus.

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