"Back to the Square" by fruit growers and foreign workers

by Lyonel Doherty

Elation has been British Columbia. Groan.

Glen Lucas Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA), general manager of British Columbia, provides updated information on travel bans affecting temporary foreign workers.

"The first news I heard about the revitalization of agriculture was that Bill Blair, the Minister of Public Security, announced that temporary foreign workers (TFW) were not included in the travel ban. However, when a very senior minister in the Federal Cabinet clarified that the travel ban only Elusion became confusing when TFW cancellations from the United States were cancelled.

The bad news is that the industry "backs on track" during travel bans seasonal agricultural workers program (SAWP) and TFW-Ag Stream workers.

But he added that the good news is that a proposal will be submitted to the federal government urging them to clarify the TFW plan and Canada's food security, and "can quickly resolve the travel ban."

Many growers in Southern Okanagan rely heavily on foreign workers in Mexico and other countries to harvest their fruits.

Gary Dhaliwal, a local grower, questions how orchard owners like him

"We rely on foreign workers. My workers should be here on March 25.

Dhaliwal said he needed about 50 workers to harvest the cherry crop in July.

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