Australia's 1.2 million epidemiologists enter social media to provide valuable expert advice-Shovel

As Australians struggle to understand the COVID-19 pandemic, the country's 1.2 million epidemiologists have rushed to social media to provide informed, evidence-based guidance for citizens with insufficient knowledge.

Lisa Harrington, an epidemiologist who also worked as a sales assistant at the juice bar, said she was happy to share the knowledge she has accumulated in her medical research career, which can be traced back to the previous Thursday.

People who have read this topic extensively in institutions such as Google and Twitter,
I have a responsibility to impart what I know to those who are not qualified. Harrington said.

"It would be better if I might be able to share an outdated or misleading chart I found on Facebook to explain how people should respond to coronavirus."

Department spokesman Graeme Thornbury thanks Australian epidemiologist
Share their knowledge at this difficult time.

"It's so lucky to have so many experts in this field at such a critical moment," he said.
Said that.

"People are confused now. Therefore, what they need most is strong support from epidemiologists / junior accountants. They read an article discovered by a spouse on reddit.

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