Attack on civil liberties in the COVID-19 era

In MintPress ’s exclusive news, constitutional lawyer John Whitehead warned that the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to bring the US police state to public places on an unprecedented scale.

Y You can always count on the government to use legal or artificial crises.

This coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

Not only did the federal and state governments disintegrate the country ’s constitutional structure through the following means: the embargo ordered the economy into chaos and caused serious damage to our freedoms, but they also made citizens completely dependent on the government for financial assistance, medical intervention, and protection And sustaining life.

Unless we find a way to control

everything I have warned over the years-government expansion, aggressive surveillance, martial law, abuse of power, and now, allied police are used to track and control the weaponization of citizens Technology and so on have been fused together.

Compared with the current situation, the government ’s shameless exploitation of past national emergencies for its own evil purposes appears pale and weak. 19659004] Deploy the same strategy as 9/11 to gain greater power under the American Patriot Act. The shadow government (also known as the "Shenzhou") has been expecting this moment for many years, quietly compiling a wish list of locked-in power that can be issued and approved immediately.

Therefore, no one would be surprised that the Trump administration has asked Congress to allow it to suspend certain parts of the constitution as the need for this coronavirus pandemic and “other” emergencies occurs.

It is the “other” emergencies that should especially stop you, if not irritating you. Take immediate action (through action, I mean loud and silent, non-political, non-partisan strong protests, and ongoing, non-political, non-partisan resistance).

In fact, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been quietly running and testing long-term laundry

We are talking about the right to lock (at both the federal and state levels): the suspension of the constitution, the ability to detain indefinitely by US citizens The court isolates the entire community or part of the population, abolishes the First Amendment by prohibiting religious gatherings and gatherings of more than a few people, shuts down the entire industry and manipulates the economy, controls dissidents, "stops and seizes anything" aircraft, Trains or cars to curb the spread of infectious diseases ", reshape financial markets, create digital currencies (thus further restricting the use of cash), determine who is damn or die …

Are you now understanding the situation?

These Power is the power that the police government desperately wants to perpetuate.

Remember, however, according to the order of the government, these powers adopted by the Trump administration are official ] to the Congress to recognize and authorize the government to order Aspects claim to have a profound influence on the surface of power.


Previously, this epidemic is testing whether the police are in Congress, courts or citizens are not subject to power control or disguise. The Constitution and our commitment to the principles contained in the Bill of Rights can be used in national crises and real emergencies Survived.

What we know is: the so-called threats to the country-whether it is civil strife, school shootings, suspected terrorist acts or threats that could cause a global pandemic in the COVID-19 case-the government tends to use The country ’s growing emotions, confusion, and fears are used as a means to expand the police ’s national strength.

The prevalence of this coronavirus lifted China ’s Orwellian surveillance from the shadows and led to Italy ’s announcement of a national blockade , Threatening to open the US police nation on a large scale we have never seen before.

Every day, government agencies put forward a series of strict new restrictions at the local, state, and federal levels (most of which are implemented through executive orders), They are anxious to try their best for their own strength.

This is how we risked the entire night flight operation The risk of getting off track.

Attempting to conduct social alienation experiments is one thing that flattens the curve of this virus because we cannot afford to overwhelm hospitals and risk the most vulnerable people in the United States from inevitable loss of life However, there is a fine line between the proposal that strongly recommends that citizens voluntarily stay at home and the strong house ban and fines for violations.

More than three-quarters of Americans are now ordered to stay [19659004] The school canceled physical education classes, and many people canceled the rest of the school year.

Many states banned gatherings of more than 10 people.

] At least three states (Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania) have Order to close non-essential business.

In Washington, DC, if residents leave their homes during a coronavirus outbreak, they will face 90 days in prison and a fine of $ 5,000. Residents of Maryland, Hawaii and Washington State may also face up to one year in prison and a fine of $ 5,000 for violating the "Not At Home" order. Violators in Alaska may face jail time and fines of up to $ 25,000.

With a few exceptions, residents of Kentucky are prohibited from traveling outside the state.

New York City was the center of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, offering its Rikers Island prisoners a fee of $ 6 per hour to help them dig their graves.

In San Francisco, marijuana dispensaries have included important businesses that allowed them to continue operating throughout the city ’s blockade.

The governor of New Jersey abolished any number of gatherings, including parties, weddings and religious ceremonies, and warned that the restrictions may continue for weeks or months. One city actually threatened to prosecute residents who spread false information about the virus.

Oregon bans all insignificant social and entertainment gatherings, regardless of their size.

Rhode Island has approved the police to arrest New Yorkers. The license plate records their contact information and requires them to conduct a 14-day self-quarantine.

South Carolina police have the right to dissolve any public gathering of more than three people.

Of course, everyone has exceptions for these "place orders at home" (in more than 30 states and still counting), the longest is until June 10. Basic workers (doctors, firefighters, police and grocery workers) can work. Everyone must adapt to various exceptions in order to leave their homes: running a grocery store, seeing a doctor, exercising, visiting family, etc.

Over 14,000 "citizens"-National Guard "soldiers" have been mobilized across the country to support the fight against the coronavirus in the states and the federal government.

So far, we have not violated the crisis point stipulated in the Constitution: Martial law has not been publicly implemented (although given the military nature of the US police state, an opposite argument can be made.

The collapse of all hell is just The question of time.

If this is not the definition point we enter

Generally, the government must demonstrate convincing national interests before it can override certain important rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, etc. This is against national totalitarianism. Comprehensive test.

Most of the time, it lacks that convincing national interest, but it still manages to violate these rights and prepares for future legal struggles.

These blockade measures are being implemented for people ’s peaceful assembly , The right to travel, engage in business activities, etc.-There is no doubt that the basic constitutional rights are restricted. These rights may be passed in a short time, but can the law be maintained for a longer period of time?

Of course, if these Days and weeks can be months apart, and that is the challenge before us. [19659004] At present, the government believes that it has convincing interests in restricting parties, assemblies and activities, although it is only temporary.

The key point is: Although we can tolerate these restrictions on our freedom in the short term, But we must never be careful, lest these one-time malpractice military training become a slippery slope of the overall blockade mentality.

The trend we must be more aware of than ever is to become so used to our prison walls-these blockades , The authoritarian order and the police status strategy adopted when necessary are reasonable. For national security, we allow the government to maintain its status in everything without causing any citizen resistance or opposition.

The most important thing is, Do n’t be naive: The government uses with

This is the beginning of this crisis.

Too far along the slippery hillside, there will be no turning back.

As I clearly stated in my speech, book "," if you wait to say it out loud-stand up-resist until political The government ’s blockade affects your your personal freedom, which may be too late.

Just because we are fighting an invisible enemy in the form of a virus does not mean that we have to give up humanity All the fragments, our common sense or our freedom, make a nanny country think it can better keep us safe.

No matter what we are willing to give up now, whether it is basic human etiquette, we can handle our private affairs , The right to comment on how the government responded to this crisis, or the few rights that have been deprived by the power-hungry police state in recent years-we will not be able to return easily once the crisis has passed.

The government never cedes power.

Nor should we cede.

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