Ask AMY: A boy and his bear belong together

Dear reader: Every year, I leave the Ask Amy column for two weeks to work on other writing projects.

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The "Best" column today (2010) contains one of my most memorable questions. I ran the original questions and answers, and a sample of the cute and supportive responses I got from readers who were moved by the story of a child's connection to his plush toy.

I will be back next week and ask Amy.

Dear Amy: I have a friend who is the father of a 12-year-old son. My friend's son's bedroom was stuffed with stuffed animals. These are not "guy" toys, but pink, yellow, orange and other stuffed animals. We tried to tell our father that this was not suitable for a young man, but he just laughed at us. There are hundreds of plush toys in this child's room.

What do you think?

— friends who want to know

dear people who want to know: My idea is that any toy hundreds or thousands of toys are for a child to have, but you are not to judge The type of toys this child collects. You also don't have to judge if plush toys are masculine enough to be played by others' children.

If this father seeks your advice on the quantity and quality of your son's toys, do it. Otherwise, you should keep an eye on yourself.

July 2010

Dear Amy: We have a grandson. At the age of 12, he not only had a lot of stuffed toys but also carried one with him everywhere. This drives my husband crazy.

I have taught elementary school students for 42 years. I told him to leave the boy alone.

Grandson is now a music teacher and a good young man.


Dear Barbara: "Let the boy be alone" is a sage's advice to many parents and grandparents in many different situations. You are a smart woman. Thank you.

July 2010

Dear Amy: When I was in high school, a boy I started dating handed me a closed paper lunch box. Shyly, he said he knew I could sew and wondered if I could repair the contents of the bag.

His gratitude to the bear moved me and thought: "This guy will one day become a great dad."

Recently we celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. He is the kind, loving and gentle husband and father of our two married daughters.

Is there any plush panda bear? We still have.

— Shirley

Dear Shirley: This is very cute. Thank you.

August 2010

Dear Amy: I had to jump on the hipster team and write back to this letter about a 12-year-old boy with many stuffed animals.

I am a 24-year-old female, and I have owned a big teddy bear since my infancy. My childhood was a bit difficult, and my only constant friend was my bear.

I half-jokingly told people, "He has a scent of life to me."

A few years ago, I was dating a man for the second or third time, and this topic appeared in some way. I told him about my bear, I thought his eyes would pop out of his head!

Then he explained that he has had a bear since he was a baby, and he put it in the trunk of the car.

He is now my fiancee, and our bears don't have to hide.

It makes me feel warm to hear from others


Dear Hager: I love you for those furs that have our "scent" The life recommended by a friend of a plush toy. The bear may be the child's closest friend.

August 2010

Dear Amy: Your discussion of a boy stuffed with stuffed animals makes me smile. My name is muffin. He is a duck and helped me pass the law school smoothly.

— Greg

Dear Greg: This is Muffin, and all other stuffed or lifeless friends who help their breeders meet the challenges of life.

August 2010

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