As the pandemic stabilizes, Moscow will relax its lock on Monday – Raw Story

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on Wednesday that the Russian capital Moscow will relax the blockade from June 1, after the Kremlin said the coronavirus pandemic has exceeded the country ’s peak .

"Today, we can already discuss the next steps. Sobyanin told President Vladimir Putin at a live TV conference.

" I suggest that from June 1 Not only reopened food retail, but also all non-food retail.

The mayor also requested a reopening

Moscow has been in a blocked state since March 30, and only allows residents to go out to shop and walk around for a short time. This is the service that has the least contact with customers in retail services. There is a dry cleaner, laundry service and maintenance workshop.

The mayor said in a decree issued on Wednesday night that the licensing system would be extended until June 14.

The decree said that only 6 Put on a mask on January 1.

The city will also reopen sports facilities for professional athletes and restart its popular bicycle sharing program.

The Russian capital has become the center of the country ’s pandemic in more than 370,000 cases Half.

The mayor said that it makes sense to lift the restrictions because the situation has improved since May 12, when about 500,000 workers were allowed to return to work in the construction and industrial sectors. The number of hospitalizations in Moscow has dropped by 40%.

Putin said of the anti-virus measures taken in Moscow: "We are taking active actions without wasting time.

Sobiayan also proposed to allow residents of the capital to take walks under certain restrictions, expand the rules, and limit the Moscow people to within 100 meters of their houses.

Sobiayan proposed a test measure to allow People walk around

– difficult decision –

He described the decision as “very difficult” because he was worried that allowing unlimited walks would mean “there will be as many as

starting May 12, The number of commuters increased by 1 million. Sobyanin added.

The details of the new measures are expected to be held at a rally on May 1. The Moscow City Government website will continue to have problems in the next few days, when large shopping centers will open and whether there is a limit to the number of shoppers in the store.

Putin announced in mid-May that nationwide anti-virus measures were being relaxed

During Wednesday ’s meeting, Putin reiterated that the peak of the pandemic in Russia and the capital had passed and praised the reduction in infections in Sobyanin Moscow Half, and conducted extensive testing.

"The situation in Moscow and the entire country is stabilizing," Putin said.

There are 370,680 cases of infection in Russia, the third largest case after the United States. Officials say the states and Brazil are largely due to large-scale testing campaigns.

Official virus data released on Wednesday showed that active cases declined for the second consecutive day.

After peaking in mid-May, there were more than 11,000 new cases each day, and the number of daily infections had fallen to below 9,000.

Putin ordered on Tuesday that the World War II victory parade postponed due to the pandemic will be held on June 24, warning that "strict security measures" would originally hold the event on May 9.

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