As the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis strikes, people ask ask shocked employees to cut pay

HEARTS requires that all players and back-office personnel cut wages by 50% amid increasing financial pressure on Tynecastle.

On a dramatic afternoon, some of the club's coaches were also asked to take unpaid leave.

The grim reality of the coronavirus crisis in Scottish football was revealed, and the news shocked all staff on Wednesday. It will be halved for an indefinite period starting in April, and staff members do not expect to receive their dues in the future.

Those who are unwilling to accept these measures will be terminated by each other, leaving employees in the host country to consider their options.

It is feared that if Hearts retreats, the club will face the biggest financial challenge since emerging Europe, and the situation may become more serious.

announced at the meeting of Ministers of Administration in June 2014. I propose a club-wide pay cut.

"Since the beginning of April, we have required all full-time employees, managers, coaches, players, and players in the backcourt to accept a 50% reduction in monthly salary, but with the following warning: no one's full-time salary will be lower than the living wage. In other words, if a 50% reduction would make anyone's salary below this threshold, full-time wages would be set at £ 18,135.

"Given the uncertainty of the entire situation we face, we cannot say that these measures will be implemented how long. We will of course continue to review the situation.

"Staff and players, of course, will choose to terminate the contract if they feel unable or unwilling to accept this amendment to their contract."

This week's budget shows that Scottish football is shut down The Edinburgh club has lost £ 1 million from the expected income from the upcoming home game and the Scottish Cup semi-final against the Siberians.

Only a total of £ 9 million in donations from anonymous donors in the past three financial years prevented Hearts from recording substantial losses, resulting in some seemingly offensive accounts.

Tyne Castle redevelopment project, which involves the construction of a new main stand. Although initially costing 12 million pounds, the club's revenue is also expected to decrease by 22.5 million pounds.

The power that is about to transfer power to the fan organization Foundation of Hearts can now also agree.

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