American Jews: a definite time has come

Yes, the US election is imminent, and the clock of soul search now starts until November 2020. American Jews must make life-influencing decisions.

American Jewish Safe Harbor

] For decades, American Jews have enjoyed the freedoms provided by the country. Jews have never had such freedom in any other host country where they live.

For more than a century, Jews have come to the United States from all corners of the world. They left a country that was persecuted or no longer feels safe. To this day, this phenomenon is still happening. After the Islamic revolution ended their centuries-old Persian safe havens, the Jews fled Iran in the 1980s, and many fled to a safe zone in the United States. The latest Jewish exodus came from France. The Jews left the country in droves, and many chose to emigrate to the United States. In France, Jewish haters of Islamists have been threatening the lives of Jews and murdering them, and Jewish children enter Jewish learning institutions under the protection of the police.

Jews and Democrats

Since World War II, most Jews, American Jews, have been voting for the Democratic Party. Reason: The party gave them a sense of security. To some extent, the Jewish vote for the Democratic Party has become a cult-like vote. Jews are liberals, they are Democrats, no matter what the Democratic Party represents. It seems that they were born with some kind of Democratic Party genes.

After the Holocaust. The Jews who survived the Nazi atrocities and settled in the United States considered two issues: their security and the security situation in Israel.

For years, American Jews stood firmly behind Israel. For decades, the Democratic Party has been in the corner of Israel. But there is no more.

Today, some members of the Democratic Party openly oppose the Jews, and the Democratic dogma is very anti-Israel.

 The decision time for American Jews to be political parties. This picture was used by Chayka 1270 on Pixabay
as the decision time for American Jewish gatherings. Image by chayka1270 in Pixabay

Why Jews should not vote for the Democratic Party in 2020

It is clear that the Democratic Party no longer has supporters in the United States, especially American Jews. Some members of the party have been spreading anti-Semitism and speech.

In the upcoming 2020 election, Joe Biden is the leader of the Democratic Party. Obviously, Joe Biden will not support Israel. He has announced that he will withdraw some of Trump’s support for Israel, that is, reconsider the withdrawal of the US embassy to Jerusalem and return to the Iran nuclear agreement. To be honest, he knows other ways to politically shake Biden

Joe ·Joe Biden was Neville Chamberlain in 1938 when he was president in 2021.

Obviously, if Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States he will maintain and extend his wrong judgments and wrong decisions, which will almost certainly lead to Israel and support The American Jews in Israel suffered a disaster.

On the other hand, Donald Trump running for re-election was a gift to the Jewish state. The first gift to Israel was when President Harry Truman voted in favor of recognizing Israel as a sovereign country. President Trump is the biggest supporter of Israel.

This is not because Donald Trump made the Israeli capital Jerusalem the seat of the US embassy, ​​a move that should have happened many years ago. This is not because President Trump has recognized the Golan Heights as Israel’s sovereign land, or because the Jews living in Jewish and Samaria are no longer among the founding nations, but because they are now admitted to living in Israel. This is because Donald Trump betrayed Israel and launched an annihilation operation against Israel.

President Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and sanctioned Iran to weaken its ability to declare war on Israel.

Hope to take over the work of President Trump, whether we are willing to admit that Joe Biden as president will be the p of the Democratic Party, hoping to get rid of the threat of Syria and threaten the United States.

. This party includes anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bullies.

When Biden entered the White House, the two issues that American Jews had been concerned about-the safety of American Jews and Israel-would enter a dark area that has since I knew whether Israel would rise.

I know very well that many American Jews have lost interest in the Jewish state. Three generations from the Holocaust survivors who settled in the United States, this Jewish country no longer provides a safe haven for young American Jewish representatives who may still exist during the crisis of the family court. Carrying the genes of the Democratic Party, some of these new generations of Jews are hostile to the State of Israel. But they are wrong because nothing has changed. Anti-Semitism in the United States is on the rise, and Jews are not as safe as they think.

It has gone beyond the meaning of "handwriting on the wall". In preparation for the day after the 2020 election, the Democratic Party’s hope that Joe Biden will move to

If you do not plan to cultivate public Judenhass – Germans recognized by the government, use “Jew hatred In the name of look at the actual plan of the anti-Israeli legislation and actions being developed in the White House. ] – If you really want to see the beginning of the destruction of the Jewish national homeland, you can’t. You must not allow Democrats to enter the Oval Office or control any branch of Congress.

The Democratic presidency and the majority government will be a major tragedy for the Jewish nation, a day of regret that we may not live long enough.

This is my own movement

I wrote this review as an appeal to my fellow American Jews, hope someone can read it. Many people are reluctant to read it because the Jews resisted self-destruction and resisted the borders of the Democratic Party.

However, there is a hidden fact that the modern Democratic Party is increasingly becoming the home of Jewish haters. All stripes are a dishonest act, and this trend is growing every day. The party has also become the home of some Islamists who wantonly attacked anti-Israeli offenses in the parliament.

Your Democrat vote increases the likelihood that more delegates will vote for policies aimed at destroying Israel.

These obvious trends, in the past, when the Democratic Party paid attention to their security and the security of the Israeli state, all my brother Jews still worked hard.

The American Jewish Democrats are not wise to do so. Respond to any facts that threaten their distorted liberal-left worldview with anger and anger. Sadly, this reminds me of the era of the 1930s, when so many European Jews couldn’t kill them with their thick heads as Nazis. As the saying goes, those who ignore history are destined to repeat the same mistakes.

The current state of affairs in the United States

The current riots in the United States have painted a clear picture. Life in the United States is no longer safe for any citizen. For Jews, this factor has tripled. We have seen guards in front of every Jewish institution and place of worship. Please note that Democrats are responsible for all rioting cities.

Donald Trump’s role is not perfect. who? Nevertheless, he has proved to be concerned about the safety of all American citizens. He also has Israeli support like other former US presidents. More importantly, the Republican Party is more pro-American, and is likely to do better during the cultural earthquake that the country is experiencing.

Important decision for American Jews

The Democratic Party certainly tried to persuade pro-Israel Jews to vote for Joe Biden, but his campaign has sold us out.

We have determined that if Democrats move into the White House in 2021, these two factors protect the residence of American Jews

If Jews vote for the Democratic Party, it means they are voting for their abusers, which is obvious Stockholm syndrome, which will threaten their security and the security of Israel. So the question is, do Jews love their abusers more than themselves and other Americans?

American Jews, I call on you to reconcile your thoughts and keep President Trump in the White House. Also, vote for Republican representatives; his or her vote in the House of Representatives may protect you better than any Democrat vote.

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