American evangelicals still regard Trump as the anointed. why?

When you walk into the Sunday service of the Logo School in Moscow, Idaho, you feel a little uncomfortable from the beginning. It is not so much a small group of kids running and giggling on the playground of a K-12 school, but rather their mother: they are very young, a few years younger than a teenager, and some still seem to be school students. Their appearance and simple mathematics indicate that with the beginning of the service, they cannot give birth to three or four children who are entering the gym. Unless they started from a shocking young age.

Inside, Logos’ gymnasium looks like a typical high school with retractable stands, retractable basketball hoops and banners to commemorate past sports achievements—regional basketball champions, state champions in volleyball . The only difference is that the sixty or so banners are engraved with the figure of a crusader knight, fully armed with armor, and ready to fight with a sword drawn.

The logo is proud to be a "classical Christian" school, providing "Christian believers". Focus on education. "It attracts many conservative evangelical families living in and around Moscow pop music. 25,800, but it is especially popular among Christian followers headed by Pastor Doug Wilson.

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Wilson led the service in the school gymnasium this Sunday. One of the three is a community where the Christian Church is held every Sunday in Moscow. The number of people in this community has increased sharply. To about a thousand. This is largely due to the fact that all these young women have all these children ("Secular families have one or two children," Wilson would tell me

for obvious reasons, Wilson's view It sparked fierce and fierce debate in Moscow. Moscow is a historic liberal university city, home to the University of Idaho, and Washington State University is only eight miles from the interstate. As its long-term progressive residents like to say , It is "tiny blue dot in the red ocean."

But things are changing. In the 1960s, a devout religious fundamentalist named James Wilson decided to establish evangelicalism in the town This choice is strategic: because Moscow is located between the two universities, Wilson believes that it provides a unique opportunity for evangelism, challenging his followers to say so far that young people have been secularly "indoctrinated in universities" They say that secularism undermines patriarchy, weakens men, and assigns roles to women they cannot handle.

Pastor Doug Wilson of Logo School; Wilson argues that God regularly treats Human nature makes judgments. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

Wilson’s teachings are summarized in his book "Principles of War: Handbook of Strategic Evangelism", as the title says As it is implied, it is an attempt to recreate more content. Nick Gier, professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Idaho, said that "muscle Christianity" is the result of James Wilson and his son Doug In his criticism of the Christian church movement, Gier described an ideology obsessed with restoring the masculinity of Christian doctrine, in which "only educated men should vote" because "misguided Women may decide to cancel their husband’s wise choice in church and political affairs," Gil wrote in 2010.

America’s stubborn border defense in small towns resonated strongly in the United States 。Doug Wilson successfully used his father’s information to quickly expand his congregation when he founded related businesses. Christ Church currently has many achievements in Moscow A powerful enterprise that runs a private university and plans to build a large church to meet the needs of its growing herd.

To the dismay of the liberals in the town, the church also actively encouraged

Followers from other parts of the United States to move to Moscow, with the goal of transforming the town into an evangelical Christian home base, making it secular The inevitable collapse of ism and preparation for the rise of its kingdom. The Sunday service I attended was dedicated to this theme. Wilson spent most of an hour discussing the power of prophecy and the importance of preparing for God's judgment. He repeatedly praised the virtue of "wearing a breastplate"; he said that good Christians are always ready to fight in God's way.

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After serving, Wilson told me that these images are metaphors. He emphasized that Christians should be "mentally" prepared for God’s judgment, "We are now at the end of a special civil political order. In the 20th century the dominant free public The square is disintegrating, and this is caused by good old-fashioned sin."

I heard that in many cases, I traveled through the United States. Some people believe that this moment in history represents the end of the age—the second coming of Christ, the Judgment Day and all these revelatory dreams. Others, such as Wilson, believe that we are in the midst of God's minor judgment, which is a punishment for sinners, in the same line as the looting of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

The consistent belief is that Donald Trump and the coronavirus pandemic are necessary drivers for the normal functioning of God's plan. Anyone who obstructs is an enemy, an agent of darkness.

Moscow’s mask regulations are outrageous. It requires masks to be worn in any indoor or outdoor public places where appropriate social distance cannot be maintained. . Protesters of the order, including all supporters of Wilson and Trump, warned that if they were forced to give up the God-given right to refuse to wear masks, it would have dire consequences.

In the Sunday service of Christ Church, except for my wife and I, both covered their faces. A confidant told me that the mask was really unnecessary. "The scale of our gathering is much more than that, and we have not had an outbreak," he said. "Our prayer meeting is here to protect us."

 A man in the chapel prayed for forgiveness during the Sunday service of the sign school. The Christian Church, an evangelical movement led by PAstor Doug Wilson. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

A believer prays for forgiveness during the Sunday service of Logo School. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

In recent days, Trump Using his own positive coronavirus diagnosis to capitalize on the belief in God’s intervention to increase his sputtering campaign with naked attempts. Shortly after being released from Walter Reed Medical Center on October 7, Trump In a video posted on his Twitter account, Trump called his diagnosis "a blessing from God." Only two days ago, the right-wing media published headlines announcing Trump's miraculous recovery. " Christians and others praying for Trump will cause a miracle to Walter Reid ," reads a headline.

Wilson defended his congregation mask The call for tasks… He told me that his goal is not to tell others what should or should not be done during the pandemic. "But I want to remind people that in the Constitution, we have the right to gather peacefully, and we have the right to Religious worship.

He avoided the question of how the temporary wearing of a mask or the order of social distancing constitutes a violation of these rights during a pandemic in which a pandemic infectious disease is spread through the air. Local health officials believe that, The rights of the organization have not been violated in the slightest. They may gather in public places and conduct demonstrations, as long as they keep a distance from the society, or if they don’t, they wear masks.

But Wilson said before a sudden logical proposition Fascinated by his own arguments, QED is known and quite suspicious. For example, he has argued that the accusation of misogyny against him is unfounded. He believes that if people only look at things from his perspective (based on the literal interpretation of the Bible) Understand), they will understand that restricting women to babies who make babies at home is to respect women, not to belittle women.

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Soon after, the chaotic logic of religious fundamentalists who worship intellectuals collapsed, revealing the ideological dynamics behind their arguments. During the sermon, Wilson was Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy. Kony Barrett prayed. Like all evangelicals, his task of re-electing Trump has two basic goals, which have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution: the abolition of abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Be the agenda When revealed, it’s hard to resist "The Maid’s Story" and other anti-feminist dystopian pictures that are disturbing. Wilson's discomfort is disturbing. Ann's enthusiasm moved his eyes, and now people like him are winning the election next month. Others are not so subtle. In Broads, Montana, Jane Thompson, the owner of an antique shop, told me that she firmly believes that Trump, despite all his faults, was appointed by God as God to fulfill the purpose of making America pious again. mission. She said to me: "God often chooses imperfect people to achieve his goals.

Another customer browsing in the store added: "I totally agree.

 Jane Thompson (Jane Thompson) in her antique shop in Broadth, Montana. Thompson believes that Donald Trump was appointed by God to save the United States from evil and villains. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

Jane Thompson in her antique shop in Broadth, Montana. Thompson believes that Trump has been anointed by God to save America from evil and villains. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

What is even more surprising is that people believe that God's hand is working miracles through over-tanned and obese former reality TV characters. However, according to the exit polls in the 2016 election, one-third of Trump's total vote came from evangelicals. Therefore, for the purpose of trying to understand Trumpworld, I must take this line of thinking seriously.

Sometimes this is very difficult. When I began my journey through Trump's America, I convinced myself that I would be fair and open, and welcomed the views of those who supported him. After a month and a half, I think I have passed. I still feel sympathy for my compatriots in rural America and their fear of idyllic life due to the ruthless destruction of urbanization. I think I have a more detailed understanding of how the collapse of the American political and economic system created a space where dissatisfaction overlaps on both sides. Everyone agrees that there are some core problems in the United States. If it exists, then there is hope to overcome the polarization in American society.

However, when I dig deeper into Trump's rabbit hole, things must get darker. I was called a terrorist (learned more about this in another dispatch) and was despised for wearing a mask. Trump supporters have repeatedly told me that the only way for Democrats to win is to cheat.

The love for Trump, especially in rural areas in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, is the variety of culture seen at Trump rallies. Understandably, many progressives like me fired him. But as William Thomas (WI Thomas) said, the end of the 19th century -the beginning of the 20th century -American sociologists once said: "If the consequences are real, it is real." Donald · The consequences of Donald Trump's belief in religious rights, from his attacks on secular institutions to the nomination of judges who wish to reduce abortion rights, are very realistic.

At the end of the Sunday service in Christ Church, Doug Wilson sat with a bucket of Hershey Kisses at the exit of the gymnasium of the Thigh School. A group of children flew around during our conversation, grabbed a handful of candies, ran around in the sea of ​​adults, and talked.

This armed guard was assigned to me while serving in Logos school on Sunday. Pastor Doug Wilson of the Christian Church claimed that his congregation was threatened and persecuted. (Photo by Adnan R. Khan)

Wilson apologized for the armed guard that he sent next to me throughout his service. He told me: "We face some death threats." "The current political atmosphere is very tense."

I told him that most of the colleagues I just said will vote for Trump.

"Yes," he said with a smile. "You won't find many Biden supporters here."

I pointed out that Trump's prospects are not optimistic: "If Biden wins the election, what do you think your followers will do?" [19659002] He said: "We are ready to suffer persecution." "I hope Joe Biden does not respect my religious freedom.

What exactly his followers would do at the time, it is not yet clear, but Wilson said the possibility worried him. He said: "There are eight million people in this country who are new gun owners. "This is the 8 million people who have never owned a gun before." So yes, I am worried. "

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