American citizens protest on the streets of the “zombie tribe”

In Michigan, they honked in hundreds of cars, shouted slogans, and waved American flags, Trump flags, and placards angrily, landing in the state capital.

With the patriotic song from the car radio, they shouted, “Lock her up,

In Columbus, Ohio, they came out of the car, crowded into the crowd of people in the Capitol State Capitol, and smashed the door Go and ask to see the governor.

Wearing Guy Fawkes masks, a hat, and a Stars and Stripes shirt to keep them close to the glass window.

American media reported that their faces were angry and Feared and twisted, "like a zombie tribe."

After producing the paper printed by the governor, a man was brought to the protest shooting with a gun.

described himself as a patriot, and accused the World Health Organization for this The country was turned upside down, and they said they did not worry about coronavirus.

Instead, they said that the economic collapse caused by job cuts and viruses made it difficult for them to pay bills, rent, or mortgages and endanger their lives. [19659003] President Trump is encouraging protests. Trump provided the US Governor with a road map to recover from the economic pain of the pandemic and reported They can take the day after the operation, he demonstrated in a series of tweets to the Democratic Party demonstrators: "Liberation Minnesota! "Free Michigan!"

In Lansing, Michigan, angry citizens flocked to the streets during a noisy bumper protest, protesting that they believed the blockade restrictions were outdated.

Isolation refers to restricting the activities of patients. Tyranny It is restricting the activities of healthy people, "Gridlock organizer Meshawn Maddock told Fox News.

The person accused of being a tyrant is Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, who extended the order at home to prohibit crossing the road

In response to Michigan ’s fourth largest COVID-19 case confirmed in the United States, involving more than 27,000 In one case, Ms. Whitmer prohibited public parties and private parties. Regardless of her size or family relationship, she restricted her.

Confused shoppers found that they could buy alcohol and go to the grocery store, but could not go to the garden center.

Her order quickly called for large stores to be closed or closed.

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from a name called " The Facebook group in Michigan's "Operation against Excessive Segregation Zones" started with an angry letter to politicians and was incited by conservative media commentators such as Rush Limbaugh.

Four county sheriffs joined

When the subsequent resistance reached the streets of Michigan, it became one of the warmest protests in the United States, with posters calling Ms. Whitmer “Nazi”. And accused her of treating them like slaves.

But not just Michigan.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dat Patrick earlier called on Americans to sacrifice their lives and told Fox News that grandparents across the country should be proud of dying of the coronavirus, if This means that the younger generation can come back

Another Republican recently said that returning Americans to their business is "the smaller of the two drawbacks."

The reason for the angry reaction and refusal to comply with the blockade measures can be traced back to the comments made by US President Donald Trump before his speech. On Easter, reported that the economy may reopen in that weekend.

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When the number of deaths in his country is rising globally At the highest level, he ignored the health warning, and Trump's words seemed to trigger a movement.

Protesters in North Carolina clashed with the police and were arrested. They marked their constitutional rights and "ReOpen NC" in the slogan. This is the name of the Facebook page, which is now thousands. Tens of thousands of members.

The organizer posted the following message on the page: We are losing small businesses that are the backbone of the economy. "

A message posted on the page said:" Vulnerable groups can be isolated or protected in other ways without sacrificing the economy of our entire state. "

In Wyoming, the last state in the United States to register the death of a coronavirus in its spreading population, last week 20 groups protested government restrictions in parks and pleaded for people to return to work.

Over the past three weeks, approximately 16.8 million Americans have been unemployed, which means that one in 10 Americans in work is unemployed.

Fox News reports that these numbers "construct the largest and fastest series Unemployment began in the record of 1948.

"In contrast, during the Great Depression (2007-2009 recession), the number of unemployed people increased by 44 weeks (about 10 months), while the unemployment rate rose to the current level. More than a month, "Fox News said.

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